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Google Ads are only seen by non-members of RMweb - Create an RMweb account and you'll only receive modelling ads. The roof is not a cheap option, but for a small model it is OK and I am very pleased with it. I have been told by somebody that the floors of the coaling stages were made from iron plate. However below are some pictures of J72, 68709, which was one of Eastfields couple of J72's in front of Yoker's coaling stage.
I have still to add the brake gear, three links, lamp irons, glaze the spectacles and buffer heads. It had, at Yoker, and they probably did elsewhere, timbers, possibly old sleepers, staked in to hold back the bottom of the slope. This time it is 44331, which is visiting Yoker to be coaled and watered, and for their crew to have their 'piece'. This is an Airfix body, which had had the original handrails and knobs replaced and a bit more detailing work done.

This is a Hornby body on an old Airfix chassis, which has been converted to EM gauge with Alan Gibson wheels, using the original chassis, gears and motor. Need to varnish the transfers again to hide the film, and yes the 6 is a bit low on this side of the loco! I have yet to get the ridge tiles for the coaling stage and work out the tipping arrangement for the coal 'buckets'. 68709 had a shunters step, which I have added and had a stovepipe chimney at sometime in the 1950's. My dad was a Glasgow boy, (electricians apprentice in the shipyards), and he always called it his 'snap', mind you he had been in the Royal Navy from 1940 to 1965, so may have picked the saying up there.
I have filled in the rear of the cabs spectacles and drilled them out in the correct position.
It runs on a Perseverance chassis, which is compensated, Gibson wheels, a DS10 motor and 30-1 gearbox. I have been told that the one at Didcot has a steel plate floor, which, when you think of it would make sense as the wheels on the coal buckets are very small and would probably eventually dig into a wooden floor.

I have also added handrails, one of the tank filler covers open, LNER GS Buffers and a cab interior with backhead and crew.
Then the bottom one is stuck to paper and the upper one is cut to approx 8'6" - 9' lengths, (30mm approx) and stuck on the paper above the first one. They were then stuck into the ground with the help of .45 wire stuck in an upright position.
It has pick-ups on all loco and tender wheels, which I like to do on tender locos as it makes such a difference to running. I have been shaping the contours of the embankment with initially card strips interlaced the tissues soaked in PVA across it and now with Das Clay.

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