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Traditional, gable-roof styling combines with Arrow design and engineering features to make the NP8667 tops in economical outdoor storage. Took my friend and me 6.5 hours to assemble with half the time spent sorting out the parts and putting the plastic washers on each screw. Two people can put it up in a day,it is easier to line up the holes,Look at the instruction very carefully,they are less then wonderful.

It took me longer because I have illnesses but if you do have 2 people for most of the work it can be done in one day. The NP8667 makes it easy to store and organize anything, from lawn and garden equipment to sporting goods and outdoor gear.
Pay close attention to left and right rear corners.They can be installed upside down and backwards,SPACE PERMITTING LAY THEM OUT IN A STRAIGHT LINE.

All say it requires two people for at least part of the time.Does the manufacturer have a general assembly time they predict?

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arrow storage sheds model lw108fb manual

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