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This plastic food bag is ideal for packaging and stocking prepared foods, fruits, and vegetables in your restaurant, market, or bakery. Polypropylene Hollow Corrugated Plastic Sheet is an extruded twin wall hollow fluted plastic sheets consisting of two flat walls connected by vertical ribs. If an item is not listed in this section, we do not guarantee that it will work with the product you are viewing and do not recommend that you purchase them for use together.

Made of durable, 1.5 mil thick polyethylene, this LDPE plastic food bag combines exceptional clarity with excellent vapor and moisture resistance.
Polypropylene Hollow Corrugated Plastic Sheet is mainly manufactured from a high impact co-polymer polypropylene (PP) , which can be recycling,washable, durable and reuseable etc. These bags come in a flat pack, meaning that each bag is individually separated and ready for use.

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4 x 8 plastic shed

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