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Hera, will not only log the average and peak RMS sound level pressure over a time period, but Hera will also detect and log the attempts of system tampering (for example disconnection of the microphone).
You can choose between different 3 modes of operation: use the measurement microphone provided, the line inputs or the power amplifier inputs as level measurement reference. Argos’ unique servo-loop circuitry will preserve the whole audio signal quality and the entire dynamic range of the sound programme.
Configuring the Argos in fast mode and connecting it directly to your power amplifiers output, in parallel with the speakers, will protect your sound system against dangerous DJs, hard-rockers and extensive repair bills.
The logs can be easily consulted by any user directly from the front panel or retrieved on a computer and printed out. Apex Hera is delivered with a measurement microphone and this is factory calibrated for perfect accuracy. Hera also offers an automatic calibration function for remote microphone distance compensation. Optionally you can connect the Apex Leto large deported display to the Hera so that the audience, band or DJ may have visual sight on the sound pressure levels at any time. The racing line is the route a racing driver follows in order to take corners in the fastest possible way. It is important to remember that there is rarely a perfect line through any corner for all circumstances. The apex is the point at which you are closest to the inside of the corner, also referred to as the clipping point. To carry maximum speed through a corner, you need to take the route that minimises the tightness of the corner arc. Oddly enough, carrying the highest average speed round corners may not actually be the quickest way around a track.
It's very common for drivers to apex too early due to nerves about the approaching corner and eagerness to take the turn. Especially useful for motorcyclists and road trippers - plan your route, get a weather forecast at various points, then adjust your departure time to avoid the rain - genius! Afin de mieux vous servir, veuillez selectionner votre code regional dans la liste ci-dessous. Depuis le debut de la decennie, la gamme Apex (RX-1 avant 2006) offre les motoneiges les plus performantes de Yamaha.

Its unique silence detector makes it an indispensable tool for live music performance as well as interrupted recorded music, it will prevent pumping artefacts when the signal returns. Hera also offers two logic outputs that may be used to control external devices or mains cut-off if a certain threshold is being exceeded.
This is imperative in most venues, since the measurement microphones should be placed out of reach.
It depends on the characteristics of your car, your cornering strategy, and the conditions. Leave it too late and you'll miss the apex, too soon and you'll have to tighten your line mid corner.
Once you have hit the apex you should be able to reduce the steering lock and increase the throttle. The geometric apex of a constant radius corner is the central point on the inside and this may also be the racing apex, which depends on the context. If the corner leads onto a straight it can be better to take a late apex, straighten the car out early and get the power on for a high speed exit (Diagram 2). The racing line apex which is often out of view at the point of turn in, or further round the corner than you expect (see Diagram 3 below). In this case, the apex for the racing line is about three quarters of the way around the bend (see Diagram 4). For example, if the next bend is a left hander you'll need to move over to the right hand side of the track, and thus will need to apex later and take a tighter, slower line. You should experiment with different lines and learn from instructors and people who know the course well. This route tends to use the geometric apex of the corner and is usually known as the classic racing line. This is generally regarded as the best strategy for racing, with a slightly lower entry speed but a faster exit speed. A useful guide is that half way through the turn you should be roughly in the middle of the track.
However, if the next corner is another right hander a wider, faster arc can be used (see Diagram 5).
Depuis leur lancement, les moteurs Genesis a quatre temps ne cessent de nous impressionner, et le moteur Genesis 150 de l'Apex ne deroge pas a la regle car il fait fremir ses concurrents par son efficacite et ses performances.

Determining the best line is an essential skill to master for both track days and racing events. Remember that the apex may be further round the turn than you can see, so make sure you learn the track and the apex points before driving in anger. In Diagram 1, the turn illustrated is a constant radius 90 degree right hander and the geometric apex is exactly half way around the corner.
The amount of grip available is the factor which determines how late you can brake and apex. Meme s'il ne genere que 150 chevaux, ce moteur donne l'impression d'etre encore plus puissant grace a sa livree de couple etonnante aux environs des 7000 tours par minute.Ce moteur procure une sensation supreme de conduite grace a une reponse instantanee de l'accelerateur a chacune des reprises. De plus, il produit tres peu de vibrations, ce qui contribue a sa douceur de roulement et ameliore le confort de la machine.
It's a sensible strategy to brake earlier when you're learning the track and your car, and progressively shorten the braking area as your experience grows. Certains pourraient le trouver un peu trop bruyant, alors qu'un amateur de hautes performances sera ravi de sa sonorite envoutante, dans les bonnes mesures, a mon avis, par rapport aux machines a deux temps de hautes performances des annees 90 qui, elles, ont terni a jamais la reputation des motoneigistes. The rule of thumb is to get most of the braking out of the way before turning into a corner, although a light brake pressure on entry can help to reduce understeer and can give a better turn in (this is known as trail braking).
Position de conduite idealeLa position de conduite de l'Apex place le pilote plus haut, plus droit et plus avance qu'une motoneige traditionnelle sur laquelle le pilote se retrouve plus etendu, comme sur une moto du type cruiser, soit les bras et les jambes etires vers l'avant et le dos en rond. Threshold braking is the technique you should aim for, but if the wheels do lock, quickly ease off and reapply the brakes with slightly less pressure until you get it right. Cette nouvelle position plus relevee ne pousse cependant pas le pilote vers les positions encore plus relevees d'une Nytro ou d'une Phazer, par exemple, qui placent le pilote encore plus haut pour lui permettre de se mettre debout afin d'amortir les grosses bosses et d'attaquer les sauts. Sur l'Apex, il s'agit plutot d'un compromis interessant entre la conduite d'une motoneige traditionnelle et celle des nouvelles machines du type snowcross beaucoup plus sportives, comme la Nytro.La position de conduite place le pilote plus haut, plus droit et plus avance qu'une motoneige traditionnelle.

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