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After trying for years to get my #4 Smoother working as well as it should, (Always getting close but not quite there) I finally gave up and ordered this Plane Blade and Chip Breaker Set to replace an original cutter and chip breaker in my Stanley #4 smoother. I am currently in the middle of a bedroom set made from Cherry and as it would happen I was working down the top of the dresser for flatness after glue-up and cutting the bevels on the lower side of the top panel so it’s timing could not have been better. I honed both the bevel on the iron and the machined portion of the chip breaker on my leather honing block and assembled them into my vintage #4 smoother, headed for the bench and went after it. Using my #7 and then this new cutter in the #4 I had my top panel flattened and the bevels cut in no time. At $56.00 for the set it was less expensive then either the Hock OR the Pinnacle sets and now my other planes are all going to get new cutters and irons. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ.

I have previously purchased a Hock replacement blade for my #5 and liked it but they are a little spendy so I set out to see what was available, The Pinnacle blades looked good but seem a little expensive, I studied this Lee Valley iron for a while and noted that it was actually the most affordable of the options currently out there, I ordered it in A2 steel. I have had it now for just over a month and so far all I have needed to do is head for the leather block once in a while to freshen the cutter and back to work. The Lee Valley set is about all you would put in your Stanley and still be able to use it unmodified, I did need to move the frog back a little but it works great, nice thin shavings.
My order defaulted to A2, I think because they are pushing the A2 but I really can’t tell much difference in actual use, I do have both. Sharp out of the box, all the machining is perfect and all I had to do was put it on the strop a bit. I think the Lee Valley blade and the stock Stanley chip breaker (Blades are sold separately) would NEVER give you any trouble or need to modify your plane.

I have been close, real close, with my original cutter and cap iron but this was absolutely amazing. Best thing is, this iron and cap fit both the #4 AND the #5 so there is the best of both worlds as far as I’m concerned.
I will say the veritas chipbreaker is designed better than the hock for using a smaller mouth. Not sure what others think, but sometimes I’ve backed the frog up behind the mouth opening with these thick blades.

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bench plane cap iron

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