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Amazing Spaces, a leading provider of upscale self-storage solutions, celebrated the grand opening of its 4th store with an incredible party and gift to the Shriners Hospital for Children on April 20th. The under stairs storage  often is a just negative space in your apartment which is serving for nothing and only keeps dust and is one more place to clean.have you ever wonder where you can put all that stuff that are keeping dust in your basement , or have you ever wanted to have  one  room more and you are not able because of the lack of space? 2.Bicycle keeper  under stairs storage in the hallway This can be great idea if  the stairs are in your hallway , in that way you can put your bicycles under the stairs and you can be free of lifting the  bicycles every now and then. Great place to keep your wine bottles or other stuff , this is creative and innovative way to keep your alcohol under the stairs and you can use the storage on smart way. 4.Under stairs officeThis kind of usage of the under stairs storage will spare you a space and provide you with whole new room for you , if you dont have a place for you in your home where you can work this is the right solution for you. Cool idea to keep  many things that you usually keep in the basement , now you will be able to put all that things by your hand  near to you , use this under stairs storage. You can have a plus  decorative under the stairs shelves and your living room will look amazing and creative.
You can put your kitchen items in the storage under the stairs and  they will near your hand and also you will use the empty storage creative.
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There never seems to be enough storage space in garages, but rollout shelves and sliding bypass units can make more efficient use of the sidewalls of your garage.

Well , think again and you can deal this one by yourself , if you both have empty negative space under the stairs and you want to put some items on vivid place than all you have to do is switch your mind on creative way and look trough this article that will help you to manage the empty space in creative under stairs storage. In this post we will present 30 solutions that could serve as inspiration when it comes to making your crib a bit more… functional.
By make a large rack in your living room actually in the wall for storage your stuff like photos, vase, and any other small sculptural. Whether you live in a traditional or modern house, there are plenty of elegant ways below that can help you keep it clean without much effort.
Also by displaying the furniture will also make your room looks attractive.Also you can make a bookshelf in the wall around your window. The space around the stairs can be turned into smart, built-in lockers for storing various objects.
By displaying the book too and this storage in your home office I think this is will be a great way to make you easier to grab books.
Amazing Spaces gave 10% of gross sales to the hospital for the first 30 days the location was open. Like in the entrance, placing a small rack for placing sandals and jackets, with a basket for store umbrella I think will make it easy to store also keep your house clean because the wet umbrella will stay in the front door.
Also this slide out shelves will looks like trim in the wall, it mean this idea also decorating your hallway.Using under bed storage boxes or pull-out drawers I think a good idea too.

This will minimalize your space and the other empty space you can place important furniture like nightstand or cabinets. You also need to choose small and minimalist furniture for the room, so it will not cramped. Its award winning storage properties offer creative solutions for self-storage, RV and boat storage, wine storage, packing and moving supplies, and more.
Keep the room organized and grouping the often use item in the place that easy to reach like use a storage behind the mirror. Make sure that your room has adequate lighting so that the room does not feel dark and cramped. The decor will be more impressed by adding the natural lighting for limited room space because natural lighting will create a lively atmosphere.

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