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The 8' x 4' Pent Shed Unit provides plenty of room for all of your garden tools and essentials.
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This building is clad using 12mm thick interlocking tongue and groove board to prevent weather damage and provide maximum strength. This garden building uses planed timber in the floor joists to provide a sturdy support on your base. This Product carries the 10year Anti Rot guarantee as long as the garden building is well maintained.
The tongue and groove boards are nailed to a strong 27mm x 45mm framing which provides a sturdy foundation. This building does not have any windows which add extra security and also helps bring the cost of the building down overall. This pent shed has a sloped roof which helps prevent any water gathering and causing damage.

Upgrade with an Eco Base for all sized buildings or a Portabase for garden buildings up to 10' x 8'.Please Note Our garden buildings are pre-treated with a water based timber treatment for protection during transit. In order to receive the full 10 year anti-rot guarantee, it is necessary that you treat the garden building with a high quality, spirit-based, timber preservative prior to or shortly after construction.
This will protect the timber from weathering and will need to be repeated accordingly in relation to manufacturer’s instructions.

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4 x 8 garden shed plans 2014

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