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For years I thoroughly enjoyed working wood with a variety of tools, especially hand planes.
One of the accessories out there to help achieve that end is a hand plane fence added to the side of a plane, aiding the plane for an accurate cut.
If you feel like me that you could use some guidance planing a board, make one up like mine. After playing around with the fence I found that the fence attaches securely with all of the planes shown. Whelan’s definition of the two general categories seems to avoid the confusion of decorative planes and joinery planes (planes actually used for mating surfaces of two or more pieces of stuff). I think we are all in basic agreement on this issue, there are some things that blur the line.

I prefer your characterization as opposed to Whelan as a fork shaft plane is top escapement and not a bench plane.
I spent so much time building and perfecting my Roubo workbench that it seemed only fitting that I retire my cobbled together shooting board and bench hook for newer, smarter, and faster models. I guess I shouldn’t really complain because I am one the masses contributing content and opinions to the whirlpool.
So those are my new appliances and I have already gotten a lot of use out of them since I started my end table for The Wood Whisperer Guild Build. Over time I have become comfortable in their use but occasionally feel a need to be as accurate as possible, like planing a board edge perfectly straight and square for gluing up a wide panel. Other notches would be made along the fence to accommodate other planes (more on that below).

And it’s adding the decorative elements that the piece begins to come alive, to be something other. Once the tabs were dry I fitted the plane back in place then pushed the fence up against the sole of the plane, temporarily holding it in place with double sided carpet tape.
The fence ultimately isn’t glued in place but just screwed, in case I decided to add a deeper fence alternative.

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bench plane fence gate

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