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Shop for bedding, curtains, furniture, beds and mattresses today at Dunelm.Dunelm offers a beautiful range of furniture. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). So he’d go out and help him every once in a while and just, you know, decided that’s what he wanted to do.Behind the Amish community schoolhouse. The community phone in the school is used to handle business.We were in the wholesale side of it for about 25 years. He got tired of all the employment and all of that, and so that’s when they decided to get out of the wholesale market and went custom.
But I would say that drawing customers is our biggest.A section of the inventory consisting of dining tables, loving room chairs, and some end table and occasional pieces. Like Cedar Rapids or how far out?Mark: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids – that’s probably about as far north as we go. Ames and then east we go up into the Twin Cities quite a bit or I shouldn’t say Twin, the Quad Cities – Davenport and Moline, up in that area.
Western Illinois, we draw quite a bit out of western Illinois, northern Missouri.The coal burning stove that heats the shop in the colder months.

I would say as far as for the biggest success is we’ve by far exceeded our goal as far as for gross sales. Does your church say that you have to do things a certain way or can you just run your business however you want to do it?Mark: Not necessarily. As far as the ads we run in the papers, there’s no pictures.Yoder’s Indian Creek Furniture ad in the Villages of Van Buren County brochureWhat else do you do for income? Do you just have the store or do you have any other ways of making money?Mark: Well we have like the store and then of course the shop.
So yeah, he’s drawing a little bit there but the furniture side is 90% of the income.How much modern technology are you allowed to use? What’s the limitation of technology you can use in the business and then in your everyday life, for your community specifically?Mark: As far as for business we use a telephone.
A telephone’s probably about the most modern as far as it goes on technology.We’ve got a community phone that we use. Now, just since the first of the year they’ve allowed us where we have voicemail now, where people can leave a message.The inside of the wood shop. Not too dissimilar from a modern wood shop except for what powers the cutting equipment (a diesel engine). The machine front and center is a large shaper, and in the background a band saw.Now the power tools that you use.
How do you do that?Mark: What we have is an 80 horse diesel and then everything is run off a belt line shaft. That’s how everything’s powered.The diesel engine that powers all of the woodworking equipment in the shop through a shaft and belt driven system.What’s that used for, the wide belt sander?

They actually sent us out a paper and the head guy that was… actually E & S Wood Creations. Because it instills in you the idea of being hard working?Mark: Yeah, hardworking definitely.
I mean we put a lot of hard work into it but just the grace of God helping us through it all.
Today we have an interview with Mark Yoder, who runs…The Amish of Belle Center, Ohio It's fun to visit a new Amish community when you have someone waiting there to greet you. Last Monday I had a chance to drop in on Mark Curtis, son…Do you own Amish furniture? Reply to Comment Tom GeistComment on Phone Service (June 18th, 2014 at 22:05) Phone ServiceFor clarity, are they saying they only have one phone for the whole community, or just that the phone Mark uses is at the school? Had an extended holiday so took a trip to Amish places in Missouri and Iowa…hitting Milton along the way. It looks like a machine in the middle…with a log being fed in from the left hand side and a nice desk coming out of the right side.
There are enough little as well as big items there that you are sure to find something you will like.

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