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The beauty and legacy that is seen in conventional timber framing began as a natural building choice for barns. For those living on working land, traditional timber frame barns are natural parts of their everyday life. Today there are many of us who are attracted to the open layout and preponderance of wood flowing through a traditional barn’s interior.  Even if we don’t have the need or desire to build a barn that doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate this feeling into our homes. The building of  barn-style timber homes has become popular and many such homes can be found as you drive through the country.
Barns and Buildings also specializes in interior detail, we line all our buildings with  tongue and groove to give extra insulation and stability to the structure.

When building a Gable or any of our other barns you are given the comfort of knowing we built your barn custom for you and your family, nothing you will see anywhere else. A big thank you to my awesome barn builders who built such a sturdy barn that it is holding up perfectly in this hurricane. B&B advises using local electricians, plumbers and HVAC contractors, but we install the floor drain and stub out for the washroom. Built as a simple storage area or housing for horses and livestock, these structures retain a genuine integrity and functional layout that keeps them important no matter what their purpose may be. Building a timber home with a barn-like architectural flavor allows for a unique aesthetic appeal for the exterior as well as the open and accommodating floor plan.

There you can see the classic appeal that has inspired clients to build homes, barns and additional living spaces with this time-honored look. You are also able to change eve height to accomidate any tractor or to give you the high ceilings and open space you are looking for.
In fact when I was in there a little while ago you couldn't even really tell there was anything going outside while your inside the barn!

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barns with living space

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