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IMPORTANT: Please note that you must now log in with your email address and not your username! I may get wood furniture to replace the black polymer on a new SGL21 I hope to get next week. The problem with switching out all furniture on the SGL-21 with imported stuff is that then you have to start swapping out other parts to maintain 922r compliance. Originally Posted By bbtaco: I may get wood furniture to replace the black polymer on a new SGL21 I hope to get next week. Don't tell me how rough the waters are, just bring the ship into port !If something goes wrong, blame the guy who cana€™t speak English. Get the Balkan Stock set from Apex gun parts, use WD40 to get all the cosmoline off and you'll have yourself 3 nice full furniture sets!
I got a couple of wood stock sets from Iron Wood Designs and I'm very happy with them, they all look great. Originally Posted By GunDisaster: I got a couple of wood stock sets from Iron Wood Designs and I'm very happy with them, they all look great. I'm not sure if Z-Recto is still a member of ARFCOM or the AK Forum, but if so, he does great refinishing work. I have not seen these type handguards on any of the rifles in the military issue Bulgarian rifle photo thread, so I'm thinking that maybe they were made for commercial export rifles kind of like the unique Chinese made wood handguards used on rifles like the NHM series. Interestingly, jjjxlr8's Lancaster Arms Bulgarian AK-74, also shown in the photos below, has the same handguards. Looking at the A USA marking on the butt stock DFS offers as part of this set, my belief is that A USA stands for Armory USA, who originally brought in the ISD Bulgaria rifles. Clearview Investments has the original Bulgarian polymer thumbhole stocks the ISD rifles were imported with: Clearview Investments AK Thumbhole Stock and it seems that DFS ended up with the stock sets, without realizing that the handguards actually Bulgarian. Other than the pic in the other post, there doesn't seem to be much info on these being bulgarian. Do be careful what batteries you use because at first mine was a little picky with what batteries i used.

I've always loved the traditional look of an AK47 and would like to purchase wood furniture for it. This gun features an Airsoft GBB rifle made out of as much steel as possible to imitate the prefect collector's item.
Set includes stock, pistol grip, upper and lower handguards, plus a rubberized but pad as an alternative replacement to the metal one.
Althouth the parts are new-old-stock, due to handling, transportation, prolonged storage, they might show some dings, scratches and other blemishes.
The internals are also a solid metal reinforced setup that have been redesigned with optimal performance in mind. We monitor these comments daily, but it may be faster to email us directly or call us at 1-626-286-0360. The gun is heavy and has a high rate of fire so it is like a support weapon with an ak74 base. The stock set is a take-off from a military AK74, as such, it can have scratches, rubs, etc. The upper handguard is a bit lighter then the lower handguard.The set pictured is a representation of the sets which are available. However, sometimes the gun will just randomly stop shooting but I just changed mags and it worked perfectly. To top it off the Fore Grip and Stock on GHK's AKM are Real Wood featuring a great looking, high quality gloss finish. Would prefer to do something that's plug and play. Thanks! The milsurp Bulgarian AK-74 furniture sets will fit your SGL-21 quite nicely. Would prefer to do something that's plug and play. Thanks! If you decide to get new furniture, Ironwood is the way to go. To get the flash hider off, just take some kind of a strong stick (in my case, i used a long barrel of a lighter) and stick it through the flash hider and twist it off. Love this gun and think it would be great for a mid level player or just someone who loves AK platforms as much as i do.

Often, you will also save on shipping while not risking a rate item being sold out before you have a chance to buy it. I tried putting in a small type from my m4 and it still would'nt fit so I highly reccomend you buy another mini battery. All pre-order items are tagged with our best estimate on arrival times factoring in manufacture delay, us custom examinations and other factorys to the best of our ability. All sale transactions are completed in our California warehouse under California law and regulations.
The goods on pre-order generally arrive before they are past due or on-time 99% of the time. All pre-order items are processed subject to item availability on a first-come, first serve basis. Buyer assume full responsibility of all liabilities, damages, injuries, modifications done to products, buyer local laws, buyer local regulations, and ownership of Airsoft replicas.
Buyer reserve the rights to a full refund on any pending pre-order items at any time.This item is currently Out of Stock. All Airsoft replicas are sold with bright orange tip to comply with federal law and regulations. HOWEVER, JG has welded the mag catch for your AK mag always stays in so it doesn't wedge out. The instruction booklet that came with the gun is a source of comedy as it has poorly translated english and has very incorrect instructions. Pricing, specification, availability and special promotions are subject to change without notice. But there other things that are much better for a lower price and are better such as the elite force Ak 74 and the Cyma Ak74 0.48 which both are better performing and have a lower price.

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