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Storage sheds are becoming more and more popular among Rochester, NY and Western New York families.
Reduced Clutter In The House – Storage sheds allow you to keep your living space in the house a lot tidier and with a lot less clutter. Increased Value Of Your House – When the time to sell your home will come, you will find that your storage shed is a highly desirable addition. We are very happy to carry Quality wood and vinyl storage sheds that are beautiful to look at at and are strong enough to withstand severe wind and snow weather we sometimes have here in Upstate New York. Ed Van De Water, one of the owners of the Amish Outlet has been bringing to the Rochester, NY area quality Amish-made storage sheds, gazebos, lawn and patio furniture, oudoor playsets as well as solid oak, solid maple and solid cherry dining room furniture, enterntainment centers, living room furniture for the last 21 years.
Areas We ServiceOur Customers come from many different cities and town in Western New York.
Gold Medal WinnerAmish Outlet & Gift Shop is a Gold Medal Winner for the fourth consecutive year of the Rochester Choice Award in the Hand Crafted Furniture Store category. Amish Outlet & Gift Shop is a fourth consecutive year Gold Medal Winner of the Rochester Choice Award in the Hand Crafted Furniture Store category.
Make an environmentally friendly choice this year with our recycled outdoor poly furniture. We sell only the best Amish-made outdoor furniture so that you can enjoy the outdoors in style and hassle-free. Flexible OptionsMany flexible options are available when choosing furniture for your home, your storage shed, your garden furniture or your children’s swing set or playset. Stop by our new location at 8343 Route 20 in Pompey in partnership with Fleszar Woodworking to see our selection, or call us anytime at 315-552-8583.
A great looking shed that will enhance your property's value and provide lots of light for your yard tools and equipment, this shed doubles as a quaint backyard studio. Superior to any Mini-Barn's, this "Shed and a Half" offers massive cubic footage for plently of overhead storage with optional lofts.

The deluxe package adds the character and athestetic qualities that all other deluxe models share.
Also known as a "Salt Box", this distinct storage shed gives and additional protection from the elements and a nice 7' front wall for convenience and additional head room. Our top-of-the-line model with additional detail and trim, this popular shed is a head-turner, offering that "one of a kind" look. All of the WoodPlay playsets are made of California Redwood which is a sustainable material that the company re-forests and grows continuously.
We are an exclusive distributor for WoodPlay playsets for the entire Western New York region. As I have mentioned earlier they make very many different styles of playsets in many different price ranges.
Here at the Amish Outlet & Gift Shop we have a trained sales staff that is available to answer any questions about the playsets all year round, including different pricing options. A There are very many different options of styles and sizes and different add-ons for Playsets that we carry.
Once they narrow down their options, they come to our store where together with with our experienced staff we review their choices, their children’s age, the terrain of their backyard where the playsets will be installed and then we come up with the set design that is tailored to their needs and preferences. AThe WoodPlay brand has a limited lifetime warranty which provides lifetime guarantee to the structure of the playset for as long as the customer owns it. If you want to deal with the company that will not only help you pick the best playset for you, but will also make sure it is assembled and installed properly – come to us.
We offer you lower prices without sacrificing quality because we are a family-owned and operated business.
If you prefer to support the businesses that grow their lumber in a sustainable manner in the U.S. From garden tools, to summer outdoor toys for the kids, to lawn mowers and even small tractors… Storage sheds will store it!

In fact, it might be the deciding factor why your house could be preferred over a similar house without a storage shed.
Amish Outlet and Gift Shop in North Chili, NY is definitely worth checking out, especially if you like quality things that won't fall apart next year. Here are some configurations of three of our most popular shed sizes to consider before ordering. Inexpensive and flexible to suit your needs, our A-Frame is the ideal choice to securely store your valuables. The playsets themselves out the sturdiest types in the country, they are well made, well put together, and based on our experience they are the best playsets produced in this country. The best way to go about creating the right Playset is for a customer to view the catalog online or to pick one at our store along with the price list and study the pages of the catalog until they can get a good idea of what they want. Often we have all of the components in stock, and when we don’t it takes about three weeks in order to obtain all the parts.
More real estate sales agents report that a nice looking storage shed proves to be one of the smartest additions to the property. ChildLife is another excellent quality playset, it is much better quality than what you can find in the Big Box stores – the kind that usually last two or three years and the wind blows them over. ChildLife has seven different models and styles to choose from and we store all of their offerings. So that is kind of a process of picking the right playset and making sure that what you select works for you, your children, and your backyard.

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amish storage sheds rochester ny weather

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