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By Elizabeth from Ventura, CA on July 12, 2014 Is it possible for the door to be put on the opposite side?
I am considering this for seasonal storage at some recreational property I have high in the mountains in Montana, and, therefore, am curious to know what snow load the roof is rated for.
I spoke to a manufacturera€™s representative who stated that it would be a good idea to talk with then prior to purchasing this unit so that you will be assured of getting the right material for your particular job site. Although this unit is very well constructed, additional rafters may be necessary to give the roof the support it may need in a heavy wet snow storm. Before every purchase, a detailed conversation is done with the purchaser to make sure that they are choosing the correct model for their chosen area. It would appear by the description that the shed itself is approximately 8x8 with a 4' deck making the total dimension about 12x8. Cedar Sheds, Outdoor Storage & How to Build a Shed are proud to stock the fantastic 8' X 16' Firewood Storage Shed Project Plans -Design #70816.
For this great price, the 8' X 16' Firewood Storage Shed Project Plans -Design #70816 comes widely recommended and is always a regular choice amongst many people. An affordable high quality set of plans how to build storage shed with a limited amount of time, tools and money for any level skill of builders.

The square footage indicates this if you figure out the area and compare it to the description. The 8' X 16' Firewood Storage Shed Project Plans -Design #70816 is certainly that and will be a perfect buy. Plans are original professional design generated directly from Auto-Cad include complete material list, detail layout diagrams and easy follow step-by-step instructions so that anyone can understand what needs to be done.
No dangerous or time consuming cutting is required in the assembly of this shed which comes with a lawyer of tempered hardboard veneer on the outside for added strength and protection.
By Dawn - Elite Deals Product Specialist on July 14, 2014Answer:According to the manufacturer, the doors can be placed on either 8ft end. For missing or broken piece, call Outdoor Living Today at 888-658-1658 within 30 days of the delivery.
To date, the company has not had any issues with snow loads on this product, but they do not have a snow load rating on this unit. Cedar Garden Shed 2 answers So is it an 8'x8' shed with a 4' deck or is it an 12'x8' shed with a 4' deck making the total area taken 16'x8'? Build our shed not only save you money; they enhance the value of your property as well, while solving many storage challenges.

It is modular that way.By Gail from Blaine, WA on January 1, 2015 What kind of foundation is the best to put under this 8 x 12 garden shed and greenhouse? Shed includes: 2 Functional windows with screens, 6 Fixed Side Windows, 31" Wide Functional Dutch Door, "L" Shaped Full Wall Workbench. Santa Rosa Garden Shed means installation is fast, easy and requires only minimal tools and no dangerous cutting. Constructed of Western red cedar for strength and beauty, this durable shed has 3 functional windows with screens a 4 ft. The manufacturer will call to offer site preparation information and discuss delivery before shipping.

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8 x 8 cedar shed ottawa

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