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DC Builders has a an extensive gallery that showcases our many remarkable custom apartment barns.
This custom timber framed 60' apartment barn features 16' eaves to accommodate custom 12' x 14' swinging garage doors on the gable ends and 12' x 10' overhead doors in the sidewall.A custom log spiral staircase with rod iron hand rail leads up to a finished loft with a 12' x 12' covered deck and wet bar. After a 24 hour drive (straight), to say we were welcomed with open arms is a huge understatement! This custom barn with living quarters in Newnan, Georgia has a full loft living quarters with two 60' shed dormers; one with two Nantucket walk-out shed dormers, and another with three walk out shed dormers. The main level of this facility has five horse stalls, ATV storage, a large office, batting cages, and a custom pigeon coop. As Washington's premier barn builder, we were privileged to be part of the construction of this top of the line equestrian facility. This cedar-finished barn can be found on the grassy plains of Wild Horse Ranch near Laramie, Wyoming. Wombat Sheds are timber framed traditional looking dwellings built to a higher specification and standard than your usual steel shed.
An intriguing article in Dwell looks at the pod-like home of Tanya and Chris Gamby in Hawaii built initially on the basis of using 10ft by 12ft modules to make a home. Since December of 2010 when we first stumbled across the tiny house living lifestyle we have had a dream to build our own, custom, tiny house trailer.
We had no desire to get to know Fannie or Freddie and we knew that we wanted to further develop our micro-homestead, our self-sustaining lifestyle, and our desire to have a home that grew with us rather than us having to figure out how to fill it up.
So for the last three years or so (even before our tiny house dream) my wife, Crystal, and I have worked hard at simplifying our lives.
Because of this exchange we have maximized our quality of life, our love for each other, our concern for the world around us, our ideas of true entertainment, our health (both mental and physical), and our general dispositions.
After we had begun saving for our tiny house build we found out we were going to have our first child. Perhaps the other interesting part of our journey is that the past year has found us on family land in eastern North Carolina where we have prepared a potential parking spot for our tiny r(E)volution.

It has been a labor of love and one that will provide a turnkey spot once we have completed our home. The cart you see below is multi-functional because you can roll it out for extra countertop space or slide it in to serve as storage. Over 200 sqft in a tiny house is going to push the limits of even 2 axles trailer rated at 10,000 lbs total. Loved every minute of the construction,love every minute building my own design craftsman style furniture. DC Builders is the nation's premier designer and builder of these unique, hyper-functional structures. Commonly used for horse stalls, wash bays and tack rooms, but can be customized meet whatever your needs may be.
As a general contractor that travels the country building custom apartment barns, we have all the experience you will need to assist you throughout the building process.
The result was a stunning timber framed barn and a great place to spend time with friends and family. This 36' apartment barn developed into one of our all-time favorite structures upon completion in 2011. The main level consists of two stalls, a tack room, a wash bay, a garage, a custom stainless steel processing room with a commercial kitchen to support the clients' hunting hobby, and two full length shed roofs, one being fully enclosed for additional living space.
It features cedar board and batten siding, four dormers, a wash bay, a tack room, and a shed roof. We had to completely weatherproof this building to accommodate the extreme temperatures and strong winds. We have secured our trailer (30′ long former travel trailer), sandblasted the entire thing, painted it, replaced the tires, replaces the leaf springs, etc (see photos below). Tilly Madison is now 4 months old and has been a blessing to us despite requiring us to do some very creative planning. We take our meals usually on the front porch which is covered and has a ceiling fan for the summer and small propane heater for the cooler months.

He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. Hope you can upload an updated video soon, would love to see it and feature it on here sometime. We framed the structure with canyon gold lumber and finished the exterior with cedar batten and board siding and a 4" thick Columbia basalt wainscoting (around 3 sides) with a stone sitting area under one of the shed roofs.
The loft is used for hay storage and as a place to just hang out and be close to the animals (with a wet bar!). With the all-wood exterior, three dormers, a 36' x 60' footprint, and shed roofs on both sides, this elegant barn is both extremely functional and wildly beautiful. Even though we have a stove and oven we try to grill as much as possible to keep smell out of our bungalow and to maintain temperature control.
We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. I would recommend that the hygiene and food prep areas be co-located to avoid troublesome and inefficient plumbing issues later on. Nantucket dormers, each with their own timber truss, bring character to the building and additional head space to the living area, and six skylights provide natural light.
A solar panel sits over the second floor deck, and an electrical vehicle charging station adds to the list of green features. A perfect example of a multi-use structure, this barn is also used for weddings and parties. She was imprisoned for 16 months, mostly in solitary confinement, an experience that Arthur Koestler, a childhood friend, drew upon in writing his celebrated 1941 novel, “Darkness at Noon.” Again, Ms.

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