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Looking for custom built sheds for sale in Columbus & Dayton, OH and surrounding areas? Beachy Barns offers quality custom sheds for sale including storage sheds, barns and buildings in Columbus and Dayton, OH and surrounding locations. 4" deep pad of ¾" crushed stone base 1' larger than building on all 4 sides is highly recommended, but not required. Visit the lot located at the farm where we manufacture the buildings on Amish Pike in Plain City, Ohio.

While our sheds are not Amish built sheds, they are similar in construction and styling to Amish sheds you may have seen. The tall barn-style roof offers plenty of head room, perfect for vertical storage of bicycles or sports equipment. We employ a team of experienced Mennonite craftsmen who use many of the same traditional building methods to build our custom sheds.
The Highwall comes complete with a loft on each end of the building for even more storage flexibility.

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amish sheds dayton ohio 1903

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