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Was a blast having the client who ordered this hanging out and chatting while working on this. That being said, I have all intentions of completing orders and keep business running as smooth possible. I understand to those who might want to cancel their orders, take their money back and go someplace else and there would be minimal hard feelings. Again thanks, and let me know if you want your orders back cause its been too long, and thanks to those willing to wait. Things that HAVE to be done this week will get done, like Delusions of Normalsy and $20 commissions and putting a wrap on a logo or two. So many customers will find their orders pushed to next week, but in interest of getting contemporary with several orders that have inexcusably been sitting on back-burner for too long, I will be using this short week to play catch-up, and knock out all the rest starting Monday.
So the brief was for a 'Token' card design for role playing card games like Magic The Gathering or so forth. I started rendering the background first, using photoshop brush tool to paint the rocky landscape, then inked the shell with brush and tried to make the texture resemble that reference image at the beginning.
I realized I was being far too uptight and trying to do a 'magic the gathering' type style that just wasnt MY style. I immediatly proceeded to ink over that loose sketch with vector objects and photoshop pen tool (as i typicaly do with my inks) and had fu creating texture with pentagon and circle objects spattered about. For this walk through I've turned off that black ink layer, and showing the green layer underneith, with an orange layer above that and a yellow layer above that. Selecting the green layer only I create a new layer and use a 90% opacity angled brush tool for the shading to create texture.
I also then create yet another layer above that and use the same brush tool but with white to create highlight areas.
I select the whole object and make a new layer in a new folder set called 'background' and fill it with black. A nice collection of textures and effect objects are always nice to keep handy, but if you need somethign specific and dont have it, a quick google search for 'item-type texture' always brings up nice options.
Now I've made another layer ontop of the previous cutout color layer that was set overtop the texture, and set it to multiply to darken the ground, and make the lava we just drew pop out more. To push the busy background back more and put focus on the shell shield which is the focus of this whole piece, I use gradient tool and make what i call a 'black fade'.

Now a really cool effect to finish this thing off is to then fill a layer overtop that black fade layer with (in this case) the lava red orange color we've been using. So right away, you can tell I turned back the black fade wayyy down, but still wanted it to darken the edges and put the focus on the center. In most designs, the major cost of a Crystal Fixture is the price of the Crystal components. Asfour crystals are made in Egypt and is the most popular crystal brand in the world mainly because of the price and quality. Manufactured in Austria by Swarovski® these are one of the highest quality crystals the market.
When Arrow's Stephen Amell paid a trip to The Tonight Show With Jay Leno this week, he addressed his involvement in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie adaptation.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Two $20 commission orders that were meant to go together hanging on a wall, Green Lantern Hal Jordon and Sinestro facing off.
I have been doing my best to juggle work load with taking the time to care for and run support crew for my wife who is dealing with an ongoing medical struggle. But delays will happen, and time each day to work on things has and will probably continue to be cut short. But life happens, and I'll still be working hard as I can on orders that remain as I must keep the income going.
I tell you having Friday-Monday off to recharge the ol' batteries and reset the ol' brain was just what I needed.
But the main focus this week will be back log, and wiping that clean with some good ol' concentrated elbow grease. It was something new for me as I had never really done card game art before but the client came to me wanting my art style so I approached it as a one character with background and original design project. The idea was this is a special token card somebody might get after defeating this turtle character in this image which was provided for reference below. Keeping in mind the light source is above and the spikes will cast a shadow on the green shell arts below.
Then deselect it and go to filter and gaussian blur, make it blurred but not too diffused, i want the effect that the shield is just barely hovering off the ground. I found a good cracked earth texture, played with simplifying the number of colors and the levels to increase its contrast. Leave it set to normal, but turn back to opacity just enough to see a little texture coming through.
I then make a new layer overtop of this one, and using a 65-100 airbrush on 50% opacity i spray the same lava orange color over all the cut out areas that show the lava through the earthy colors and textures we have been putting down.
I then made a new layer over the previous glowing layer for the lava cracks, and with pen tool made jacket quick selections of all the ground areas between the veins of lava.
The quantity and shapes of the Crystal used to trim the fixture and like grades of diamonds, the crystal quality determines the price. The actor previously teased it via Facebook, but this time he gives some more concrete details, including the fact that he's spoken about the project with the movie studio in charge.

Its been a month of driving her to and from work, making runs and picking up the slack on things she has had trouble doing that she'd normally do; all while enduring the doctor to doctor cycle of meds and idiocy.
Whether purely in dealing with it, or tending to it, this difficult time will be causing delays.
Instead of a character it was an object, but I find most any 'object' is best dealt with if you treat it like a character.
Looks like the tutle shell in the reference picture but is like in a video game where it magicaly becomes an item of use!
This layer is set to multiply, and the opacity is adjusted to how dark i want the shadows to be. Where light falls most directly, casts slightly, and the shading where light barely reaches. I cut out some main veins in the texture that are the brightest, and set the rest back a little darker with the levels tool. Airbrush the orange on nice and thick and make sure to follow the cracks shapes so theres no mistaking its eminating from them, and that this glow will not necessarily cover all the ground.
And work has been my second priority next to that, and personal work has been at the very end of the priority list as evident by unfinished pages of Jumping Boy and so forth.
When a person defeats one or what not, this card would in some cases be aquired and the shell is now available as a shield. I looked through other token cards and realized they're supposed to be prizes, and advantages to obtain over other players. Now you should see by selecting certain areas and deleting them, the original base color we did before comes through. Set this layer to  hard light and knock it back to at least 15% then see where you like it for a subtle glow.
Might have to play a bit with where the gradient starts and stops to allow enough background through.
Check out the full 3 hour sketchy sketch to finished glory video of the livestream session below. I thank you all for your understanding and patience, and though it may take longer to get work to you, I intend to maintain quality as much as possible. Especially that cheeta-monkey lookin guy :) Fun stuff, see the entire beginning to end livestream of this exercise recorded below.
I also add a layer between the texture, and the base color below it, and by hand paint in with a hard brush tool oranges and yellow currents of lava. Not bad at all concidering it takes about hour and a half to do one $20 dollar commission so the two of these came together pretty darn well considering I was chatting with people in the room all throughout haha.
Any questions on this post will be answered as soon as I can, I hope somebody learns something, or at least potential customers see what I do, and know how much work goes into stuff sometimes.

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