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A-Z Storage & Properties has always been dedicated to finding the right apartment home for you and your family. A-Z’s portfolio of commercial space is vast, with available spaces in Easthampton and Southampton Massachusetts.
A-Z Storage & Properties provides self storage in a variety of sizes that are ideal for household and business use, short term or long term. A-Z Storage & Properties is a property management company with locally owned, managed and built apartment homes, office space, mixed-use space and self storage units.
Text STORAGE.CLOSINGS to 292929 for text announcements regarding office holidays or closings due to inclement weather. The only good clam chowder is New England clam chowder, and New England is where Ton and Allen took off to in this special episode of Auction Hunters.
No, cigars are certainly not good for your health, but nothing's to be said about them being bad for your wallet!
Ton and Allen conquered New England and they didn't even have to come out of it with a wicked accent. In Climate Controlled Storage, the storage units are heated and cooled depending on the weather to prevent temperature extremes and condensation. If you are storing items for more than a single season (Spring-Summer)(Fall-Winter) and have items that may be damaged due to fluctuations in temperature and humidity, then you should choose climate controlled storage.
Changes in temperature and humidity increase the risk of warping, splitting, rust, corrosion, yellowing, mold and mildew. Convenience is the word  we want you to think of when it comes to doing business with Lakeville Self Storage. Lakeville Self Storage is a new state of the art facility where you may store your belongings with confidence.

Maglio Auctioneer MA License #350, NH License #4001, VT License #0570002429, ME License #AUC1416, NY License #1339067.
Spaces uses include warehouse space, retail space, professional office suites, mini-offices & land leases. Our storage facilities are located in three towns in Western, MA: Easthampton, Northampton and Southampton MA. Settling into Worcester, Massachusetts 40 miles west of Boston, the Hunters sought out the best in storage units in this the second largest city in all of New England. Nothing was impressing their military expert, Andy; an entrenching tool, a dime a dozen tanker helmet, even the tank tracks couldn't impress him because they were incomplete.
As Ton and Allen walked into their Worcester cigar shop, they knew they had something special they were bringing with them. They threw down a manageable $1,875 for three units, but it was the returns that made it all worth the investment. Check out your favorite episodes from the first and second season and be sure to watch this week's episode, "Smoking Ton," now available online.
Any item that can be damaged by temperature or humidity changes may incur this type of damage in non-climate controlled storage. We sell and install trailer hitches  for almost every kind of car and truck, including Fifth Wheel Hitches.   Brands offered include Reese, Curt and Draw-Tite, standards in quality and ruggedness for hitches for years, and are in keeping with the level of excellence we strive to provide in both products and services at Lakeville Self Storage. We have a network of suppliers available - so instead of you having to do all of the legwork, give us a call. Facing off a local nicknamed "The Fly" thanks to his neck tattoo, Ton and Allen were determined to be careful with only four rooms up for grabs and over 40 bidders to stand up to. It was never going to be a loss, though, for Ton and Allen because they had their ace in the hole, er, tank barrel.

The Hunters grabbed an impressive $5,000 for the tank barrel and military gear, another $1,900 for the antique humidor and cigar collectibles and when you add in a final $2,000 for the antique safe and $1,550 in miscellaneous items . As always keep an eye on the Auction Hunters Facebook fan page for the latest news and updates. If you know what you need and can’t find it, we may be able to offer you a solution to your problem. When bidding started on the first room, the Hunters had a ceiling of $2,000 and it was a ceiling they kept, even after the Fly pushed them to their very limits. However, its value all depended on whether or not someone took a torch to it to prevent it from being fired. Separately, the items were worth only so much; together they were worth a lot more, including at least $800 for the 1800s humidor.
Our location is a short drive from Middleboro, Berkley, Freetown, Taunton, Rochester, Acushnet and Raynham. The open and spacious layout of our facility makes for convenient and easy access to all storage units by vehicles as big as 18 wheel moving vans. Despite having to contend with existence of a very smelly unit, Ton and Allen walked away from the buy portion of their adventure well prepared for the dig and eager to make some serious cash thereafter. Forget the five Gs that the guys got for the barrel, what about the fun of getting to fire a live tank round?!? Of course, you can't forget what the guys put out for the room, but even then it's a respectable $8,575.
Our goal is to provide our customers with an experience that will make them want to tell their friends and family about us. This is the best place to go when you need to store something.

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