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Website of the Telegraph Media Group with breaking news, sport, business, latest UK and world news. 18 Jan Christmas has come and gone, and I’m sure Santa spoiled your little ones with everything they had on their wish list. I ended up choosing two sets of white storage cube shelves (like these) and fabric drawers (like these) from Target. I first went through their toys and purged anything that was broken, missing pieces, or no longer played with. The Bey Blade craze hit my first grader this year, so those got their own drawer after Christmas. I left three cubes open on one side of the unit for some of the bigger trucks the boys have. The drawers have held up nicely over the past year or so we’ve had them, and it makes putting toys away so easy!
I have two boys, we just moved and I’ve been looking for a solution to organize the toys! Thanks so much for partying with me last week at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality! Two years ago, a majority of Americans thought a lightning storm could interfere with cloud computing. We’re all coming around to the idea that cloud storage can be pretty darn convenient. This article was originally published November 12, 2012 and has been updated for relevancy. While you’re at it, check out our how to guide for iCloud, and our guide to understanding the basics of Cloud Computing. The Lowdown: With a decent referral program, Carbonite is the affordable option for unlimited storage space.
Google Drive borrows from Google’s powerful search algorithm to allow searches of not only file names, but also text in scanned documents and objects in images (a neat trick for those with years of vacation photos). Before you choose the right cloud storage solution for your needs, it can help to understand the basics of the service. Cloud storage is a combination of online backup and data management that can be accessed through the internet. Once your data is stored in the cloud, you also have the option to offer access to other people by providing them with log-in details. Picture Of Garage Storage Shelves Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH.
Content from the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers and video from Telegraph TV. The electronics bin holds toy cameras, computers, and phones (did you have all that high-tech stuff when you were little?). This would also be a good place for books if you don’t have extra room for a separate book shelf! We have some similar (but smaller) fabric boxes that my boys have managed to break already by sitting on them! Makes it easier to find the toys they want to play with when they’re organised like that.

It’s super affordable, and there are several size bins so the system is completely customizable depending on what your kid has.
Today, cloud storage services are as ubiquitous as cumulonimbus in a Kansas tornado season. As demand grows for faster, higher-resolution videos and games – especially on smaller and smaller devices – our dependence on cloud storage and cloud computing will only increase. You’ll get $20 off your cloud subscription with every referral that subscribes to the service. This installs a folder where you can drag-and-drop files in order to transfer them to the cloud.
If you sync your Dropbox folder to your main documents folder, Dropbox will automatically backup any changes you make to each document. Invite someone to share a particular Dropbox folder with you and that folder will appear right on their desktop. The web giant thrives on integration with Google’s other services, like Gmail and Google Docs.
From there, Google Drive appears right in your Google toolbar, just a click away from your email inbox. You can upload photos straight to Google+ or view more than 30 types of files directly in-browser, including some – like Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator – for which you may not have the actual software. Thanks to integration with Gmail, you can share files with a click, with or without requiring a password. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to browse the myriad of different options available to you and choose the one that best fits with your individual circumstances. In other words, a cloud storage service is a place to keep copies of your most important and sensitive documents by storing them in data centers that contain hundreds of servers for storage. Hackers grow bolder every day and are constantly inventing new ways to circumvent your security, throwing viruses at your computer.
Because the back-up versions are not located in the same place as the originals, they can’t be affected by a fire in your building and can’t be stolen by those thieves. You can use this option to share your holiday photographs with your spouse or work on a database with your colleagues – and all of you can do so from any location, using any device that can connect to the internet and open the relevant files.
Another bin holds my son’s Leapster Explorer and Tag Reader and all the games that go with them.
I have a daughter who LOVES barbies, so there are a few shallow drawers that fit about 6 Barbies per drawer lined up in a single layer, and a deeper one below that for all the clothes and accessories.
We don’t live anywhere close to an IKEA, so I don’t get over there much, but I LOVE all the storage solutions you found for your little one!
There are lots of cloud storage services out there luring in new users with free accounts, extra space, and social-networking rewards. Cloud services allow consumers access to a kind of network storage: hosting files remotely so that they can access them at any time from a number of computers and devices.
For this reason, we always recommend encrypting sensitive files using software such as the free program TrueCrypt before entrusting them to the cloud.
While there’s plenty of debate over which service to choose, no single choice stands head-and-shoulders above the rest. Promotions styled like gaming quests encourage users to invite friends to the service to earn more storage space.

You can drag-and-drop files straight into your browser, or download the desktop client to have access to Google Drive as a folder, just like with Dropbox. And when you work with partners on the same word file, spreadsheet, or presentation, either separately or right at the same time, Google Drive marks the contributions of each person with differently colored labels to make clear what’s changed. The data center might be anywhere in the world, but its location makes no difference to you: wherever it is, your data can be accessed just as easily. The natural world is unpredictable and can aim floods, fires, tornadoes and earthquakes your way without a second thought, damaging your hard disk. Your data is backed up automatically and, unlike with physical storage mediums such as USB sticks, are not at risk from many of the same dangers as your hard disk. We got rid of our play kitchen last year to make more space, but we kept the play food and dishes since they liked playing with them so much. We thought it would look good in the living room and it would be easy for her to pull out the toys and them put them back. Then she has bins for art supplies, stuffed animals, baby dolls, baby clothes and accessories, wooden cars and train tracks set (the Lillabo set that I also got from IKEA), and her electronic toys and game cartridges. Each has certain advantages, and you’ll simply have to tinker around until you find the one that works for you.
Essentially, you can nab free cloud storage for your tunes, which enables music streaming to all your devices. Businesses, mostly, but also anyone who has, say, thousands of high-resolution photos could do with a worry free backup as well. Once stored, your data is secure and safe and can be accessed from any device by connecting to the cloud storage through the internet.
Even spilling your morning coffee over your computer tower can contribute to a hard disk failure that will render all your hard work inaccessible and instantly destroy photographs and documents that you could never possibly replace. Books go on top of the shelf and I took pictures of everything and pasted the pictures of each category on to the corresponding bins, along with a written label. No longer do you have to clog up your own email with photos you sent yourself for easy retrieval later. The cloud-based service automatically downloads photos, movies, music and documents to the cloud from a variety of devices. The basic storage plan costs $60 and you’ll get full backup on a single computer for one year.
Finally, folders full of images can be viewed as a gallery, making Dropbox a viable photo-sharing alternative to Picasa, Imgur, and Flickr. You can also allow other people to log in and view your files and folder and by doing so share your data with family, friends or work colleagues.
I love that this toy box will grow with her, and I can keep it til she’s done with toys or re-purpose it for my own craft room storage. Carbonite also offers advanced services, like a localized backup, but that’ll cost more and are only available for PCs.

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