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Assemble the floor and set it on the skids as shown in the floor framing section of the lean to shed plans. Mark the rafter layout onto the wall plates and ledger, as shown in the ROOF framing section  (loafing shed plans), then install the ledger flush with the back side of the rear wall Install the rafters.5. Install the plates flush with the outsides of the end rafters Mark die stud layouts onto the side wall bottom plates, and then use a plumb bob to transfer the marks to the top plate.

Overhang die front and rear fascia to cover the ends of the side fascia, or plan to miter all fascia joints Cut the 1 x 8 side fascia to length, and then clip the bottom front corners to meet the front fascia install the side fascia.8. Cover the roof with building paper, then add the drip edge along the sides and top of the roof, shingle the roof, and finish the top edge with cut shingles or a solid starter strip.9. Install the frame in the door opening using shims and 10 d casing nails.Build A Shed Quickly And Easily.

Staple fiberglass insect screen along the underside of the roof, securing it to each rafter.

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4x8 lean to shed with door on end plans free

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