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The whole shed is made with top of the line redwood which is strong, but it also has a very attractive smooth look to it. For this shed, Treetops Traditional have gone with a pent roof and it works very well with the design. A 44 mm x 44 mm frame is what is keeping this shed together, we are very impressed with this frame and it features those rounded edges which Treetops Traditional love to use in all their sheds. 12 mm tongue and groove boarding is used for the floor and this is something which did surprise us a little bit, we have seen Treetops Traditional use this type of floor on their larger shed, but we thought they might use cheaper materials in this more compact model. With the shed you will get a one year guarantee that covers you against rot and any issues that on the off chance may occur. Those three hinges on the door do make it very secure, but the door also has a proper lock on it. The windows do not allow for much privacy, but a set of curtains can take care of this problem with you. Rates of finance offered in the calculator are based on this specific product and can be applied for once this item has ben added to the basket. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
This 8 x 4 Deluxe Pent Shed is made from high quality materials and features a modular design that can be altered to your requirements. This high quality, tongue and groove cladding Deluxe Pent Shed Unit is a modern and reliable shed which has plenty of room for a variety of garden essentials. The pent sloped roof enables easy water run off which prevents standing water and therefore damp within the wooden shed. If the doors and windows are not to meet your specifications, they may be changed around to suit your needs, such as placing the door on the longer panel of the wooden shed for excellent accessibility. Please note: A 10 year anti rot guarantee is included with this product, providing the wood is treated shortly after construction and then again annually with a high quality timber preservative. We currently have a fault with our phone lines, we apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.
If you think your friend would like to know about this product please complete the form below. This style is available in a two different construction methods which include the budget overlap or the higher quality tongue and groove version. This 8 x 6 Select Tongue & Groove Pent Shed provides an ideal place to store gardening furniture, tools and equipment. This 10 x 6 Select Tongue and Groove Pent Shed offers a spacious interior, ideal for storing away garden furniture, tools and bikes. This affordable 8 x 6 Walton's Value Overlap Pent Shed will provide a place to store all your garden equipment away safely and securely. This 7 x 5 Value Overlap Pent Shed is a compact storage building that is made from moisture resistant materials. This compact 6 x 4 Tongue and Groove Pent Shed is ideal for smaller gardens and provides a secure space to store your gardening equipment. This 8 x 6 Select Tongue and Groove Pent Shed is a high quality storage building that is safe, secure and keeps prying eyes out. This 10 x 6 Select Tongue & Groove Pent Shed is windowless to keep your belongings out of sight for maximum security, ideal for allotments.

This durable 10 x 6 Value Overlap Pent Shed is ideal for keeping your belongings secure and features windows for easier storing. This 6 x 3 Tongue and Groove Extra Tall Pent Shed is ideal to place at the side of your property to maximise your garden space. This is a wonderful shed that offers you a solid, 8 x 8 storage space to keep a whole number of things safe from the weather and also locked away from thieves. This is clearly evident in the tongue and groove shiplap cladding that is used for the walls. Seriously if you are a little tight for space in your garden or just do not want a shed dominating your backyard, then this size of shed is just perfect for you and it still provides you with a decent amount of space. We love this kind of timber and it really does make the tongue and groove shiplap cladding standout very well. The framing in the shed is so incredibly solid that this is easily going to last you 20 or more years.
So it is great to see that they do not cut corners just because this shed is a little smaller in stature. Treetops Traditional do say that you should treat the wood at around six weeks, but we always recommend doing it as soon as you can and then also once a year. The dimensions of the door are quite impressive with the width being 2 feet 6 inches and the height 5 feet 9 inches. This is a huge plus if you plan on keeping the children’s bikes or some expensive gardening gear inside of here.
Also it is worth noting that, you can actually order this shed with no windows at all and have it fully boarded, which will stop people being able to see into the shed. If you do this then you will be very surprised at how far the 8 x 8 dimensions of the shed can go.
But this is still a shed that is on the small side and at, ?899.95 it is perhaps priced a little high.
This would be a shed well worth considering if you do have a smaller garden and do not want a cheap shed that you are going to have to replace in a few years or keep making repairs on. This moisture resistant feature is enhanced through the tongue and groove cladding, where the curved panels allow water to run off and away from the walls of the wooden shed. Styrene glazed windows are incorporated within the design of the wooden shed and are a safer and more durable alternative to glass.
We also offer FREE pick your day UK delivery for the majority of areas; however please check the delivery section for more details. A 10 year guarantee against rust is included, as are stainless steel screws, which are also resistant to rust.This building features lockable double sliding doors, which are fitted internally for better security and a stylish, ventilated pent roof that offers generous headroom. This style of shed incorporates a sloped roof which not only prevents water damage but increases head room inside the building. Both versions come with a 10 year anti rot guarantee, are constructed using quality responsibly sourced FSC timber and include free delivery to most addresses.
The pent roof offers protection from the weather, but it also gives you a generous amount of headroom inside the shed as well. Both the depth and the width are around 8 feet, but of course if you plan carefully and use shelving then you really can get a lot of stuff inside here. It also does a first rate job of keeping out the rain and making sure none of your items inside get wet.

The door has three strong hinges that will ensure no sagging occurs and that it firmly closes. Rather than using some kind of cheap plastic for the windows, Treetops Traditional have made sure the windows look as awesome as the rest of the shed by using horticultural glass.
Adding more security would be very easy as a pad bolt with padlock could be attached for very little cost.
This will cost you an extra ?56.99 and is something to think about if you will be storing large items inside.
So while the price may seem a little high, you must remember that this is a shed made from top of the line materials and it is also going to last for many years. The unique specification of this wooden shed is the interchangeable, modular panels which may be arranged to meet your requirements. The styrene is also shatter resistant and is used on the majority of wooden sheds we have to offer. The shed has folded safety edges on all panels, safe from blistering, swelling or warping and will withstand damage from bugs or pests. The pent is slightly lower than the standard apex roof but the overall internal height is increased due to the high eaves.
Three large windows allow light into the shed and one of these can even be opened so you can get a nice flow of air inside. The roof and the floor have had no expense spared and are made with 12 mm thick, tongue and groove boards, ensuring that the floor can take the weight of a lot of items and that the roof can handle even the heaviest blanket of snow. Which if you are always tripping over the kids bikes that are left on the lawn is going to be something you are very thankful for.
This felt is protecting some very thick and long lasting, 12 mm thick tongue and groove boards. At 12 mm thick, the cladding is also very durable and has a solid feel to it as well as that lovely look. When ordering if you prefer, you can ask for the door to be a stable style door instead of the one pictured. Moving the door though may result in you having to lose a window or change their placement. The shed already comes with one window that opens, but for ?31.99, you can have one of the other fixed windows be one that can open also. This fantastic, efficient and functional Deluxe Pent Shed Unit is a spacious and reliable wooden shed, which offers a unique touch and looks at home in any garden environment. There is a nice amount of headroom inside here with the lowest section being 5 feet 9 inches and the highest 6 feet 7 inches. Of course there is also the colour of the shed, you may like the wood the way it is which in that case use a more clear wood treatment, but you can also get wood treatment in different colours so you can change the look of the shed this way and also have some fun doing it.
Wooden floor bearers will raise the floor just a tad and also give the floor a bit more backbone, these can be added for, ?43.99. Last of all we have the installation service which will see them not just deliver, but build the shed as well.

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