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The truth is, there IS good money to be made in buying storage units, but it takes a lot of hard work, time, a fair amount of initial expenditures and a good sense of the value of items: not what theya€™re worth to you, but what people are willing to pay. Before participating in your first storage unit auction, it helps to do some research and preparation beforehand. While most storage unit auctions require winning bidders to pay in cash, there are some storage facilities that will take credit cards. There are a lot of myths out there concerning the best ways to identify winning storage units and most should be taken with a grain of salta€¦if not a whole bag. Different states have different laws on how long a storage locker can be kept before being placed on the auction block. A number of storage facilities conduct live online bidding by providing pictures of each storage unit and a time limit for each auction. While people tend to store valuable items with a little more care than those just looking for a place to stuff their stuff, treasures can still be found in the messiest of lockers. If you’d like to take on a fun hobby that will allow you to retire a wealthy man or woman at a young age, then buying and selling scrap metal is not the answer.
Here are a few things about scrap metal auctions that you…well, you don’t really need to know anything about scrap metal auctions…that you may want to peruse, shall we say, as you sip your Venti Vanilla Half-Caff Mocha with Whip.
When a storage facility tenant doesn’t pay the rent on his unit, the facility owner is allowed to hold an auction of the abandoned storage unit contents to recoup their losses.
One final note: bring cash in small, unmarked bills to bribe Moe, the tall guy with the neck tattoo who will make sure you win the auction. Rather than finding a rare comic books worth two million bucks, you’ll probably wind up purchasing a unit filled with soggy boxes full of personal photo albums, clothing from the ‘70s, a couple of Iron Maiden records, and a jar of Canadian pennies.
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Convinced that abandoned storage units are concealing instantly profitable items behind stacks of particle board furniture and dusty rabbit-eared television sets, bidders began flocking to auctions by the hundreds.
If you can, attend an auction or two without bidding first, so you can get a better idea of the process as well as a general feel for the individual storage facilities and the crowd each one draws.

The characters run back to their purchased units and start digging around, calling out prices as their totals tally up on-screen. The flashlight will come in handy for viewing units in poorly lit corridors or for peering further into well-stuffed lockers. While this spares you the long hours of standing and shuffling around in a crowd, however, it also limits your view of the locker to the provided pictures instead of seeing the contents in person. But if you go for any verbal or physical shenanigans, the auctioneer will likely have you removed and banned from further auctions at that facility. The careful evaluation, the glimpses of items that might be something incredible, the low bid win and the excited digginga€¦ita€™s almost like a trip to Las Vegas without the travel. If you routinely listen to Judas Priest, Metallica, and Black Sabbath, then you should know that you’ve come to the wrong place. Or, if this isn’t a dinner party, gloves, flashlight, magnets, padlock, several boxes, and space in your car.
But instead of finding an easy win, most storage unit purchasers find that winning the bid is only the beginning of the profit process.
Some wildly overestimate values while others are more reasonable, but the truth is that you cana€™t know how much youa€™ll make until you have the money in hand. Additionally, youa€™ll want to find out how long you have to remove the entire contents of your locker. If a storage facility has space to spare, it might take them longer to get to auctioning off a unit. And youa€™ll still have to drive down and clear out the locker within the required timeframe.
Once thata€™s covered, the remaining funds are typically available to the tenant to claim up to a certain amount of time after the sale. Someone might have put all of grandmaa€™s rare Wedgwood a€?junka€? in a locker and forgotten about it.
And as long as you go into the bidding with the knowledge that winning the locker is only the first step in the money making process, youa€™re ready to turn those educated gambles into real profit.

But if you enjoy hanging out at storage facilities and scrap yards and could use some extra cash to fund your coffeehouse-chain-based-in-Seattle habit, then welcome! Actually reading those poorly-crafted and typo-heavy signs stapled to telephone poles is another way.
If you’re clear on what metals you have in your possession, you should call around to compare prices. As a former professional organizer and a current Virgo, she is a self-diagnosed authority on storage, packing, organizing, and general neat freakishness.
A good way to find out how much items are selling for would be to check out online auction sites and filter search results to only show completed sales.
If you only have 24 hours, youa€™ll probably want to come prepared with a trailer or moving truck.
Just because a locker has been sitting around for a while doesna€™t mean that the items inside are any better; just dustier. And neat storage units could just as easily be one persona€™s very meticulous collection of boxed recipe clippings.
Seriously though, you’ll need to bring cash because auctions don’t accept checks, credit cards, debit cards, gold bullion or oxen. Also, keep in mind that most scrap dealers will pay more for larger volumes of metal, so don’t show up with just a wok and an extension cord. This will give you a much better idea of what people are willing to pay, rather than looking up the price that sellers are asking for. And if a facility employee had to snip the former ownera€™s padlock to get it open, you should have a way of securing your property promptly.
Actually, you should bring a truck because if you win the auction, you’ll have to haul the contents away that day or rent your own storage unit (and then wouldn’t it be ironic if you forgot to pay your rent, got your storage unit auctioned off, and wound up buying your own stuff?).

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