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Suncast Horizontal Shed is a just-the-right-size storage option because they fit in places other Shed can't. Yes, there is a place to secure a padlock at the top for the slidingroof door and front doors.If you look closely, you can see my padlock in the photo.
With their low profile, horizontal Shed sit below most standard fence lines yet are big enough to store your tools, equipment and recycling bins.

Locking it may deter honest people but anyone determined to do so would be able to break in easily.
Like all Suncast products, these horizontal Shed are built for durability, designed to protect your stuff from weather and look good doing it. This low-maintenance shed features a high-pitched roof for ample head room and better rain and snow run-off.

This brown shed also features a heavy-duty floor and wide door opening that provides ample room for most riding lawnmowers.

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8 x 8 resin shed 4 x 6ft

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