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Our easy to assemble kit makes it easy for anyone to assemble in less than a couple of hours, with no angle lumber cuts necessary.
Featured here is our basic E-Z Frame 8X8 Storage Shed Structure with 6 foot high sidewalls and door assembly. Kit as shown here comes complete with all brackets - made of UV resistant, very durable plastic resin material and easy to follow assembly instructions.
This siding product is very structural and durable and is engineered OSB (orientated strand board) that resists warping, cracking and splitting and comes with a 50 year warranty.
We were a little tentative ordering online for this shed but it is better than anticipated. You displace make You’ll comprise able to build an attractive thus far simple storage shed victimization this free shed plan.

Featured here is our basic E-Z Frame 10X16 Storage Shed Structure with 6 foot high sidewalls and door assembly. Made using OSB it resists splitting and warping and because of this is guaranteed for 50 years. This is the same material used to build old barns and will grey off to look just the same unless painted or stained.
It comes with E-Z Frame brackets needed for your size kit, instructions and lumber cut list.
If you do not see a size that suits your needs on any of our listings, please feel free to contact us to place a custom order. Coming in a selection of sizes with a plethora of features to choose from you can customize it as you so wish.

This is a low maintenance, pre-primed surface that is ready to finish with any color of exterior latex paint, every 20 to 30 years!  It is a truly green product that uses raw materials very efficiently and is made with low-emitting safe resins.
Painting or Staining on this product need to be done every 2 or 3 years depending on the elements. Our basic kits do not include the extra 16 brackets for angled corner bracing and use metal strapping instead to make the frame rigid.
Ply you with the plans and We consumption wide-eyed expression methods to make the building process as easy as keep open and organize projects Hoosier State your Project Binder with a FREE Membership.

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basic shed plans 00

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