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Cladding intersection billyo three hundred Pent Tongue and rut pedal Store Mini shake off quatern x 6 Now 249.99. Resin reposition throw away Long lasting easy to asseverate double wall resin Ideal for warehousing of bikes mower pa.
The Billyoh Bike Storage Shed is a great space in which to store the entire family’s bikes, trikes and scooters as well as all the accessories that come with them. This 4?6 shed is roomy, versatile bike shed is a handsome looking hard wearing wood with tongue & groove cladding for extra strength. Exterior: The timber-cladded exterior provides an extra layer of protection against the elements in even the harshest of weather conditions. Interior: The 4x6ft floor area combined with a 5ft3 height gives a spacious feel to the shed interior. Doors: The extra-wide double doors span the entire front of the storage shed, allowing you easy access to your bikes and other items, whether it’s on a daily basis or on more sporadic occasions.
Security: Although no security fittings are provided with the shed, we understand that you may require additional security considering you will have many higher priced items stored away. Even if you are the most novice of DIYers, fear not as the Billyoh bike store is easy to assemble. Billyoh have a reputation for designing and manufacturing high quality garden buildings for the whole family, from playhouses to greenhouses. The Billyoh bike storage shed will keep your family’s bikes secure and protected from the elements all year round. This 11 page PDF download includes dimensions for all my bike sheds, including this compact bike shed.
This project will show you how to build a 2 bike capacity compact vertical bicycle storage shed for about $215 dollars in materials. Portable enough to transport in the back of a pick up truck and move across the yard with a hand truck.
And it’s built out of materials and tools commonly available at almost any home or building supply store. This is a 4×8 shed built with my lean to style plans that will accommodate 2 larger bikes.
Let’s begin with the first thing that most people ask of their bike shed, to protect it against theft.
If your bike shed is metal like an arrow shed you have no security because someone can just lift the door off the tracks and set it aside.
Many sheds are built with screws holding the hinges on so all you would need to get in is a screw driver. If your hasp is fixed and doesn’t rotate then it can easily be defeated by putting a tire iron through the padlock and twisting it off.
If the shed is lit at night this will further deter thieves, as well as locating it under your bedroom window where you can hear if someone is tampering with it during the night. Rain and sunshine can damage your bike so a bike shed should protect against both by simply being enclosed.
Having a dedicated bike storage shed will free up space in your garage, under your back porch or from behind your couch so you can use it for other more valuable uses. If you have to dig your bike out every time you need it you will not be so anxious to use it.
Many homeowners associations specify that any accessory structures blend in with the look of your house.
An ideal bike shed would have enough room to stand up in, so at least 6 to 7 ft vertical clearance. 6 feet wide would do for a bike shed if you store a bike on either wall with walking room between them. It will stay in place nicely and take up less than half the space of standing horizontally on both wheels. Aside from saving lots of money, a small bike shed will be portable so that you can easily move it if you want to change locations. So our goal is to design a cheap bike shed to store 2 bikes at a minimum cost and with the least amount of effort and complications to build. The finished floor size is under 4 ft square so keep the other half of the floor sheeting to use in the roof. You could use pressure treated plywood in the floor but I already had the right size OSB pieces around the shop so that is what I used.
Be sure to make the finished floor very close to the dimensions called for in the shed plans because this shed doesn’t use any corner trim to hide your mistakes under. Remember that two of the outer door frame uprights will be cut at an angle and the other two will be cut square. Pre assemble: Align the bottom ends of the 2 outer door frame pieces and attach the 2 together with 2 inch screws every 8 to 10 inches from top to bottom. Outer door frame: Attach the header to the outer door frame, then screw the bottom plate in place. Check for fit: Place the top and bottom horizontal inner door cross pieces into their top and bottom positions to check for fit. Assemble inner door frame: Remove the pieces and assemble the inner door frame on a nearby flat surface. Make sure the finished frame sits flat on the floor and doesn’t rock indicating that it is out of square. Mark centers: Mark the centers of the 3 uprights and 3 horizontal cross pieces so you will know where to nail. Door sheeting: Cut the door sheeting per the shed plans but double check the measurements against the actual door frame.
Check it’s square by pulling a tape measure diagonally across the corners in each direction.
Go to the bottom of the sheeting and line it up between the bottom marks on either door frame. Put a nail into each corner using the marks on the frame to locate the underlying 2×4. If you are going to use a router to trim the excess then just nail it on and trim it after the next step. Chalk lines: Snap a chalk line on the 3 vertical inner door pieces and the 3 horizontal door pieces. Secure door: Screw some scraps on the latch side of the door to keep it closed and in place.
Cut excess: Trim the excess off the bolts with a hacksaw so you will not snag your clothes on a protruding end. Offset top plate: Attach the studs to the top plate but make sure the top plate is offset so the top corners align. Attach sheeting: Double check that the long side of the stud is facing up so that the siding is nailed on the correct side of the assembly.
The finished end will be flush cut on both sides and the top with your specified overhang on the bottom.
If you use screws instead of carriage bolts you can skip the next few steps and go right to framing the wall.
Because the shed is so small, the heads of the carriage bolts for the hinges and latch will interfere with the studs in the sidewall. Lay the correct stud on top of the front wall and hit it with a hammer up and down the length to mark where the bolt heads are.

Transfer the side mark to the face of the stud to locate exactly where you need to drill the access holes.
Frame walls: Assemble the 2 side walls making certain the pre drilled stud or studs are properly located. Nail the bottom corners and check the frame for square against the siding by measuring the side over hangs at the top and bottom. This is what the back side of the side wall will look like before it’s trimmed in the next step. If you want to make this shed modular you will be able to disassemble it and move it in 6 large pieces… the floor and roof and 4 walls. If you don’t need it to be modular then skip this step and use nails to assemble the shed. If you have built your shed carefully to size then your corners will fit tightly and will not need trim. Roof sheeting: After cutting your roof sheeting to size, lay it on top of your shed with the back edge flush with the back wall and even from side to side. Eliminating the overhang on the back wall will allow the shed to sit directly up against the side of your house. Now make sure the shed is square to the roof sheeting by measuring the overhang at the front and back edge of both sides of the shed. If you are not making your shed modular you can nail the roof sheeting into the top plates now.
Modular: If you want to make your bike shed modular, then do not attach the roof sheeting yet.
Adjust your 2×4 blocks as necessary to get a tight fit and make sure the sheeting is still square front to back and side to side.
Felt paper: Cover the sheeting with felt paper and attach with a roofing nail in each corner. Do not put flashing at the top edge just yet because we will put it on top of the shingles to make a water proof edge at the top.
Nail the starter strip down and begin your full shingle from the right so the joints will not overlap. Top flashing: To keep the top edge water tight install your last piece of flashing over the top of the shingles. I made the mistake of using too long of staples and they were sticking through the sheeting.
Ramp: To make it easier to roll your bike in, cut out the bottom plate and add a few bricks to make a ramp into the shed. Once you learn the correct spacing for the back wheels and pedals parking your bike becomes automatic. PLEASE NOTE: A link to download this book in PDF format will be delivered to the email address associated with your paypal account within seconds of your purchase. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This compact 6 x 4 Tongue and Groove Pent Shed is ideal for smaller gardens and provides a secure space to store your gardening equipment. Its pent sloped roof ensures a unique touch, as well as the practicality to keep standing water at bay. Please note: A 10 year anti rot guarantee is included with this product, providing the wood is treated shortly after construction and then again annually with a high quality timber preservative. With been specifically designed with bikes in mind this storage shed has some great features.
Stylish yet functional, it will store your bicycles away from the weather and keep them safe from thieves. There is more than enough space for your whole family’s bikes, trikes and scooters, meaning that all of your bikes can be stored in the one place. A security fixture may be added to the double doors, giving you peace of mind that your bikes are fully secure when not in use. Regardless of the overall size of building, Billyoh now provide all of their flat-packed buildings in smaller, more manageable parts.
The Billyoh bike storage shed provides a sturdy structure constructed from high quality timber with a choice of cladding available including waney, overlap and tongue and groove styles. The spacious 6x4ft interior will hold even the largest of families’ bikes all in one place and offer extra shelving for those helmets and small bike accessories, keeping everything neat and easy to find.
It is short enough to fit under the eave of any house and has a small enough foot print that you can locate it almost anywhere. If your bike is taller than about 44 inches you need to buy my Single Slope Lean To Style Shed Plans.
If it’s in the back yard behind a locked gate and out of site you will have fewer problems. But if it is convenient and accessible you will likely use it more often and can get to it quicker.
A small person might not have the strength to lift a bike overhead to hang it up on a wall or ceiling hook. Also you don’t want your neighbors complaining about an ugly bike shed so it could be made of similar materials as your house and painted to match.
The bigger the shed the more bikes you can put into it and the more bike related stuff you can store. And a few feet on either side of the bike so you can walk it in and sit it on it’s kickstand.
If you want to park them side by side and walk on either side of both bikes you will need more like 8 ft wide shed.
A ready made shed this size will cost a minimum of $1,000 and up to $3,000 for something really nice. Even if you make this size shed using my cheap shed plans, it will cost you about $500 to $600 in materials alone.
You can do this by parking your bike vertical and storing your accessories on a shelf or hooks. I mean rolling the front wheel up the rear wall and parking the bike standing on it’s back wheel. And you will have better luck asking your landlord for permission to locate a small bike shed near your apartment than a larger one. By modular I mean where you can take it apart and move the pieces then put it together at the new location. It came in a little higher than I first estimated but it is still a reasonable price at $215.00. But if you follow the plans carefully your completed shed will be very tight and not need trim. Attach the top plate but make sure it doesn’t extend into the plane where the siding will be nailed.
Then place another 2×4 along the top (short side) of the outer door frame and bring the top plate up so it touches.
It has a single bottom plate on the bottom, sandwiched header and top plate on the other end.
Lay the remainder of the top cutoff on top of the door as shown and place 2 of those spacers between the top piece and the door sheeting.
You will have to make a starter cut at both bottoms because the overhang has no 2×4 underneath for the router bit to follow as a guide. You night have to lay a 2×4 spacer under the top of the studs to provide some working clearance under the top plate.

Square the underlying frame to the siding by measuring the overhang at the top and bottom of the stud on one side.
Measure the overhang on the bottom of the siding and transfer that measurement to the top side. If you are going to use your router, make your small cut along the bottom overhang then route the excess from both sides. Remember the 6 studs have angles on the top end and the top plates have angles on both ends. So you have to drill access holes so they are out of the way and so you can reach the nuts to tighten them in the future.
Lay the siding down so it overhangs the same on either side and the correct amount on the bottom. Use 3 inch drywall screws to secure the studs to each other and use 2 inch drywall screws with a fender washer to secure the siding to the underlying stud. Lift it in place and position it correctly side to side and push it up securely into the floor at the back.
When they are tight to each other nail through the sidewall corner stud into the back wall corner stud at the top and bottom. Start at the bottom and the router bit will follow the 2×4 frame up to the top, across the top and down the other side to the ground. If you have a gap like this simply fill it in with a good caulk and paint over after it dries.
You can use shingles like I am showing here, or you could use rolled roofing or even a nice metal.
You can either attach it with screws to the shed now or remove it and finish the roof on the ground. Now lift it in place and attach the finished roof to the shed with two 3 inch screws through each block into it’s matching top plate. You can experiment by putting nails on either side of the studs if you need a different spacing. Please save this file in your phone or computer so you can read or print it any time you want. With a sturdy build, attractive pine exterior and our 10 year anti rot guarantee, this wooden shed is ideal for smaller storage needs and smaller gardens. This shed has a single door which comes provided with a padbolt to maximise security on the wooden shed, complete with clasps to prevent the wood from misshaping.
We also offer FREE pick your day UK delivery for the majority of areas; however please check the delivery section for more details. Shit bicycle repositing Sheds choose from a Brobdingnagian choice of Bike Storage Sheds from With its six ft. At 4?6 and with large double front doors you gain easy access to your vehicle whenever you need it. Your package will include all the necessary panels, roofing, fixtures and fittings that are required for assembly. Weatherproof, the bike storage shed will protect your bikes and other items from damp, rust and rot. At this superb price point, buying a dedicated storage solution for your collection of bikes and scooters doesn’t have to cost the earth. You can locate your bike shed close to a gate and you will not have to worry about carrying dirt into the house from the tires.
Make it blend in with the look of your house and paint it one color without a trim color so it doesn’t draw the eye. Then you need a few feet behind to walk around it and get to the other side or out the door. You can store 2 bikes vertically in a space about 4 ft square with plenty of room for accessories. If you sell your house and don’t want to take the shed with you, you can sell it in the paper and someone can easily move it in a pickup truck. However building a bike shed from wood only takes common hand tools that most people have in their garage or they can borrow from a friend or neighbor. It will probably be ok as long as you don’t live in really wet weather or have a roof draining directly on it.
Then attach the top plate to the door frame This will assure that the top plate does not interfere with the siding laying flat.
Make sure the short side of the 2×4 door frame is up because this is where the siding will be installed. When this measurement is equal on the top and bottom then it’s square and you can nail it down in both lower corners.
Since you can’t get inside at this point, put a nail through the siding into the underlying corner stud at the top and bottom corner of each side of the walls. If necessary you can lift the floor at one or the other of the front corners to make it square. With an easy 2 man assembly guide provided with instructions, this garden shed is practical, reliable and a fantastic space saving storage opportunity.
Wood is good for the environment as well as looking great in any outdoor space and this bike shed is suitable for light garden equipment too so it is a wise investment that is very affordable. You can be assured that every time you go to take you bikes out for a cycle ride they will be in tip top condition. But weakness will be an issue because then all you will need to do is take that same tire iron, put it through the padlock or behind the hasp and pry it off.
Also a bike shed should allow a place to store bike accessories like helmet, gloves, shoes and water bottles etc. You might also disguise it by putting some vents on it to make it look like a hot water heater shed.
You will not be able to get in the shed and service your bike but you can do that under the back porch or in the garage, then return the bike to its shed for the night. Do not nail this sheet to the outer door frame because this would be nailing the door shut.
Free roofing felt is included with this shed which gives a tidy appearance for your Tongue and Groove garden shed, as well as the mineral input protecting the roof against the elements. A full set of detailed instructions will be provided and we expect that you will have a new home for your bikes within a day of beginning the assembly process.
The shed is fairly low maintenance with the only recommendation being that you apply a treatment to give the timber a long life.
Even if you have carriage bolts the hasp can easily be torn away with a little leverage from a tire iron. Eight inwards x 4 ft Six ecstasy 6 We have a large range of bike sheds bike depot & bicycle entrepot with give up delivery to virtually of mainland UK. With optional extras to choose from such as shelving and different types of flooring, you can design the interior to your specific needs. With a choice of timber cladding, including waney, overlap or tongue and groove cladding designs, you can choose the timber aesthetic that you prefer for your garden.

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