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Darryl Miller is president of the Morrision Model Aircraft Flyers Club of Morrison, Illinois, and wanted a fun club project. Bill Lyons, of Moline, Illinois, was looking for something a bit different and fun to fly at the many all electric events he attends, so he set out to design and build this Yogi Cub. Indoor season is in full swing as you read this and David Decker of Anderson, Indiana has been having fun with a pair of Mountain Models kits that are designed to look like vintage classics of model aviation past.
The Central Coast Barnstormers (Gilroy, CA), one of the longest running programs in northern California, have joined the Pacific Coast Football League (AAA)! According to co-owner Jose Rodriguez, “The bottom line is Joffre and I do what is best for the Barnstormers and the best for the Barnstormers is the PCFL!  It will be great to renew the rivalry with some of the teams that forced us to get better! Sportsplex West has partnered with the Iowa Barnstormers to elevate the level of football instruction in central Iowa.
Please scroll down to “Football” on the camps list below and pick the camp that is right for you. We would like to share with you a variety of model photos submitted by the readers of Flying Models.
Darryl picked up an old Leasure Electronics Playboy Senior Cabin kit at a recent swap meet and he and fellow club members started construction in early 2013. The Yogi Cub is loosely based on a Piper J-3 Cub and a homebuilt type plane and is constructed mainly of Styrofoam that Bill purchased at a local dollar store. On top of his monthly column and reviews, he still finds time to build beautiful models like this Eindecker.

Owners Joffre Longoria and Jose Rodriguez are excited about the opportunities the PCFL presents. The Solano Chiefs were one of the powerhouses when we first started, and we have had we had many epic battles on the field with the Richmond War Angels who were the PCFL Champions this past season. Greg Garcia returns after a year off, and Jeff Parsley, the longest tenured Barnstormer coach has returned to help both ownership and coaching. Steve hails from Otsego, Minnesota, and has designed this little flying wing called the Swing25. Bill said the design was simply drawn on sheets of foam, cut out, assembled and then painted with a spray can of yellow paint. Both guys are true Barnstormers and will assist Joffre Longoria in running the team.  The Barnstormers also welcome offensive coordinator Joey Eubanks to the coaching staff.
With a flying weight of just 4 ounces and a span of 25 inches, the Swing25 can be flown in most indoor flying sites as well as outdoors on calm days. Darryl writes, a€?My Dad, Richard Miller of Kalona, IA, built the Commodore in the early 1980s, from plans published in the 1978 issue of Model Airplane News and originally powered it with an Enya .35, and covered it in Coverite fabric and Superpoxy paint.
Bill then used his computer to produce the custom graphics as well as Yogi himself at the controls. Teams like the Fury are what made the CCB look at ourselves and say we need to get better as a whole organization if we are going to compete with them!
Eubanks was the offensive coordinator of the now defunct Salinas Spartans during their league championship run.

Paula€™s Swing25 is using an E-flite Park 250, 9-amp ESC, 2S 350 mAh Li-Po and a 4-channel radio with two micro servos. The model is covered with transparent blue and red MonoKote and is guided with a Spektrum DX5.
A sound system plays Yogi Beara€™s theme song at the start of each flight, then transitions to play the sound of a Continental engine. We also look forward to teams we have not played like the Bears and Heat as well as the rest of the PCFL teams. I got it from Dad in the late 1980s, and flew it briefly on the Enya, but as I got into the electric power, I converted it to a brushed Speed 500 motor and gear box on 10 cells, plus stripped all the Coverite covering, and replaced it with MonoKote in the exact same scheme. Once test flown, the turn-key model was then raffled at the cluba€™s annual all electric fun-fly. As my electric experience, and the technology improved, I changed it over to first brushless motors and gear boxes, and then brushless outrunner motors.
Bill recently won the Pilotsa€™ Choice Award at the Watts Over Owatonna event for his design.

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