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Any investment, whether rental property or owner-occupier, requires careful consideration and is more often than not the single biggest financial decision a person can make. Purchasing an investment property is not something that people do every day, unless of course you are a buyers’ agent and most people do not have the expertise or time to research their property investment options and manage the whole process. The good news is you don’t need to know everything about property investing as OJ Pippin Homes not only build your property but have sourced a team of qualified and experienced personnel who can streamline this process and guide you through to property investment success. The below checklist provides a snapshot of the key steps required in purchasing an investment property and how OJ Pippin Homes can assist you through each step. However, by using a buyer’s agent, you can leverage your time and let a professional researcher achieve a better result in a shorter time. OJ Pippin makes extensive use of growth predictions from professional research companies such as RP Data, Residex, Real Estate Institute of Queensland.
Extensive research then results in a preliminary list of  properties to be considered. Choosing flat rectangular shaped blocks as it is much easier for building in terms of access and more aesthetic for the owner and tenant. Battle-axe blocks are avoided as they are similar price per sqm but have less re-sale appeal. Once you have selected the most suitable property from a short list, we will negotiate the lowest price possible and the best terms and conditions for the contract of sale.
Then the signed Contract is forwarded to both parties solicitors with a deposit paid into the vendors solicitors trust account.
Once you have signed the land and building contracts it is essential to provide a copy to your bank.

Your solicitor will attend settlement and arrange payment to allow transfer of title into your name. Engaging a property manager to find a tenant and lease your investment property is money well spent. Landlord insurance provides protection from tenants leaving without paying rent, damaging your property, public liability, legal expenses and more.
Through our own independent research we gather knowledge from local agents to make our own assessment of capital growth potential and rental yields. We are also on the VIP mailing list of major developers which allows us to gain access to the best blocks before they are released to the public and prior to registration. The bank will provide cheques (up to the agreed limit) for the balance owing (less the deposit paid).
OJ pippin will refer you to a highly qualified specialist property management company that will locate a tenant, screen the tenancy application, prepare the lease documents, arrange the bond, collect the rent, conduct regular inspections and coordinate repairs.
Doing this yourself can take many months and it is easy to overlook properties that meet the investment criteria. The price of property in the major capital cities of Australia has generally doubled every 7 to 10 years.

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are storage rental fees tax deductible jelent?se

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