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With so much uncertainty and head to head games remaining with all these playoff contenders, it will interesting to see if one of the more intriguing NFL trends in recent years holds up or not.
We’ve never seen a season during this stretch when less than 5 new teams qualified for the playoffs.
I’m training a client in Edmonton who lives full-time in Calgary and travels here on business a fair bit.
A lot of the reasoning behind not squatting through the heels is that the centre of gravity passes in front of the heel and through the proximal portion of the arch system of the foot. So if we perform an exercise where we shift our weight towards our heels, the first thing the body does to keep balance is tilt the pelvis forwards and stick the butt out, while leaning the upper body forward. The foot is designed to act like a lever for the leg, and has a system of three arches that help absorb force and produce force during movement. Once you have these three identified, push equally through all three, ensuring your big toe stays pressed into the ground (it’s big for a reason, as it generates force and co-contraction through the entire posterior fascial chain). A trainer I used to work with was having trouble getting his squat stronger, and when I looked at him struggle with two plates a side while driving through his heels and almost falling on his (large) butt, I told him to push through the middle of the foot, and all of a sudden, it was easy, and he through another 45 on each side and could actually feel his quads for the first time in months!!! I suffer from a herniated disc, super tight hammies and hips, super tight and short hip flexors, you hit the nail on the head for me here.
Interesting article Dean, but the link to the video you posted is down, which is disappointing. The purpose of pushing through the heel is to develop stronger hamstrings, the is the case for a back squat, if you were to analyze the front squat you would notice that it is crucial to load with the heel because the weight in front you serves as leverage, thus counter balancing the quad toe orientation, it is important to utilize all of the leg muscles, it is more important however to emphasize what a client lacks when a trainer notices what a client needs reinforced, especially when a major of time they are running, sprinting and jumping with a full plantar flexion, the posterior chain is what holds the power as it is mostly made of a fast twitch fibers, the true correct way to squat is to press through the outside of the feet in order to utilize all legs muscles, I’m willing to bet a major of the contraction comes from the hamstring especially since the glutes play a significant role which is posteriorly based, if you over emphasize the toe orientation you risk knee Injury, if u over emphasize the heel you risk plantar fasciois or back problems, the key is the create balance and that usually means hamstrings therefore hamstring heel orientation, I would rather risk a clients heel then possibly risk losing their knee, where as pressure from the heel can be released with a massage and lower back pain often needs rest and proper hamstring stretch, secondly the hamstring serves as a Muscle that is responsible for deacceleration when running, which is imperative for preventive knee injury. The Colts have lost three in a row, sit at 6-6, one game behind Jacksonville in the AFC South.  The Colts might be struggling. A win keeps them no worse than a game ahead of the Colts in advance of their showdown next week. But, they werent able to close out the Falcons and, despite their 7-5 record have really put themselves behind in the chase for the NFC playoff spots. And the only game out of sic during the 4:15 window of games on Sunday afternoon that doesnt have major playoff implications for at least one team, if not both.
The Chargers had been favored by seven points earlier in the week and expect that number to increase if Cassel is a no go on Sunday.
They better have their best effort as they host one the league’s best road teams in recent years.
But the Rams are tied with Seattle for first in the NFC West, while the Saints sit a game back of Atlanta in the NFC South.
Do you think Jerry Jones is regretting not pulling the trigger on Wade Phillips, I dont know, maybe like 24 games ago?
We’ve been hot over here making NFL picks in recent weeks and carry a 30-16 ATS mark since we began posting and tweeting NFL picks at the beginning of November. While in Calgary, he has the opportunity to work with a few different trainers of various capabilities and experience, and one of the big differences he notices between each of us is where we tell him to put his weight when he does squats or deadlifts. By shifting weight into the heel, we automatically alter our centre of gravity and have to create compensations throughout our legs, hips and spine to keep our balance and not fall over. As we lower down, the ankle doesn’t bend, and the foot doesn’t have the ability to stabilize or produce force, which usually results in the person falling backwards (again, how is this effective!?! These three arches form a triangle with the center coinciding with your center of gravity during ideal posture, and just ahead of your heel.
The easiest way to explain it is to think of your foot as a triangle, with your baby toe, big toe and heel as the three points of the triangle.
In yoga, they teach you to spread your toes and dig them into the ground for support, and it works the same here.
The knees should go as far as possible without lifting the heel, but I’ll save something for the next time. I begun to doubt myself as I heard people say squat through the heel, but I can rest easy now. I think that most trainers just don’t understand why they are telling clients to push through the heels. That is why we emphasize the heel orientation, also it is possible to work the toe quad orientation through specific plyometrics where there is a toe or front foot strike which is imperative for sprinters.

German fashion brand Digel enlists male model Sam Webb to front its spring-summer 2013 'Ceremony' lookbook. If you want to use any textures for your mod or project, click here for a directory of uncompressed .tga files. Down the stretch we come during what will perhaps be the most exciting and crazy run to the finish line in recent NFL history. Meaning, each new season delivers us six out of 12 different playoff teams than the year before. In three of the last six years (2005, 2006 and 2008) we saw seven new teams qualify. Four different times, six new teams earned bids. Despite the standings that shows a lot more teams in contention than eliminated this late in the year, whether or not this trend maintains for another year remains in limbo.  If everything breaks a certain way, we remarkably could only have as few as three new playoff teams this season.
Peyton Manning might be doing his best Stanziball, Rick-Six impersonation, but they are hardly out of it with a home game against the Jaguars coming up later this month. But, its also partly due to their slate down the stretch that includes a pair of games against the 1-win Panthers. Had they held on to win, they would be a game behind both the Saints and the Falcons for first place.
A lot of trainers tell their clients to push through their heels, others say through the ball of the foot, whereas myself and the other right trainers tell their clients to push through the middle of the foot rather than at the extremes. By squatting through the heels, we take away this arch structure and leverage advantage, and turn into peg leg squatters. A lot of new trainees have a tendency to push up through the forefoot on the squat and a trigger phrase reminding people to keep their whole foot on the ground during the lift can be helpful. Head on over to the Just Cover Blog main page, we’re previewing the NFL and CFB seasons all summer long. In the last 11 seasons, 130 teams have made the playoffs, but 71 of those clubs hadnt made the postseason the year before. Only twice, 2002 and 2004, has there been less than a 50-percent turnover rate in playoff teams, but even those years five new teams made it. The Colts have bucked this playoff turnover trend the whole time during this era as they have made the playoffs 8 years in a row.
In what’s expected to be a wild run down the stretch, the Falcons enjoy a great record, a one-game divisional lead, the inside track to the top seed and two games left with Carolina.
If they beat Cincy and the Browns down the stretch, they will have the best divisional record in the AFC North, so they would hold the tie breaking trump card, if needed.
With a here against the Seahawks, combined with a loss by the Rams to the Saints and suddenly San Fran is a game behind each with three to play.
And, that’s a good thing, too because with this game and a rematch with Phily to close the season, the Cowboys will continue to have an impact on the playoff chase. The Ravens, meanwhile, better have finished licking their chops after another loss in a big spot to the Steelers.
If we add weight on the shoulders, like in a back squat, that further tilts the pelvis, drives the hips back, and leans the torso forward, and winds up putting a lot of pressure on the lumbar spine and glutes. Seamless means that if your image is repeated over and over, you cannot determine where one image ends and the other starts. Two thirds of the league still has viable postseason hopes as we head into the final quarter of the season.
But, if they can find a way to trim that margin to just one in the next three weeks, they could force a winner take all showdown in the finale against KC. They do have a major showdown with the Saints two days after Christmas on Monday Night Football, which could end up being a division title game. They have losses on their resume by 3,  2, 7, 4 and 6 points against teams currently with a winning record, with those last two defeats occurring in overtime.
With the final Wild Card slot being held down by 8-4 teams, the Bucs are still in that chase, but playing from behind. The Vikings are out of it, but there isnt a more important spoiler in the NFL right now as the Vikes play the Giants, Bears and Eagles during the last month of the season. A win by San Diego, as well as one by Oakland, would give us three teams separated by a single game with one to play.

They host Buffalo and Detroit the next two weeks, so, who knows, with a win over the Jets, the Dolphins could position themselves with a 9-6 record and legit postseason hopes going into the final weekend, when they play the Pats. They would be 2-1 against those teams, 3-1 in the division, with a game in St Louis later this month. Its just more interesting that they’re beginning to play better in advance of their spoiler role. They still have strong division hopes and are in a Wild Card driver’s seat otherwise.
Some textures like the flags and interface use alpha transparency to make parts of the texture invisible.
Usually by this time, the’ve got 12 wins in the books and the only question is how much do they rest players for January football.
With a win in their hand already over the Chiefs, a win in that game would tie them with KC, but Oakland would own the tie breaker.
I have a feeling that Tavares Jackson and Adrian Peterson are going to put a serious dent in at least one of those teams playoffs hopes.
At 4-8, they have strong division hopes in they can manage a win and get some help this weekend. Add in another loss, though, with a tough game against the Saints on deck, and their playoff run might have to be put on hold. If we load weight in the front, like in a deadlift, these same adaptations happen, and force the back to have extreme pressure buildup that predisposes it to injury. The fact that its that easy to outline a road map for the Raiders to win the division is shocking. With home games against the hated Ravens and Steelers, I just have a feeling the Browns are going have a major say in who eventually wins this AFC North. A win could start a winning streak with home games against the Lions and Seahawks the next two weeks. The Lions havent had a winning ATS mark since 2005 and have averaged only 5.75 covers a year since then.
At the very least, a road upset really opens up the AFC Wildcard race for the stretch drive. They probably need to win out to win the division, but if they do, their 4-2 division record might end up as the tie breaking trump card. The Bills have been feisty as well, but I think the Browns, behind the running of Peyton Hillis and defensive playmaking of Joe Haden, put the Bills away. They do close at New Orleans, but its not out of the question that the Bucaneers could be tied for a wild card spot headed into that game. The Lions are already 0-3 vs the Packers and Bears this season, losing by a combined 11 points. The old West Coast team traveling East for an early kick has proven lethal for Pacific Coasters over the years. Its Josh Freeman vs Donovan McNabb and I’m not so sure that isnt advantage Tampa Bay at this point. This team has some decent stats as well, ranking in the top half of the league in total offense, passing offense, scoring offense and passing defense.
Last year’s division champs are feeling the weight of that playoff turnover rate we broke down at the top of the post. They are just 2-10 straight up, but are putting the Millen Era in the rear view mirror faster than it appears. They’re currently riding a 10-game losing streak and are a few results away from going from division champ to top overall draft pick.

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