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Home > Looking Healthy > More Articles > Makeup tips: which foundation type is the best for you? Makeup tips: which foundation type is the best for you?By Wellness MedimanageRita is dressing up for a party and wants to hide those scars, pimples, acne, marks to have a flawless skin and look good. Like Rita, there are many women who get confused while selecting the right foundation type that will suit their skin tone. Foundation can drastically change the way your skin appears and can transform the way you look.
Skin type: Those with adry skin, must opt for oil based foundation, while those who have an oily skin must opt for a water based foundation.
In comparison to the liquid and dry varieties, the cream based foundation has moisturizing property and moisturizes the skin while acting as a base for the makeup. It is advisable to look for two important ingredients in cream based foundations: Sodium Hyaluronate and Petrolatum as these add to the texture and moisturizing capacity of the foundation.
Skin type: This variety of foundation is especially suited to people with wrinkled and extremely dry skin. Foundation available in the form of a cake or a stick, is almost always of the matte variety. This again, is a commonly found product across dressing tables of almost every Indian woman. Skin type: Powder foundation is mainly helpful for those who have an oily skin as the powder helps in covering up the oily pores and helps in giving your face a fresh and smooth skin.
Foundation is the base of the makeup if applied in a right manner it gives us a glowing look on the skin.
The foundation must spread evenly, start by applying dots on your cheeks, chin, forehead and tip of nose. Remove it with the help of cleansing milk, and then rinse with cold water and apply a moisturizer later. While foundation is your way of hiding your blemishes, do not overuse it and reserve it for special occasions when you may need to look just that extra special!
Nowadays permanent makeup is very popular among the active women who have little time for applying makeup in the morning. Facial toners, known also as tonics, lotions, astringents are solutions that remove surface skin cells, soap residue and oil from the skin.
Dip a large, bushy cosmetic brush or powder puff applicator into the powder, than tap it against the edge of the jar or compact to remove any excess. Liquid is sold in a jar, dispensed in either a pump-action spout or poured directly out of the mouth of the jar. Cream foundations are excellent for combination skin types, as well as dry skin, whether the cream is light and whipped, or thick and concentrated. I need a foundation that's for dry skin, one that will be dewy and give my face a radiant, uplifting look!
I am 52 years old and I have large pores--I am trying to find a makeup that will minimize them yet I also need antiaging elements. I really liked virtual skin by Prescriptives - what is the best substitute for this foundation now that they no longer make it? I am 27 years old and have combination skin (t zone is oily and my other skin is smooth) I always get pimples above my lip, chin and near my eye brows. I am in the entertainment industry so I need a base that is going to cover all flaws yet not get oily mid day, that is long wearing and wont rub off in process of changing costumes etc?
Pls suggest a foundation that will look absoultely fantastic all day and night thru with out touching up or with out trying to hide my face as it breaks out.
The applications all look great however I have very very very sensitive skin (UV ray sensitivity) plus I have tried 100's of creams etc to no avail - can you help please?
HI, I am medium to dark skin in complextion, and have a dry combination oily skin, oily in the t-zone area, which foundation, is best for my type?

My skin issues are oily T-zone and normal to dry on the rest of my skin, sensitive, rosacea and older with fine lines AND large pores. I use Photoready foundation and it works really well but i feel like it dries my skin out sometimes but the thing I like about it is it covers my face really well and it has little specks of shimmer so in the sunlight your face shimmers and it works really well but I need some suggestions on a new foundation. I am dark skinned with a tough skin texture,I hav been battling to eliminate pimples give myself a soft,glowing,silky skin. I have been a dermatologist for 25 years and would highly recommend Lycogel uk, please do a review on it beauty advices to see how effect it is as a foundation in it's revolutionary technology.
Dry SkinSo you have decided you have dry skin, maybe you have some flaky skin like you just had a bad sunburn or your face gets really dry during the cold seasons. Sensitive SkinSo you have pretty nice skin, but your only problem is that it gets irratated by almost everything!
Combination SkinMost women think this is the worst skin type you can have just because it's so different.
Acne Prone SkinDon't lie everyone gets acne and has to deal with it, and the leftovers with the ugly scarring.
Here’s clearing all doubts about choosing the right type of foundation and applying the same. However you can get effective results if you choose the right foundation that matches your skin tone. Liquid foundation is easy to apply, and spreads evenly across the face and neck giving an equal tone, easily. This is because the oil present in an oil based foundation can wipe off the dryness and bring a glow on one with a dry skin, while water based foundation prevents from over-oiling an already oily skin.
Choosing the right type is important to not only look good, but to keep you skin healthy as well. Skin type, coloring, texture, tone, and the wearer’s age are all things to keep in mind when picking out. Powder is sold either loose in a small jar, or packed firm into a cake and sold in a compact.
My skin is oily and my pores are quite big, and Revlon makeup always give the best results.
I have been using a Napelon foundation stick for 6 years and now recently using Payot to clean my skin, I just found out that Napelon has perfume in it. Pls help- I have a red undertone and naturally i am ash blonde but dye my hair light brown and have green eyes. I have really oily skin and then other parts of my face that flake out (literally) and everyone said I was wearing to much makeup and it was soooooo noticable and it was $30.00.
This is a huge problem for a lot of women out there and most of the time they just don't know what's out there and what works for their skin. Most combination skin is caused by the seasons and so when it's hot your face naturally makes more oil and when it's cold your skin starts to dry up. So if a girl has acne she is going to covert it up most likely but sometimes foundation will make pimples worse so you really have to get certain products or types of foundation. It provides a natural and subtle look, and is available in the oil and water based formulas. While those that deal with oily skin or from severe acne breakouts, should choose an oil-free once. Drugstore makeup brands typically contain the same ingredients that the higher-end cosmetics use. This method can get expensive, so your best bet is to find free samples, request a quickie makeover from a department store makeup counter, or borrow from friends and family. Liquids are the perfect choice if your skin is dry, as the liquid will not only even skin tone, but moisturize as well. People with oily skin should stay clear from liquid foundations and go for powder and such .

Then I bought covergirl foundation for oily skin and I love it, it was $8.50 at Walmart and one of the best things I ever bought, I keep compact powder in my locker because with 2hours my nose gets all shiny but besides that it's great! However over the last few months my t zone continue's to be oily and by mid day greasy lifting my make up, but my cheeks look like they are starting to age, dry and appear like they are losing their elasticity, looking like a lined face of a smoker?? And if you have really bad scars I suggest concealers and full coverage foundation but that will be in another article. But care must be taken to spread it evenly as it is very easy to leave more powder on some parts of the face, and less on others, while dabbing. Reading reviews on the Internet and in magazines can help narrow down your decision, as well. I have tried mac studio sculpt and Shesiedo and Estee Lauder double wear and none of them seem to last past lunchtime. Do you think the new product Payot that I have been using for 6 weeks is also an issue as it has not cleared my skin at all.
So everyone I find wants to know 'Why do we get oily skin anyway?' Well you see when pores become blocked, due to dirt, stress or health issues such as hormone imbalances, sebum (otherwise known as oil) quickly builds up under the surface of the skin. Well there always is the option of just switching foundations as the year goes along with the temperature or you could find a foundation that works good for you year round! So for the best foundation for acne I recommended to use powder foundation because it's just going over your blemishes rather than into your pores. It is important to take the time to try out and test different types to find the one that is perfect for ones specific skin type. There are also many makeup counters that offer full makeovers to try on and find the right color. I usually use revlon flex technology foundation for oily skin but this seems to be hindering my skin, please can you help and recommend a foundation that will return my skin to looking 26 yrs old and not 36 yrs old!! So some people say you should just mosturize and call it a day then put your foundation on. As the clogged pores are not receiving any oxygen, small colonies of bacteria in skin follicles start spreading, feeding on sebum.
Some pressed powders work better than others, and there are some liquid foundations that won't make your acne worse so here are some good suggestions: 1. Whether you are buying at your local beauty supply store or at a department store, certain tips should be followed. Foundation should seem as if it disappears into the skin and there should be no visible line showing where it has been applied.
Always look at the makeup in natural light, if the coloring does not match, keep searching through the large selection of options. The main reason foundation doesn't seem to last all day is often due to improper cleansing of the face.
Facial cleanser and moisturizer for your proper skin type should be used by everyone before applying foundation.
So if you have dry skin the foundation will help with your dry skin with keeping it moist a little bit and not showing off your flaky skin. Most people presume it is the retinoid causing a rash when in fact, ita€™s the sorbic acid.a€? So sometimes you can test your skin and figure out if one or more of these irratate your skin. Then you can go from there and google certain foundations without these ingredients but here are some of my picks: 1. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 (IF sunscreen doesn't irratate your skin), 2.NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, 3.

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