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The first-ever color touch screen for navigation on an eBook reader offers an immersive experience, inviting you to virtually browse through brilliant cover art, flip through an expansive library, or search using a virtual keyboard. With nook?s breakthrough LendMe? technology, lend a wide selection of eBooks to friends free of charge, for up to 14 days at a time. Browse and buy from our extensive collection of over one million eBooks, including thousands of free titles, virtually anywhere you are. You can also easily transfer PDF-format documents from your computer to access and read business documents, legal contracts and travel information on your nook.
Using a standard pair of stereo headphones, plug into nook and listen to your favorite songs (MP3s), uploaded through your computer.
Customers will be able to browse complete eBooks for free on nook at any Barnes & Noble store, whether or not the actual book is in stock, beginning later this year.
The Barnes and Nobles e-reader project, set to be revealed next week, has been under development for years, with several devices of varying size and capability in the pipeline. I dunno, sounds more like a recipe for crappy battery life to me - relative to a device that has only an e-ink screen.
This week has certainly been BIG for eReader manufacturers like Kobo and Barnes & Noble, as they unleashed their latest ebook readers catering some compelling specifications under a different price tag. Likewise, if you won’t do your assignment and have your POV under one gadget, you might be missing the whole picture; especially when you see that each products have their own pros and cons that you need to be aware of. It’s noticeable that all of them has a strict price competition; although the Kobo eReader proves to be the cheapest at 129 bucks.
If you’re that type of a book junkie and you’ve been buying all your online schtuff from Amazon, it’s very easy to pick Kindle 3, especially now that its price is only 164 USD for its 3G (ad-supported) version.
Get expert answers to the most common questions facing ebook designers and developers today—from typography and source files to digital workflows.
After Amazon grabbed headlines with its $199 Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble responded with the $249 Nook Color. The previous day, the The Wall Street Journal reported that Barnes & Noble’s $80 million publishing unit, Sterling Publishing, was already on the block. As we reported last week Nook sales are up 70% from the same period last year while sales of content – defined as digital books, magazines and apps – grew by 113% over Christmas. And while hardware analysts place the physical cost of these tablets around $200, the total costs, including packaging, marketing, software and support, are much higher.
Another strong endorsement was registered last year when legendary investor John Malone of Liberty Media placed a $204 million bet that Barnes & Noble will be a long-term player. Now it’s time to consider the daunting challenges that Barnes & Noble faces in the bookseller wars. But when it comes to publishing, Amazon and Barnes & Noble remain head-to-head competitors, but only on the surface.
Amazon’s infamous Christmas ploy that bribed its customers with a 5% discount if they used its mobile Price Check app to scope the competition ended up annoying some big name authors (even though the discount didn’t apply to books). Still, Amazon now has 14 million-selling Kindle authors, those who have sold a million or more books through Kindle Direct Publishing, and 30 who have sold more than 100,000 books. Thousands of different authors offer more than 75,000 titles exclusively through Amazon so they can be part of the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and get their portion of a $500,000 monthly fund, bumped up to $700,000 in January, disbursed to those whose books are borrowed from the library. Amazon has its Kindle Direct Publishing service for e-books and CreateSpace for print books (and for film and music). Amazon significantly upped the publishing ante in 2011 by creating new publishing imprints and signing exclusives for compelling digital content that its largest competitor won’t be allowed to sell on the Nook. Magellan Media Partners’ analyst Brian O’Leary feels that it’s foolish for Barnes & Noble to attempt to punish Amazon by dropping titles where Amazon has a special deal with the publisher. And in a world where Barnes & Noble needs to compete for authors, it’s not a good idea to alienate readers. Barnes & Noble had been sending out contradictory signals about its international plans. Amazon has established a series of strong subsidiaries throughout Europe and Asia, and continues to expand. Barnes & Noble’s retail strategy is based on simple logic that looks shaky when scrutinized. At the Liberty investors’ presentation last November, CEO William Lynch essentially said that everyone else is dead so we will live.

Retail is already on a declining sales trajectory at Barnes & Noble (down 2% in the latest 26-week reporting period) but still accounts for two-thirds of overall sales. This was particularly disappointing for investors, as the company expected a significant boost from the demise of Borders. To make a long story short, Barnes & Noble retail stores are in managed decline, at best.
In the ongoing battle for bookselling supremacy, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos consistently outguns Barnes & Noble’s management.
Brandt quotes Owen Teicher, CEO of the American Booksellers Association, as stating that Bezos “uses books as loss leaders to sell everything else. The shape of things to come for Barnes & Noble is presaged by the recent struggles that Best Buy faces as Amazon steps up the pressure in the electronics retail business. The death of Borders is failing to deliver the hoped-for sales boost to Barnes & Noble.
Barnes & Noble is turning to toys and games as a safe-haven in a turbulent retail climate, while Best Buy is clinging to appliances, where it doesn’t face as much competition from Amazon and other online retailers. Peter Wahlstrom, an analyst at Morningstar who covers Barnes & Noble said last week, “If you look out five years and ask if there are going to be more bookstores or fewer bookstores, I think there will be fewer. As a journalist, I find it disturbing that a publicly-traded company would refuse to engage with members of the press. I thought America is supposed to embrace the concept of competition – not support these mega companies that kill so many jobs. Ya se puede encontrar informacion oficial del eBook Reader (lector de libros electronicos) de Barnes and Noble, Nook. Este lector dispone de una pantalla de tinta electronica de 6 pulgadas y un panel LCD touchscreen a color en la parte inferior de 3.5 pulgadas para el control y navegacion del dispositivo. Su tiempo de carga de bateria es de unas 3.5 horas via USB o por conector de corriente y una carga completa puede durar hasta unos 10 dias de funcionamiento con el wireless apagado.
El Nook adicionalmente puede reproducir mp3, tiene implementada un altavoz mono y posee salida estereo para audifonos 3.5mm.
El Nook se encuentra en pre-venta en el sitio de Barnes and Noble por $259, y su entrega se estima para el 30 de noviembre de 2009.
Se proyecta como todo un Kindle Killer, ya veremos que medidas toma Amazon en las proximas generaciones de su lector de libros electronicos. Me imagino que ese LCD touchscreen a color es el toque fashion del reader para que la gente pueda ver la portada del libro. Esperemos que en los anos proximos, despues de la adopcion masiva de los eReaders (si llegaran a costar solo unos $100) empiezen a desarrollar e-Ink a color. Yo descubri el ereader de sony PRS-505 y encantado con el pero la pantalla lcd y el wifi son atractivos.
Several weeks after Amazon took the wraps off its Kindle Fire HD lineup, Barnes & Noble did the same this morning with two new HD Nook tablets of its own. Both include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support; the Nook HD will connect for free in all Barnes & Noble stores.
The combination of color and touch on the beautiful lower screen make navigating nook intuitive and simple, even for the tech novice.
Get your favorite eBooks, newspapers and magazines, plus exclusive reads from Barnes & Noble, delivered via fast and free wireless, with no PC required. Use the headphones or built-in speakers to enjoy listening to audiobooks, podcasts, lectures and more.
You can also chose from a range of accessories by renowned designers and brands as kate spade new york, Jack Spade, Jonathan Adler, Tahari and others.
Meanwhile, the Kindle 3 last year is still the only ereader you can get that has a 3G network support, provided that its price will set you back for 189 USD. The business is not getting the respect it deserves and exploring “strategic options” would unlock its value, Lynch explained. Retail stores that are valued showcases for physical books and hubs for large communities of writers and readers.
Barnes & Noble’s self-publishing program, PubIt, is not nearly as big a success as Amazon’s diverse publishing efforts. Barnes and Noble then announced a retaliatory measure: “We will not stock physical books in our stores if we are not offered the available digital format,” said chief merchandising officer Jaime Carey in a written statement.

Barnes & Noble’s network of stores is too costly in the face of decreasing gross product margins. This approach didn’t work for music retailers and it didn’t work for video sales and rentals. In his November presentation to Liberty investors, Lynch projected a $300 to $400 million bump on an annualized basis. It ranked first in the 2010 Forrester Research “Customer Experience Index,” its second year in a row. Michael Nowacki of Nowacki Asset Management notes that Circuit City’s bankruptcy had also led analysts to expect that Best Buy would reap major sales benefits. Strategically, I think it’s silly that Barnes & Noble, which is, quite frankly, struggling in the public -war against its chief rivals would treat the possibility of talking to an important industry publication with so little regard. And watch for them to raise their book prices once they’ve killed all the wonderful brick-and-mortar bookstores.
Bueno tambien que sea a color puede ayudar a resaltar ciertas funcionalidades en la interfaz.
Prestar libros es algo natural, es la naturaleza de compartir conocimientos llevada de una forma legal a este dispositivo. En vez de ponerse todo en blanco, y luego caer la pagina nueva, se nota de forma consistente que la pantalla se pone blanca, oscura, blanca, oscura… casi que parece un defecto, como si se le estuviera apagando la pila, o como si estuvieras apretando la pantalla de una calculadora muy fuerte.
If you're looking for a camera, the Fire HD has a front-facing one, but you won't find a camera on the Nook HD.
Also check out PCMag's hands on with the Barnes & Noble Nook HD and the slideshow below, as well as our full review of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD.
Its best-in-class E Ink® Vizplex? display is easy on the eyes with text as clear and crisp as a printed book. The doubters have been silenced now that post-Christmas estimates place Barnes & Noble into contention as a vendor of color tablets, its sales of 2 million units running a solid second to an estimated 5 to 6 million for the Kindle Fire.
After being ignored for many weeks, we finally received response that Barnes & Noble would not be participating in the article. Me hace tambien recordar que generalmente la gente tampoco devuelve los libros, CDs, ni boligrafos. Seria excelente leer revistas, o ver ilustraciones, o graficos, en libros academicos a color. In our hands on with the Nook HD, PCMag found that it might have "the best screen on a 7-inch tablet to date." The Nook HD boasts a 1,440-by-900 display compared to the Kindle Fire HD's 1,280-by-800 screen. And with no glare or backlight and adjustable text size, you can read comfortably for hours. And when you?re reunited with your nook again, the Reading Now page will be updated and ready to go. They were both kind of right: The layout will feature a black and white e-ink screen like the Kindle has?and a multitouch display like an iPhone underneath other. The biggest numbers Barnes & Noble has trumpeted for PubIt are 11,000 publishers and 65,000 titles.
Por supuesto tambien poder ver el web (como papel) en esa pantalla a color seria interesante.
The Kindle can also access Amazon's video services, but B&N announced that it will soon launch Nook Video, which will serve up similar content. Our minimalist design puts the focus on the content, not the technology, welcoming the reader to dive right in.
Like Barnes & Noble, Best Buy is facing sales declines in brick and mortar while online sales increase – but not fast enough. We have also received no response to fact-checking emails intended to verify the facts presented above.

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