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Airtel launched 3G services in Bangalore today and we have some news about the plans and tariffs.
Varun Krish is a Mobile Technology Enthusiast and has been blogging about mobile phones since 2005.
After launching its 3G services in Bengaluru, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mysore, Manipal, Udipi, Jaipur and Delhi NCR, Airtel finally launched its 3G services in Mumbai.
Commenting on the 3G launch in Mumbai, Atul Bindal, President – Mobile Services, Bharti airtel said, “Mumbai is the commercial and entertainment capital of India – and therefore at the leading edge of driving a paradigm shift from voice to data services. Airtel has won 3G license for 13 telecom circles in India – Mumbai, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh (West), Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Assam, North East, Jammu & Kashmir.
We are at the Airtel 3G launch event happening at ITC Gardenia in Bangalore where they have just announced the launch of Airtel 3G service across Karnataka. Airtel has introduced an useful app – Internet Usage tool which helps users predict their approximate 3G data usage for carrying out the activities of their choice.
Customer Shield Price is the price set by the user to be the maximum cost he can afford to pay for 3G per month. Update: Having seen the official price list, it seems users will not be able to choose the Max bill pay cap and it is set to Rs. There are multiple vendors of the 3G modems (data cards), the first one being Huawei, who are catering BSNL as well as Tata Docomo 3G services.
Starting today evening, Airtel 3G will be available in Bangalore and across Karnataka from tomorrow. Airtel has got 3G licenses in 13 circles across India, but they are hoping to make themselves available across India through collaborations with other service providers. Subscribe to TechPPSubscribe to our email newsletter for useful tips and valuable resources. With the demand of 3G plans from the smartphone users, the telecom operators give exciting discount offers for many. If you are really excited to know the best 3G data plan for this year, you can have a look at the comparison table at the end of the post. Note: We have compared standard plans and not taken into consideration special data plans as all telecom operators charge them differently.
At the end of the post, we have also shown a table comparing the most popular 1GB 3G data plan for each provider. And if you are looking forward to use the Idea internet for more than a week or even for 3 months, you must have a glimpse at the below-given table.
However, please note, these Reliance plans are CDMA based and not GSM, so it cannot be compared to other GSM plans that we have listed down. For GSM, their rates vastly differ from state to state, but on an average their 3G plans cost around Rs. In fact if any thing Tata Docomo 3G Data Pack rates have only gone up compared to last year. It seems like the BSNL is trying to give the best out of the 3G packs for its customers all over the country. Aircel, which is mostly used by the people in South India, has some exciting offers for its regular customers.
As there aren’t many using MTNL in India, the rates are always going to be low to attract more customers.
From the above image, it is quite clear that Aircel, BSNL and MTNL provides the cheapest 3G data pack for 1GB.
If you have been following us over past few years, you would know that we have been covering 3G data plans, since 2012 when 3G actually started in most part of the countries. As rates have tumbled down further, we take a quick look at the 3G data plan rates as they stand today. From a mere Rs 103 for 300 MB valid for 30 days to Rs 2499 for 12 GB valid for 90 days, Idea has schemes to fit all pockets.
With daily usage packs from Rs 14 for a 50 MB benefit to a 5 days pack of 150 MB for Rs 44, Vodafone caters to one and all.
For India’s largest network (and Mumbai’s also, post the Loop acquisition), the 3G rates start at Rs 45 for a weekly validity of 150 MB. The most popular plan of 1 GB is also priced at just Rs 156, nearly 100 Rs cheaper than its counterparts! We had not previously included BSNL, but a lot of readers asked us to include, so here we go. There is no doubt that purely from pricing perspective their plans are the best of the lot.
Before going into MTNL plans, you will need to keep in mind that MTNL is available only in Mumbai and Delhi. If you go to compare on price factor alone, obviously Tata Docomo and Aircel come out the winners. Plans are already changed and all the companies have already hiked their data rates, because the data uses is in demand and the new generation need more!
Bharti has started its 3G journey from Karnataka circle and it will be covering other 12 circles by March 2011. About teleguru.inA telecom and technology site covers updates on telecom technolgy & industry, service providers, Mobile handsets, regulations, tariffs, how-to guides and tutorials.

Mobile broadband also known as wireless Internet access via USB modem, mobile phone, and other mobile devices. The 3G USB data card is a device, which allows the user to connect internet wirelessly using GSM or CDMA networks.
The Airtel internet device designed and developed by Huawei, It looks great and attractive in white color with the Airtel logo on it. All Airtel 3G USB dongles are plug-n-play in nature and auto installation for the first time when plugged into a PC or laptop.
The New Samsung Galaxy S 3 Mini is going to be released today and the expected Reviews and Specifications are right here at TechSoulz. After introducing 3G services in Karnataka Bharti Airtel has introduced two models of 3G USB modems which offer mobile broadband on the go.
Second 3G data card Huawei E153 supports download speed upto 3.6 Mbps and Micro SD support up to 32 GB and this one is priced at Rs 2099. India’s largest Mobile Service operator Airtel today flags off its 3G Mobile and Data services in Chennai and Coimbatore city (Chennai Metro and Tamilnadu telecom circle). Most of the college students prefer to SMS rather than talk and i believe it’s a costly affair in case of BSNL!!!
BSNL is definitely best.just hoping they are not going to raise the price seeing all these plans.
Airtel today announced significant reduction in their 3G data tariffs, much to the delight of Airtel subscribers. With Smartbytes 3G data plan, Airtel subscribers now have a choice of subscribing to incremental 3G data usage packs. Along with Smartbytes, Airtel has also launched “snacking” packs which will allow consumers to pick up a 3G plan for as low as Rs.
These data plans bring about a significant rate cut, as much as 70% for volume based browsing – Previously, 3G data tariff cost consumers 10p per 10 kb of data. Like we have mentioned many times earlier – there are 2 main problems due to which 3G has not really taken off. EXCLUSIVE & INNOVATIVE MOBILE SHOPPING APP- GREAT VALUE TO ANDROID AND BLACKBERRY USERS. The recharge amount for the plans differ based on the region, head on to Airtel 3G Tariff Page to check the details for your circle. Srivatsan Sridhar is a Mobile Technology Enthusiast who is passionate about Mobile phones and Mobile apps. His current phones include the Nokia Lumia 1020 , Apple iPhone 5S & Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition. Airtel is the second private company to offer 3G services in Mumbai, after Reliance Communication which launched the 3G back in December last year. With the highest data penetration in India of over 20%, the city of Mumbai truly represents the data revolution story that our country is currently witnessing.
Airtel will launch their 3G services in all of the 13 circles before the end of this month.
You can also purchase the time-based 3G plan for Rs.41, which allows you to access 3G for 30 mins. It might sound ridiculous to our international readers, but the fact of the matter is, here in India, we are jumping around to see 3G on our mobile devices when our counterparts in the west are almost ready with 4G LTE. Minute based plans are something unique in India, and are aimed to provide “cyber cafe” experience to your mobile phone! The Airtel CEO kept it clear that their point of focus is not in the pricing but with the user experience. The prices of data cards are yet to be announced and we will update them here as soon as we get hold of it. As for other places in India, they are expected to be rolled out in phases over the next few days or weeks. If you have already read our 2012, 2013 and 2014 comparison plans of 3G packs, you would be surprised to know the telecom operator offering the cheapest offer in 2015. Also, we have taken into consideration Pre-paid plans only as over 95% of Indians use those connections.
The Indian telecom operator offers various data packs at cheap rates to give users more data at cheap prices. The telecom operator gives 1GB data pack at 3 different prices with respect to the change in validity days. We have analysed various rates of the telecom operators all over the India to make sure that you get the cheapest of all. But their network and infrastructure may not be at par with Airtel, Idea and Vodafone and their 3G speeds are generally lower and that’s the reason why they offer such cheap offers.
For the ones who never get tired surfing, there are unlimited packs too ranging from Rs 651 till Rs 1501, with the Fair Usage Policy (read: speed of 80Kbps) kicking in after 3 GB and 11 GB respectively. With plans as cheap as Rs 9 for 30 MB valid for one day to Rs 450 which gives 3.5 GB valid for a month, Docomo plans are the best out of the lot. 22 for 150mb of data with a validity of 1 day and their standard plans to all the way upto 50GB for Rs 4999, with a validity of 365 days. The bigger and larger providers who operate Pan-India and have larger subscriber base actually have higher 3G rates.

However, one has to keep in mind that unlike Airtel, Idea, Reliance and Vodafone, they do not coverage in many cities.
I called to customer care they just told me sorry withoug giving any proper response and asked me to wait for 3 months for its resoultion and given me the option to get it deactivated. Airtel data plans have now been revealed which are classified on the basis of data usage and time duration. He covers articles on mobile postpaid plans, USB data cards, DTH products, buying mobile phones online and a variety of other subjects. Data card as a product has already proved its utility and success in telecom space  both on EVDO and 3G platforms and they are in huge demand by youth as well as corporate segments for their higher broadband speeds with full mobility. BSNL  and MTNL offer 3G data card with similar specifications and they are priced between Rs 1800-2000. The telecos also said that it will launch the 3G services in more than 40 cities across all 13  circles by March 2011. Atul Bindal said “Today, as we introduce the airtel 3G promise in Chennai and Coimbatore – we are delighted to bring the power of the mobile Internet deeper south. As per the press release sent to us Airtel has also launched additional data usage plans “Smartbytes” for postpaid 3G data subscribers.
What this means is – even if a subscriber has exhausted its 3G data usage, they will be able to continue enjoying uninterrupted access to 3G browsing on their mobile devices. All the Standard 3G packs now offer double data on recharge for both the Prepaid and Postpaid users. Airtel 3G comes with the Mobile TV, which allows you to watch more than 100 live channels on the go.
As we bring the power of 3G to Mumbai today, we are confident that this launch will add impetus to the expansion of data services in India. Here is the list of 3G packs if you are planning to use the internet just for few days or a week.
All the telecom operators mostly have changed the validity to 28 days, but Airtel didn’t change it. However, recently they have introduced CDMA based Pro 3 EVDO Rev b plans that offer much better internet speeds and are available at extremely low rates. From Rs 7 for a one day pack of 25 MB to a 997 unlimited monthly pack of 10 GB, Aircel has offers suiting everyone’s pockets. On the other hand, the smaller ones (except Reliance), charge nearly half of what the bigger ones charge. Really Very bad response of customer care and from Vodaofone too (it mean i am paying 251 rs for 2G net pack instead of 3G). Time based data packs are charged on the basis of time rather than download and so far no other 3G operator has such a concept. Using the Airtel user interface window, you can check text messages, phone contacts and statistics of uploaded and downloaded data. Vineet Taneja Operations Director-South in an launch function held at Hotel ITC park Sheraton in Chennai. It is interesting to note that Airtel’s smallest 10 rupee pack does not have data limit, but a time limit of only 30 minutes. While former is slowly getting addressed, it may be sometime before the Telecom providers are able to offer more optimized infrastructure for increase of 3G penetration in India. Whether stuck in office, or on the move – all Mumbaikars can now experience airtel 3G services and enjoy high speed internet access and a host of other exciting services on their mobile devices”. During the press meet, Airtel CEO, Mr.Sanjay Kapoor, kept iterating this and made sure that they are not going for any price-wars at this time.
Live Streaming experience though, wasn’t up to the mark, as the images were consistently getting stuck. However, as usually is the case subscriber will not be able to carry forward the data and will have to consume the limit within the validity period. This will be popular with lot of users who essentially want to do things like checking email or downloading files or checking out a short clip of videos.
Even the speed after the bill cap is reached is set at 20kbps according to their mail, which again seems ridiculous. But here is the screenshot which will give you a clear idea about the 3G data packs of Tata Docomo. MTNL, BSNL, Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone Essar, Idea Cellular, Tata Docomo, Reliance mobile, Uninor, S Tel and so on. I am also technically well aware of all the settings, tricks & tweaks to get the best the possible juice out of 3G service.
Both Tata Docomo and Reliance Mobile offer HSPA+which offer speed up to 21.1Mbps and these are priced around Rs 4000. Airtel is just a over rated, over hyped, costly but “Glamorous” Blimp filled with nothing but lies! Its really sad to know that airtel is adopting to this shameful procedure in order to capitalize during the genesis of 3G and 4G!

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