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I would like to encourage anyone who likes timber or who is interested in learning a new skill to enrol at the Henry Eckert Woodwork School. Materials:The body is cast from Ductile Iron, a very strong alloy that will take a lot of abuse. Low Angle Jointer Our Low Angle Jointer is the largest Low Angle Block Plane ever produced. A jointer has a frame with mounted circular knife shafts, a table, cutter head, a guide, and feed mechanism. 7A? Low Angle Jointer combines the length of a jointer with the simplicity and flexibility of a block plane. These castings are fully stress-relieved, a process that removes inherent stresses and ensures that the tool will remain flat and true. I have learnt basic skills of construction being mortise and tenon joints, dovetails as well as sawing, chiselling and basic machine operations. The low-angle and long base make it ideal for shooting joints and fittings as well as for trueing large surfaces. In addition Adrian was able to instruct me how to French Polish my table giving me the skills to create a product I am truly proud of. It can save sufficient spaceSince it is a built in one machine, the space can be saved up to 50% compared to having 2 separated machines.2.
It is considered a one stop machine for woodworkersThe jointer and planer combo machines contain 12 –in machine functions that can sustain any wood and thickness.

Our heat treating technique ensures that the blade will take and hold a very fine edge for a long time. After heat treating, the blade is fully surface ground on the top, back, and cutting edge, giving a smooth, flat surface that will take a mirror finish very quickly. It is cost-effectiveExpenses can be saved up to 50 % to 60 % since planer and jointer machines are built in a single machine.
The price of the machine is much lower compared to buying two separated machines of a jointer and a planer.4. It offers an excellent surface finishingBecause of its fine wood cutting mechanism, the finished product has a smooth finishing compared to a general machine.5. The cap iron can be polished with any good brass polish, or allowed to patina with age and use Occasionally, the tool should be disassembled, cleaned, and moving parts oiled. It works on any type of woodAny type of wood such as the maple, white oak, and cherry can be fed into the machine with an impressive result.6. The blade should be kept lightly oiled to prevent rust, especially when tool is not in use.
Loosen the cap iron thumbscrew all the way, then tighten slightly until there is a little resistance. It is easy to calibrate and useThe jointer and planer combo machine has featured 2 feed rollers, an anti kickback fingers support, and a thickness scale.7.
It is easy to switch on and operateIt would only take 30 second to switch on the machine and does not need heating of the engine.

Sight down the base of the tool from the front, and judge depth and squareness of the blade by the thin dark line of the blade showing against the sole as it protrudes.
Digital control and calibrations are provided, making it easier to set and operate.Drawbacks of having a jointer planer combo1.
Also, in our shop, we use a fine abrasive handblock to remove any light surface oxide from tool bodies and blades.
Not suitable for long boardsLong boards with a length of more than 12 inches cannot be accommodated in the bed of the machine. The oils and the abrasive handblock are available from usGuarantee:Materials and workmanship are guaranteed for the life of your tool. It would also require changing the table back and forth between the two functions since it is built on the same machine. The change over mechanism has been one of the greatest problems by woodworkers since it is the most abused or over used part of the machine.3. Setting the machine would be an effortSettings cannot be kept or registered by the machine when it is turned off. Takes time to feed long boardsThe machine has a power level of 3hp, which would take time to feed a long board one after the other.

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bench plane jointer fence gate

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