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Since Native got their blog, we’ve been getting pretty frequent event teasers from them. For the Russian buyers, according to the adjusted postal policy of Russia, the consignee’s name must be the full name.
For Brazilian Customs,all the packages will delay on Brazil mail and your packages will takes a long time to arrive you,we can't control that,thank you for your waiting,if you have any problem,you can contact us and we will extend the time for you. China Post Airmail is free, however they are cheap but slow, usually it will take about 15-60 working days to reach you, during the holiday time.
Wonder Festival is now only one day away, and we’re coming to the end of our pre-event garage kit coverage! Tags: anime, AoT, Attack on Titan, Bakemonogatari, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Dangan-Ronpa, Evangelion, garage kit, garage Kits, Harlock, Infinite Stratos, IS, Little Witch Academia, Love Live! Some of these look good enough that you wonder why they aren’t doing this for an actual company. Then it’s Esmeraldas, Little Witch Academia figure (the trail of plants and creatures from her broom is lovely stuff) and Ai Mikaze (would be so happy if a raft of Windflower gks were picked up for PVC release). We also get another good look at the new characters from the Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio movie and some kits of older characters. It could be that dealers are starting to use Treasure Festa an a viable springboard for new works instead of waiting for the next WF, but we'll have to wait a little before we jump to conclusions.
Some are old, others are really old and others are new but I'm sure there's something here for everyones taste.

Please report harassment, spam, and hate speech to our community fisters, and flag the user (we will ban users dishing bad karma). A shame that Kirishima has a flat paint app, with a fighting pose bear version of herself and a better coat of paint it’d be great little gk.
I mean, check out those weird evangelion kits and the zombie Stocking from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt! The more surprising element being that one isn't a standard resin kit but is actually papercraft! But every once in a while they come up with something I love, and they did have a decent display at Wonder Festival. We’ve got lots and lots of Kantai Collection of course, and tons of Touhou Project–but most importantly, that evil Remilia LIVES!
But with recent price rises, every time I see a large, detailed figure my mind goes blank with terror as I imagine what it’s going to cost me. It's not the first kit I have seen of the character but the others have all been super elaborate and complex.
A lot of the focus was on their bodacious Sangokushi Taisen, along with their swimsuit Selvaria. Well, in any case, we have quite a few for this year (including, of course, the bodacious Sonico they already showed off). Funnily enough, we DO have a Sonico but it’s not the toothbrush one everyone though she would be.

They’ll be making Purple Heart, Fiona from Border Break, and Rosa from BraveGirl Ravens.
Anyway, there are all the sculpts we saw teasers for earlier this week, and all of their older art that’s still in progress. On one hand, they had two perfectly acceptable (though dull) figures of Saber Extra and Caster. We also have two new art announcements from sugamo mutsuki and abec–the abec one is two girls, I wonder how that will work? Every detail is gorgeous, from her streaming hair to her crazy boots: and, of course, the gorgeous face.
But really, It’s probably good not to love ALL of them because that would be a lot of pain for my wallet.
More than Native usually puts out in a year, so I guess they are stepping up their production!

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