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Jake Miller has been serving customers from around the world from this location since 1999. Due to weather patterns and nature, no two trees are alike; texture, color and density of grain vary within a single tree.
Solid wood furniture naturally responds to changes in temperature and humidity by expansion and contraction. These natural responses are not defects, and do not necessarily affect the strength of the furniture.

During this time, do not set warm items on the furniture, and prevent prolonged exposure to water.
We offer a half gallon of extra heavy duty concentrate for $30 which comes with a mixing bottle to dilute it, (one part to 10 or 16 parts of water = 8 Gallons of normal cleaner) spray on our furniture & wipe dry with a soft cloth. Items such as Amish hutches, and mirrors for Amish dressers may need to be attached with a Phillips or Square screwdriver. Amish Furniture in our store or here on our website can be custom tailored to meet your needs. Not interested in the Amish Country, Amish Mission or Amish Shaker furniture?

Provide your own style or idea, and our Amish furniture builders will build your Amish furniture.

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amish furniture near kidron ohio

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