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Two 26.25 square foot half baths with lavatories, water closets, and outward-swinging doors. A 42.75 square foot three-quarter bath with lavatory,water closet, shower stall, and inward-swinging door. A 50 square foot three-quarter bath with lavatory,water closet, shower stall, and inward-swinging door. A traditional 40 square foot full bath with lavatory, water closet, bathtub, and inward-swinging door. An 88 square foot master bath with lavatory, vanity, water closet, bidet, bathtub, linen closet, and inward-swinging door. A 96 square foot master bath with dual lavatories, water closet, shower stall, oval tub, linen closet, and inward-swinging door.
In the sumptuous San Francisco apartment above, featuring a lampshade and high pile rug in Pantone’s color-of-the-year Marsala, the decor exudes luxury that makes you want to mix a cocktail and have a seat. To enjoy this living room fully, we recommend a Bloody Mary, a drink often consumed by the characters on Mad Men.
For a non-alcoholic version, how about a Virgin Mary? Mix tomato juice, 3 sauces, lime and a couple more ingredients you can find via our Pinterest.
What do you do when you have only a very small amount of room, but you need to make that space really work for you? In this small Pacific Heights dining room, you can see that it looked a bit like an afterthought, tacked onto another bigger space. Changing the walls to a warmer color, using dark contrasting wood furniture and a bright, fun rug bring this small space together. Also, the clever dining table rotates 90 degrees, and the ends flip out to provide additional seating for 2 more guests.
Repeating the color scheme and reflective quality in the accent pillows on the bed creates a nice rhythm. Kimball Starr Interior Design is an award-winning San Francisco interior design firm providing home design throughout the SF Bay Area.
California has been surviving the worst drought in recent history, the last one being from 1985-1991.
Wrapping up our series of blogs focusing on creating eco-conscious interior design, here are tips and products that will make conserving water simple and beautiful. So what can we do to help reduce water usage? Today’s edition: Combinations that use sink greywater to flush the toilet! If you’re short on space or even if you have plenty of room and want to reuse the greywater that goes down the drain every time you wash your hands, sink and toilet combos are an excellent idea.
In a more daring shape, the W+W from Roca brings elegance and sustainability to the bathroom.
If you need help identifying ways to conserve water with your next bathroom remodel, contact Kimball Starr Interior Design for beautiful and efficient design! Kimball Starr Interior Design is a San Francisco design firm that offers interior remodels and decorating services for homes throughout the SF Bay Area. Continuing our series inspired by our love of Mad Men, interior decor and cocktails, we are pairing design and drinks! As you can see in this San Francisco apartment, strong rich colors complement warm wood and tactile textiles to celebrate a living room designed especially for a man’s taste. Inspired by the gorgeous coloring of the wood paneling and the overstuffed leather club chairs, a whiskey-inspired drink leads us to create the perfect bourbon Manhattan cocktail.
If you need help designing a space just for you, we at Kimball Starr Interior Design are residential design experts! For those who live in California, you probably know that we are currently in the grips of the worst drought in recent history. The graphic below shows how much water major California cities are currently using. One of the simplest retrofits you can perform yourself is to add an aerator to your sink faucets in the kitchen and bathroom. Aerators cost little and can be found at your local hardware store.
You could also install a shut-off button or pull-chain on your current showerhead, making it simple to temporarily stop the water flow while shampooing, without losing water temperature.
If you haven’t yet installed a low-flow shower head because you remember the barely-dripping showers from the 1990s, there are now beautiful options with powerful water pressure!

The American Standard FlowWise 3-function showerhead features exclusive turbine technology that delivers an invigorating shower using 20% or 40% less water, which can save a family up to 8,000 gallons of water a year.
The Yakult Rain Handheld Showerhead comes in a 100% brass or chrome finish with a 5-year warranty – the same quality used in hotels. Kimball Starr Interior Design is a San Francisco design firm that offers interior remodels and decorating services for homes throughout the SF Bay Area.   Our designs are focused on creating modern and eco-conscious interiors for relaxed California living. The bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in the home, so it can really be a pain-point if the design isn’t correct. By removing the separating wall and closing off the second doorway, the spaces were finally unified. A custom-designed mahogany vanity was sized to utilize every inch of space in the area where the tub existed, increasing functionality and storage, and providing a serene place to beautify and clean hands and face. Now this bathroom is a beautiful, tranquil space that echoes the rest of the home!  If you have a challenging bathroom space that needs to be reconfigured, and you don’t know how to approach the work, call in the San Francisco bathroom design expert, Kimball Starr Interior Design! This master bath remodel is a classic example of the value of thoughtful space-planning and design. The owners, Barry and Annette have a beautiful house with plenty of space for the entire family. Although the bathroom was large by most accounts (14’ x 15’ for a total of 210 square feet) the walk-in closet was not up to the standard of the rest of the house. The large, oval tub consumed more than its share of the floor space and the rest of the bathroom sorely needed updating.
Their concept was simple: re-design the bathroom and build as large of a closet as possible with new countertops, fixtures and a heated tile floor. The closet has been redesigned to run the entire length of the room, increasing its area by more than 50%. Brent, the lead carpenter is off to a great start, having demolished all of the unwanted walls and surfaces in the first week. A functional and stunning room addition can bring more comfort to you and your family while adding more value to your property. ACA Builders Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling, working on the premise of “no job is too small”, will bring luster and warmth to your upgraded space. Let ACA Builders, along with their trustworthy crew, and suppliers, be your preference in kitchen and bath remodeling. Updating your bathroom could bring years of contentment.The upgrades are almost endless for the comfort you need in the most private of rooms. We would never hesitate to use ACA Builders again and have already recommended him to other. I have recommended him to anyone I know that is considering a remodel and continue to do so . ACA Builders is as a good as it gets when you are talking about remodeling or additions to your house.
I would  recommend ACA Builders to anyone wishing to make their home like new, you will be completely satisfied. Home Interior Design IdeasYour daily source of interior design ideas for your Pinterest pinning. The Bay Area Remodeling Contractors Tampa Bay Bathroom Remodel published at Saturday, October 27th, 2012 was a awesome and attractive design. Because we love to share everything about dwelling design, interior decor, furniture, and also architecture design idea.
Once look at the photo of Bay Area Remodeling Contractors Tampa Bay Bathroom Remodel in general we can categorized the design as Bathroom , independently as architecture design enthusiast I was so rhapsodical. Click on the photos to see many other high-resolution Bay Area Remodeling Contractors Tampa Bay Bathroom Remodel . The Cost Of Basement Remodeling published at Saturday, October 27th, 2012 was a stunning and superb design. Because we love to share everything about house design, interior design , furniture, and also architecture design idea. While watch at the image of Cost Of Basement Remodeling characteristically we can categorized the design as Decoration Ideas , personally as interior architecture enthusiast I was so admired.

The decorative wall art is reflective, helping to bounce light around the room and make it feel bigger. The closet had been dark and difficult to find anything inside without any internal lighting. San Francisco’s local government is cracking down on wasteful residential and commercial water usage with a call for a 10% reduction in overall water use and a 25% reduction in outdoor irrigation. If you missed our previous blog posts, see tips on how interior design choices can conserve water with Washing Machines and Low-flow fixtures. Our designs are focused on creating modern and eco-conscious interiors for relaxed California living. This post, a manly room needs a manly drink, and with the upcoming holidays we decide on a  classic cocktail for this classic contemporary interior.
For a non-alcoholic version, we adore a Virgin Manhattan! Mix 4 types of juice with orange bitters and garnish with a maraschino cherry – view the full recipe via our Pinterest. The 8-inch model features a 2.0 gallon-per-minute flow rate, saving 20% water usage compared to a standard model, plus the handheld option is perfect for bathing children and washing pets with ease while blending with modern bathroom designs.
In order to maximize the available space and create a layout that flows better in the bathroom, if you’ll pardon the pun, we removed the separating wall along with the tub, and closed off one of the doorways. A custom-made cabinetry piece was created as a visual block in front of the toilet as you enter the bathroom, so it’s not the first thing you see, and provides abundant storage for towels, cleaning supplies, and toiletries. Tucked into a corner of the bathroom, it was a small patch of space with an angled wall providing a mere 16 linear feet of hanging space while the bathroom itself had over 75 square feet of open floor space. Both Barry and Annette had their fill of the wallpaper and the carpeted floor didn’t help matters any. Since they use the tub infrequently, it could be of a more modest size but the shower, which is used daily needed to be open, light and spacious. The remainder of the space has been laid out to accommodate all of the essential functions in a compact yet open plan. The new wall has been framed in as well as the tub deck and the plumbers have capped off the old plumbing and roughed-in all the new plumbing including the shower valve. Those of you interested in warm floors may want to pay particular attention when we start installing the floor tile.
Eye-popping or merely that comfortable appeal adds harmony and that overall feeling of “new”. From granite installation, to beautiful new cabinets, to flooring, to upgraded wiring, electrical and plumbing, ACA has the expertise and manpower to do it all.
It all starts with its leader and owner Andy Cunha, his creative ability and meticulous work ethic will astound you. Clear Lucite nesting tables and hanging Aarnio bubble chair allow the eye to travel across the space more freely while giving the feel of space-age technology. The bench conserves space and makes it easier to move through the area, while the red chairs match the rug for an additional pop of color.
The flooring is porcelain tiles made to look like stone, with excellent durability, and laid at a 45 degree angle to visually elongate the space. The result is far more closet space and drastically reduced open floor area that was essentially wasted, transitional space. He has tarped-off the work area to contain any dirt and dust from infiltrating the bedroom and he has also erected a scaffold outside to provide access for workers and equipment, thus reducing the potential for damage to the interior of the house. Rub the cut edge of the lemon peel over the rim of the glass and twist it over the drink to release the oils, then don’t drop it in. Francis Woods by Kimball Starr – it started out as 2 separate rooms, one with just a water closet and another room with the sink, tub and shower stall. This isn’t a space efficient layout where space is limited and no sink in the same room as the toilet is also not ideal.

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