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Q: Where did the idea to make Custom Bench Planes come from and why did we decide to offer them? A: Historically, Veritas has always offered customers a choice of blade metals for their planes. When we embarked on the Custom Bench Planes project, one of the benchmarks we looked at was our own line of bevel-up planes.
When we looked at old planes, one of the things we saw was a wide variety of handles, front knobs and rear totes. Now we are able to bring all the elements together into a plane offering and give people the ability to explore the different features they could have in a plane made just for them.
Rick Blaiklock, Director of Research & Development for Veritas Tools, at last year's Woodworking In America conference.
A: Perhaps the most obvious feature of the line of Custom Bench Planes is the striking design. These planes bring together all of the innovation that Veritas has brought to the world of hand planes. Here's three years' worth of the Veritas Research and Development group's work on the Custom Bench Planes, showing prototypes at various stages of development. A: Like all of our development projects, it starts with a statement of the problem to be addressed and the set of requirements.
Custom Bench Planes in the assembly room will be used to build planes to exact customer specifications, with custom totes, knobs, frogs and blades. A: The Veritas designers, engineers and manufacturing team pulled together to make all of this happen. Typically we would have only one or two new products requiring castings going through the new-product manufacturing process at one time. There were a lot of moving parts that had to come together, and the entire team is to be complimented for making it all happen.

Each body is hand deburred and goes through a quality-control process at each step of manufacturing.
Historically, the only way to obtain a plane made with a custom bevel angle was to make one from wood or purchase one from a boutique plane maker who made the plane to your specifications. The ability to have a plane built to your specifications is something that we're incredibly proud to be offering to our customers.
Plane enkelzits comfort Plane enkelzits comfort A Plane enkelzits comfort B Plane enkelzits comfort plus Plane enkelzits comfort plus A Plane enkelz. One of the features of the bevel-up planes is the ability to change the cutting angle by merely changing the blade to one with a different bevel angle.
There are a multitude of styles, shapes and sizes, and many older planes have handles that the owners customized to fit their own hands. People are now highly familiar and comfortable with ordering custom products online, from T-shirts to fishing rods to cars. People have commented on the shape and how good it looks across the five sizes of planes. Well, realize that we have many projects running at the same time, so no single product gets full-time attention.
During this project, we had five planes, each with multiple cast parts (body, toe, frog, lever cap), to deliver on the same day. This required some new processes to track orders and ensure a specific frog gets machined and returned to the right customer.
Up until this point we've purchased handles from a supplier, but for this product, we wanted to use the same torrefied hard maple that we use for our chisel handles. And while it's a common statement that you can easily use a rasp to change a handle if you don't like it, the reality is that most people would rather spend their time using their tools to produce something rather than spend time working on their tools. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

This shape, however, didn't come about by chance; behind it is a tremendous amount of design effort that went into considerations such as is the weight correct and is the center of gravity in the right location for each plane? When it's time to sharpen your blade, the adjustable set screws and blade carrier make it easy to return it to the position at which you left it. These frogs are custom machined in our manufacturing facility in Ottawa, Canada, so we're able to ensure quick turnaround of orders.
We started discussing the requirements for this plane in 2011, and our first designs were created in 2012. At one point it seemed you couldn't turn around in our machine shop without seeing plane parts being machined or in process for their next operation.
This required a woodshop in which we had the ability to machine and finish all the handles. Daarom hebben wij een uitgebreid assortiment aan banken waarop het heerlijk zitten en ontspannen is. An extensive exercise that had us reviewing dozens of handles allowed us to design totes in two styles, each with three different sizes.
Even ensuring the side walls don't interfere with different hand grips on the front knob was a consideration.
Since then, it's been a wild ride to align all the pieces to deliver for the big launch in September 2014. Zo kunt u uw openbare ruimte inrichten met comfortabele zitelementen die uitnodigen om van de omgeving te genieten.
Vakmanschap, kwaliteit en een uniek design, dat zijn de kenmerken van de banken van Grijsen.

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