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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Made in the USA from Oregon grown cedar, a durable and naturally rot-resistant wood, these raised beds are sturdy and easy to assemble.
The corners are half-lapped and secured with rust-proof metal rods, which keep the corners from working loose.
Each size comes with corner pins the same height as the bed you order, so you can put the raised bed on hard ground or a patio if needed, and the tops of the pins will be flush with the top of the bed.
Raised beds 8 feet and longer come with rust-proof aluminum crossbars, which prevent the longer beds from bowing under the weight of the soil. To enhance the cedar's natural rot resistance, the boards are treated with a non-toxic silica-based wood stabilizer, which hardens the wood and further extends its lifespan.
The simple design of these kits allows wood to shrink and swell, for better strength and durability in wet and dry conditions. Certain products have extended warranties (up to 50 years!) that are listed on the particular product page.
Can you recommend any type of (non-toxic) protective coating or plastic film to keep the wet soil from contacting the inside and bottom surface of the boards? Our Natural Cedar Raised Garden Beds are made of a species of yellow cedar known for its rot resistance and toughness. Exactly how long a cedar raised bed will last depends on the local climate and the soil drainage, so it is hard to give a precise time frame. The deeper beds give you the advantage of easier tending because you don't have to bend down as far.
If I buy 3 of the 4'x8'x11" kits, is it possible to configure them to be 2 4'x8'x15.5" beds? A native Washingtonian I am, I have a closed in back porch (with a cement floor) that gets MAJOR sunlight. Secondly, you will need to get a bed that is at least 11" high to have enough soil for root growth.
You should be able to grow inside your porch for these reasons, but you will also need to check how much sun gets in. Wondering how much soil is required for a 4-foot-by-6-foot-by-22-inch natural cedar raised planting bed.
Trim packs are available for the Natural Cedar beds at an additional costs, as are other customizations.
I am planning to order a couple of 16.5 inch high beds and installing them in an area where there is existing turf grass.
I'm thinking of a garden along the south side of my garage (plenty of sun) but the ground is uneven tapering from front to back. You are making a good decision in wanting to make your beds level even though the ground is sloping.

Cedar has very little tendency to warp, weathers extremely well, and has natural resistance to insects and decay. There is a vast array of options available to increase the overall appearance and longevity of your new cedar fence. Upgrading to steel posts eliminates the need to replace posts that decay at ground level due to moisture or abuse from line trimmers. Treated pine baseboards, often referred to as kick boards, allow the more vulnerable fence pickets to be raised 4-5” above the ground virtually eliminating damage to the pickets from moisture and line trimmers.
Aesthetic options include decorative trim, corbels, 2×8 cap boards as well as numerous other optional upgrades to personalize or enhance the beauty of your new fence. There is a vast array of options available to increase the overall appearance and longevity of your newwood, spruce fence.
Aesthetic options include decorative trim,corbels,2×8 cap boards as well as numerous other optional upgrades to personalize or enhance the beauty of your new fence. For maximum holding power, we use 6 ring shank nails to fasten 6′ pickets to the rails, and 8 nails in the 8 ft. Spruce pickets are cut from 2 x 4’s that are regularly stamped or sprayed with grade markings. I just moved into my 3rd home in the Dallas area and as with the previous two, this one needed a new fence.
Each raised bed is coated with a non-toxic waterproof sealant, which extends the natural lifespan of the wood. Two boards stacked on top of each other give the raised beds their base height of 11 inches. It is a fragrant, light-colored wood with even texture and strong natural oils to protect against moisture and fungal decay. You can leave the corner pins slightly protruding and then slide some thin pvc pipe over them, bending the pipe in a hoop to the other side of the bed. If you are in any way dissatisfied with a product you ordered, we'll exchange it, replace it or refund your money within 30 days of purchase. However, I would expect that these beds, our highest quality among our wood beds, will last well over 10 years in the Pacific Northwest. Having raised beds will let you start planting a little sooner than if you planted in the ground.
Our advice is to ensure the drainage can escape the bed (if the concrete is uneven it should drain OK, or you may need to drill a few small drain holes near the bottom of the bed sides).
In outdoor raised beds, the roots can go down into the ground, but they are limited in your situation.
You do not need to remove your lawn, but we advise that you dig in and turn it over a foot or so, as this will speed the breakdown of the clods of grass and will let you identify the soil type beneath the bed and remove and rocks or woody debris.
Yes, you could bury part of the sides to acheive the effect, but it's not the most efficient use of lumber since the buried part will rot.

Although initially higher in cost than lower priced white wood fencing, a cedar fence will last up to twice as long and require less maintenance therefore making it a better overall value.
Although, I purchased the electric gate a couple of years ago from him, he never hesitated to help me with my issue when I had a problem with it. Our old fence, 15 years old, still had your sign on it so we felt sure we would get another good job and we were not disappointed. Thanks for making us feel like a preferred customer. Our raised beds assemble with rust-proof metal rods set securely through the ends of each board.
If the bed is set on ground (rather than a cement patio, for example), the plant roots can go as deep as they need. I want to start my own garden, but the thought of starting it outside where the critters can eat the fruits of my labor frightens me.
Lead time for standard sizes is usually 4-5 business days before the order ships from the warehouse; custom orders may have a longer lead time of 6-7 business days.
Cedar is an ideal wood for fencing because it is a stable wood that has very little tendency to warp. He resolved the problem with one visit and I am a happy customer who will refer your company and him to my friends and family. The crew showed up the day I was told they would be here and did a fantastic job from start to finish.
Due to their care in removal & installations of my new fence, my landscaping did not suffer any damage.
So after years of exposure the raised bed won't fall apart, and yet it can be disassembled by hand if needed.
Just level the ground, stack boards, and insert corner pins to create a long lasting garden bed for your vegetables and flowers. The whole process took only four days which helped to alleviate 2 of the neighbors angst since they both have dogs. The corner pins will be the same height as the bed you order, so you can place the bed on your lawn, or on a hard surface.
I had several questions about the colors, and they discussed the different options with me. After chatting a bit, the crew got busy and had my old fence down and new steel fence poles set in place shortly after lunch. I think the suggestion by the salesman of boxing out the posts to cover the steel posts is finally got the third neighbor to agree to split the cost. They told me they would be back first thing Friday to do the actual nailing of the fence and sure enough, they were here bright and early.

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