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Held in the famous Mihai salt mine in SlA?nic-Prahova, Romania, the F1D World Championships hosted 36 fliers from 12 countries contesting for both Senior and Junior Team and Individual titles. The Arena Football League awarded Des Moines its first arena football franchise in 1995, which originally played in Veterans Memorial Auditorium. RAPTOR AIRCRAFT INC • Raptor Aircraft, Inc is in discussions with Lancair International for the further development, engineering, tooling and manufacturing of the Raptor. A massive dismantling of the league’s newest team earned the Sabercats a top spot in Week 1.
The Shock opened up slow but they warmed up as they annihilated Iowa in front of a sellout crowd. Down 17 at one point, the Gladiators came back strong on the heels of QB Chris Dieker’s 251 yards and 9 TDs.
In a rematch of the 2013 AFL Bowl, the Rattlers topped Philly (again) thanks to Tysson Poot’s 14-yard TD strike in OT. Randy Hippeard tossed six TDs, four to Justin Hilton, in a game mostly decided by key defensive action. A game-winning FG sealed the KISS victory in their inaugural season thanks to Kenny Spencer.
The Predators outlasted Jacksonville in a close game that almost saw the Sharks send the matchup into overtime.

Though the Talons took the lead in the first half, they couldn’t hold on late as LA won in the final seconds.
The Sharks were just a 2-pt conversion from overtime against Orlando, scoring a TD with 8 seconds left. The VooDoo coughed up a 42-yard fumble recovery and allowed Tampa Bay to score a net recovery touchdown. Whether you're looking for a sports bar or hockey league, we've got the information and reviews!
Our mission is to offer a platform for all local athletes, teams, sports-related businesses, events and weekend warriors. Running up the flightline so all could see were a number of beautiful classic and vintage cars including this Alfa Romeo, left, and Chevrolet Special Deluxe, right. Vintage Wings of Canada's Supermarine Spitfire Mk XVI taxies out in the thick grass and uneven ground with a technician on the tail to avoid a nose-over should she hit a rough spot.
Manfred Radius puts on a beautiful show in his Salto sailplane and, at the end of his show, always offers thanks to the crowd! This vintage aircraft was built in Canada as a Harvard but converted to represent a Japanese Zero and used in the movie "Tora! We would like to share with you a variety of model photos submitted by the readers of Flying Models.

The Barnstormers made the playoffs in their first season and have advanced to two Arenabowl Championship games, first in 1996 and again in 1997, falling both times.The team was sold in 2000 and the following season became an affiliate of the af2. We are developing a 4, 5 or even 6 place (3 front, 3 back) pressurized, canard aircraft capable of over 300 knots (GT or GTX model) or 38mpg and 5000nm. Using their record, strength of schedule, points scored and points allowed, we’ve come up with the perfect formula to pit these teams against each other. After a 7 year void, the Barnstormers returned to Wells Fargo Arena as an af2 team before joining the top-tier league once again in 2010. Throughout history the team has consistently had one of the best attendance averages in the league.
Flying Models is honored to congratulate our entire 2014 F1D World Champion team for their tremendous accomplishments.

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barnstormers 2014 roster

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