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Gable roof sheds are functional and offer practical ways to store many things around your home, farm, or office. If this level of quality and durability are important to you then you can’t go wrong with one of the rent to own Amish storage buildings.
If you can’t find Amish craftsmen near you then the next best thing is an Amish shed plan that you build yourself or have built by an independent craftsman in your area. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This Amish made Do-it-Yourself Classic Cottage Shed Kit is crafted by skilled woodworkers and comes in a panelized kit, which means the walls are preassembled with windows installed, you just need to fasten the walls to each other and add the roof. Based out of Oneonta, the Amish Barn Company has been designing outdoor structures for upstate New York homeowners for nine years. For the past twenty plus years Sheds Unlimited has been delivering custom built storage sheds and 1, 2, 3 and 4 car prefab garages and two-story barns and garages throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and in further surrounding states. After the building arrives, the homeowner will simply carry the parts into the backyard and follow the instructions provided in the Sheds Unlimited assembly video and booklet. Sheds Unlimited is an Amish-Mennonite family owned and operated storage shed and single and two-car garage manufacturer in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
If you have plain grass in front of your garden shed you may want to consider putting in a walkway.
Putting flowers around an entranceway is easy to do and instantly changes the appearance of your garden shed. The great thing about adding a birdbath to the landscape around a garden shed is that they come in all varieties.
Being able to clear out our garage has been wonderful!!  It enables me to be able to make a mud room (coming in the future) and to not have to worry about the bikes scratching our cars coming in and out.  Having Storage outside the garage in our new shed has meant many changes.   It also enabled Dave to go buy a motorcycle, because now there is room in the garage (ok, so not all the reasons are so great! There is a surge protector plug behind the white drawers so when he is working he can bring out the extension cord and plug in his radio and drills, or other equipment. You will see some more pictures from this area in my video below, but I wanted to get to the loft.
Loft above the kid and fishing zones- This has a heavy hitch hauler that we use only on full family vacation trips. Beside that we just have the kiddie pool that we use for the dogs in the summer and my son put the extra roll of garden fence up there, plus the two card tables. Break your shed organization system into zones.  You will probably have different zones than I do.
Notice something on those doors?  I thought that space was too good to pass up.  This was the solution I came up with for the kids balls and ball gloves. I used these baskets that I found at The Container Store.  They are a heavy duty wire basket made for the Elfa closet system. Their scooters and po-go stick are hanging on a specialty pegboard hook that I already had. There is still extra wood and pegboard that may yet be used, but for now I just slipped it out of the way behind the bike rack and under the shelf.

The other two bikes have pegs on the front tires that are going to come off.  I have my bike rack designed, I just need the man to make it for me. Now for the two teenagers bikes.  We already had these portable bike racks that I purchased a few years ago from The Container Store.
So I slide the two bikes in sideways in the shed.  Is there the perfect amount of space in this 10×14 shed to have the bikes not block something? I took advantage of the pegboard for a few things.  The corner area is where he is going to build his fishing rack. He even left a hole in the corner of the loft floor so that his taller fishing rods can fit.
His newer fishing tackle box has these separate organizing sections.  I think he has a few too many for the bag and that is why these were loose.
Don’t forget to link your organizing, cleaning or DIY posts to my Organizing Mission link party! I'm a Professional Organizer, Mom and Step Mom to eight, and a Senior Content Manager for Collective Bias. There are many look-alike and sound alike sheds so be sure it is not a product that simply bears an Amish name. Be very sure that you start with a true Amish shed plan that details the construction techniques and the quality of materials to be used.
A family run company, we separate ourselves from the competition through the excellent quality of our products, our responsive service and free delivery. While the company was founded with a focus on small storage buildings, we now offer a range of outdoor structures. This twenty-seven minute shed barn kit video and the complimentary thirty-page document are complete with detailed instructions for assembling the floor, adding overhangs and setting the shed, barn or garage walls. However, with the addition of the new storage shed kit video and booklet, the reach of Sheds Unlimited buildings will be greatly expanded.
With small beginnings on the family farm in rural PA Amish country, the company then moved to uncle Ivan's farm in Honey Brook.
When it comes to dreaming up ideas for the landscaping around your storage shed, the sky's the limit.
Ideas for the shed's entrance include putting a gathering of red geraniums in a large pot on the ground near the door.
Landscaping ideas often include evergreen shrubs because they are hardy and relatively easy to care for. We used the pegboard and I also gave him a space on the bottom shelf that he has some workspace. I have to figure out a better solution for that.  The bin has some golf shoes that Dave rarely wears but wants to keep and paint ball equipment of the teens. Dave really was just storing lumber and board there while he was building the other two lofts, but it is convenient.
I had another one of those wire shelves (like I used for the temp bike rack).  We brought it out and it works great for storing the card table chairs and a few extra lawn chairs. It has easy access, and since we do have lofts in the shed, we will need to use it on occasion to get things.

That will help)  I used this old brown shelf that we had in the garage for roller blades and it is now for his tackle boxes.
With a little research you should be able to find a true Amish shed or an Amish craftsman near you. Vivid video and close-up photos guide a homeowner in erecting a building from the Sheds Unlimited lineup of wood barns, garden storage sheds, vinyl buildings and even single car garages.
Any homeowner across the Continental United States can now choose a custom storage shed or prefab garage and have it delivered via common carrier to their property as a kit. Later the business was again relocated to the Amish family farm of four generations where the business continues to operate. You could draw up elaborate landscaping plans or just make a few changes to enhance the look of your garden shed.
If your shed has a porch, you could put petunias, pansies or tulips in planters and set them on the porch railings. The umbrella is up there now because it was left open in a storm and broke one of the hinges.
Well no, a true Amish built shed is something different it is hand-built by Amish craftsmen. As you can imagine this brings a whole host of people looking to ride along on their reputation by simply using the Amish name and inferring that it is a true Amish product.
Aside from the amazing designs and architecture, the inherent durability and quality make them the most inexpensive and reliable of sheds.
The recent addition of the prefab shed kit instructional video is the latest in the ongoing work of Sheds Unlimited to provide means by which customers can save hard earned dollars in tough economic times.
Ideas that are quick and simple can sometimes make a big difference in the appearance of the landscape.
The next step is to find a climbing vine that will wrap itself around your trellis and give it some life! Either way, a peaceful birdbath adds interest to the landscape while helping out the birds. Built with durable materials and centuries of handed down experience resulting in a high quality shed that is proven to stand the test of time. Accordingly, in addition to custom designed structures for design-oriented customers, we maintain a large stock of sheds for people who need ours immediately. Whatever your needs, the Amish Barn Company is here to meet and exceed them. Take a look at five simple steps for creating a landscape that will make your shed all the more appealing. The main thing to remember is to make sure the stones are level and have an equal amount of space between them.

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