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Rural Tourism in Brazil is booming for several years, tied to a great development of “plantations and small farms today are turning to tourism. Who wants to return to experience at least one or two days of joy and intimacy of its people, food, music and natural beauty of the Earth and the Sierras?. This promotion of tourism in the Valle de San Francisco reinforces the strategy of production and tourism as a sector of economic sustainability. This summer, tourists who come to Salvador will have the opportunity to plant a tree and minimize environmental impacts. From January to March 2010, the Salvador bus, bus powered by biodiesel, will take tourists in hotel Pituacu park. Recommended especially for parents with small children and do not want to spend all day running to his creatures on the beach under the merciless sun of Brazil, the plantations offer visitors the possibility of rural activities, or spend the daylight hours to horseback riding or bird watching.
The idea is that visitors can switch off the world around them and stay in beautiful houses in a strictly ecological and educational plan, doing rural tasks or surfing huge waves, if agriculture does not generate adrenaline.
As the world celebrates International Day of Rural Women today, we take a look at seven of the best representations of rural women in Tamil cinema over the years.
In this tragic story about rebellious love, both Priyamani and Karthi shone in their roles as Paruthiveeran and Muthazhagu. So here’s a huge thumbs up to these actresses, who portrayed strong rural characters on screen. I believe Revathy should have her name here as she has delivered wonderful performances in the rural milieu – Mann Vasanani, Thevar Magan, Kizhakku Vaasal etc. How can one forget the wonderful Panchavaram brimming with liveliness and extremely adorable innocence in Thevar Magan, which also won her a national award. Rural paintings at its Best, yes that is what Chennai based artist A.Rajendran shows in his colourful paintings.
A.Rajendran has private Collection in India and Abroad and Thirukkural painting in Kanyakumari. He took part in art camps held at Jawahathu Hills Camp in November 2005 and in the Alumini Camp College of Fine Arts Chennai in 2006.He has attended a refresher course at June Care of Museum Objects at Government Egmore Museum in the year 1997. A.Rajendran is the member of Advertising Club Madras Carex Center, 2nd Floor, 713, Anna Salai, Chennai -6.
Caylex Strickland with cow-calf operation started with funds from FSA’s Rural Youth Loan program. After seeing Ivy’s success with a calving operation, Caylex decided to go a similar route and apply for a Rural Youth Loan at the Coffee County Farm Service Agency in Alabama and kick start her own business with cow-calf pairs. The Rural Youth Loan Program provides financial assistance and business planning to help youth get started in agriculture while ensuring the future of family farms.  The program is available to youth ages 9-20, who are active in an agriculture program like  4-H and Future Farmers of America. Both Caylex and Ivy are second generation friends whose fathers Chock Bright and Todd Strickland; and mothers, Lora Ledford Bright and Rhonda Hood Strickland, also have been friends since grade school.

Ivy decided to get into her cow-calf operation after receiving information on the Rural Youth Loan program from her dad. Ivy plans to continue raising calves and use her new found knowledge to one day become a veterinarian.
Beyond Brazil Packages that are in the imagination of tourists, there are tourist destinations in Brazil to enjoy rural tourism. This attracted a million visitors a month and is the result of economic development in the arid region of Sao Francisco. You can even visit local plants, harvesting and buy their products, which supply the hotels and restaurants. This part of the program is only in Bahia, published in December by the Department of Tourism and Bahiatursa, in collaboration with the Department of Environment. But not discouraged, because just this perfect solitude begins to bloom one of the most profitable businesses on the island: the plantations, rural tourism. The rides can be done within the plantation, on the beach or night, the moonlight, after beach bonfire. But remember, there is little infrastructure, no Centrito for shopping and bowling alone for coffee.
The mischievous Roja is startled when Rishi, her sister’s prospective groom, seems more interested in marrying her. She’s a boat woman who befriends the middle-aged village chief Malaichamy (Sivaji Ganesan). Creative artist and senior art lecturer A.Rajendran enjoys painting pictures having a rural atmosphere.
A.Rajendran at present is working as a senior Lecturer in Visual Communication Department, Government College of Fine Arts, Chennai. He had participated in group shows held at Lalit Kala Akademy in January 2006, Hotel Ambassador Pallava in August 2006 and October 2007. Government College of Fine Arts, is holding an exhibition of his paintings titled Rural Folksy at Hotel Ambassador Pallava, Egmore till 30th December 2010.
He is also an External Examiner for University of Madras, Pondichery University, Bharathidasan University and Kerala University.
Born just one week apart and best friends since grade school, it is no wonder the pair followed similar paths to owning cattle operations. She raised and sold one crop of calves and used the returns to pay ahead on her loan and purchase a laptop to keep financial records and track inventory.  She plans to continue using her profits to pay her loan off early and increase her herd. A lover of all kinds of animals—and owner of a cat, horse, three dogs and a cow—Ivy decided to give it a try. The project is aimed at tourists who care about global climate change and want to contribute to nature.

The disclosure shall be made by advertising campaigns, brochures, T-shirts and buttons, which is scattered at the airport, tourist information and hotels.
She goes to great lengths to save the village along with Vellaisamy, a stranger, who plans to revive the village.
Roja is initially hostile towards him, but sees him in a new light after she learns the truth about her sister’s attachment to another man. She purchased seven brood cows and wasn’t sure she would be able to sell any of the calves once she grew attached to them. Despite the strain on her  relationship with her husband (Radha Ravi), a policeman, and her mother-in-law, she does her best to save Vellaisamy when she finds out that he’s a convicted murderer.
Despite knowing that her father despised Paruthiveeran and would never approve of their relationship, she bravely takes on the patriarch.
A.Rajendran also completed a Project Study at Madras Advertising Company,862, Anna Salai,Chennai-2 . Thanneer, Thaneer was famous for its brazen description of the state of affairs in villages during the 70s.
Rishi gets abducted by terrorists and the story revolves around Roja’s daunting quest to rescue her husband. A tale of platonic love between a man and a woman, blossoming outside Malaichamy’s marriage. A jilted womaniser creates rumours about her character, and she goes on a mission to prove her innocence to the villagers. In one adorable scene, a young Maari is asked in school – what does she want to be when she grows up?
There are scenes where the simple village girl, Roja, who only speaks Tamil, runs from pillar to post to rescue her husband.
Sivaji Ganesan took a bold step by underplaying his character. As expected, he excelled in his role. Sujatha was known for portraying revolutionary urban women in films like Aval Oru Thodarkadhai. It’s hard to imagine a bold movie like Thanneer Thanneer release today, and much of the film’s impact can be credited to Saritha’s performance. But it was Radha who surprised everyone with her portrayal as Kuyil – a fearless young woman who didn’t give a damn about what society around her would think of the friendship she shared with Malaichamy. Even as government officials sit back on the issue, we witness a steely display of strength, persistence, and courage from a village girl, who overcomes her weaknesses to rescue her husband.

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