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Handcrafted from the reclaimed wood of abandoned, weathered barns across America, this reclaimed barn wood plank bench contains an inherent bucolic quality.
Submit Your Design If you have a house interior design and you want it to be shown in this website, please do not shillyshally to tell us. Harking back to simpler times, our rustic, barn wood plank bench intrinsically connects you with a traditional country life style and is a simple alternative to chairs for those who wish to invite a more communal way of life into their dining area. In fact, this beautiful barn wood plank bench in slate was chosen by a client to commemorate their two daughters.

We hope those photo motivate you to be carried out in your beautiful house.There are 12 interesting photos more that you can see below including Wooden Kitchen Table With Wood Stairs image, Wooden Kitchen Table With Wood Floors image, Wooden Kitchen Table With Hanging Lamp image, Wooden Kitchen Table With Chairs White image, Wooden Kitchen Table With Chairs Black image, Wooden Kitchen Table With Wood Ceiling image, and other. It can be juxtaposed in a modern condo to contrast with its contemporary surrounds or used in a country kitchen, providing space for elbows to bang together and families and friends to gather closely to eat, drink and socialize as one.
We understand that furniture must be personalized and so, as with most of our items, the finish, the color and the dimensions are fully customizable.
The children's names run along the front of the bench, just under the seat, making for a very special item of furniture.

Made from 100% reclaimed wood, the Barn Wood Plank Bench In Slate can be adorned with your own choice of custom lettering.

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barn wood bench plans

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