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R-UBILD681 - Silent Butler Vintage Woodworking PlanNow you can have your own butler who is silent!! If you are lucky enough to work from home, the majority of your working week is most likely spent in your home office. With such an awe inspiring view its perfect for those with a career in the creative industry, and the overhanging deck is ideal for taking a break and chilling out. I’d sleep in the tree house, play my guitar and sing in the egg, and do my writing at home office #13. Each week in 2015, ManMade is sharing our picks for the essential tools we think every creative guy and DIYer needs. So far in the ManMade Essential Toolbox series, we've named tools that actually do things; tools that cut stuff, measure stuff, tighten stuff, hold stuff, and clean stuff up. 2) The simpler the design, the better. Those little cases and inserts and flip-top lids and such just take up valuable storage real estate.
And don't underestimate other used metal boxes and storage containers, like old lunch boxes or tackle boxes. Lastly, if you are looking for a new, lightweight option, consider the canvas and leather tool bags, particularly those from Klein Tools. Apart from the obvious perks of this such as flexibility or increased productivity, you are also given the freedom to decorate your working environment as you see fit.
This tiny office perches on the edge of a forest, with glass windows on three walls and a cantilevered deck overlooking a stunning tree-laden lake. This captivating home office cabinet is the ideal solution for those who are pushed for space.
The Tetra Shed is a modular garden office, breaking away from traditional designs and providing a tiny outdoor retreat to get away from it all. Keeping with the theme, the Archipod is also a garden office with a desk, top dome window and a double glazed porthole. This is usually the type of image that pops into your head when you think of a modern office. The owner of this home office has gone for a vintage feel, with a simple antiqued desk and retro ornaments sporadically placed around its shelves and surfaces. This example has a more traditional home office decor and its clear the owner wanted the dark wood office furniture to match the already existing beams.

Tucked into the corner, this home office has a strong homely feel and is a great retreat when thereis work to be done.
The lush greenery placed in this room almost gives the impression that the outside world is bursting through. The desk placement in this office is perfect, facing large bay windows which illuminate the entire room.
The Nu-Ovo Home Pod by Tissettanta is a mobile pod that creates a espace within a spacei in the home or garden. The two large windows on either side of this office allow light to pour in and has a great rural view. This home office almost looks like it belongs in a doctor’s surgery due to its clean white surfaces.
EOG provide a wide range of Virtual Office services such as mail handling, telephone answering and meeting room. I think my favourite is Number 9; for me to be able to work at home I have to be somewhere light, spacious and comfortable and I think it ticks all of the boxes!I love that it looks used and homey, that is what I would need to be able to work comfortably in an office. If you have a standard set of tools you always use (for a particular job or project, say), you can make your own dividers or implement small boxes for tiny parts.
They have a classic style, and the roomy interiors can fit way more than would first appear. I use a husky tool bag made of webbing for my standard tools, but i use a nice metal toolbox for all my carving supplies like chisels, knives, pieces of specialty wood, and finishing supplies. Why voluntarily put up with a dull and normal white walled office when you can break the mould and really make it your own?
Personal touches can be found throughout its dEcor, and it has a large skylight above the bookcase.
Oozing with creativity, itis filled with clever storage solutions and when the doors are closed, no one would ever know it was there. Up to 5 Tetra Sheds can be joined to create a larger working space, and can be finished in an array of colours and materials including corten steel, marine plywood, copper and zinc. Apart from looking like something from outer space with its top hinged gull wing door and concealed background mood lighting, the Archipod is surprisingly ergonomic inside, placing the user in the centre of a curved desk. Clean cut, angular surfaces, black and white used excessively and with a splash of colour found throughout.

It has inspiration plastered all over it, with a grungy industrial feel and warm undertones. Itis important to have a separate working space at home to avoid subconsciously associating the stress and pressure of working life with your beloved abode. Despite looking like a giant egg, it allows you to assemble a relaxing retreat wherever you see fit.
Although it looks rather plain, it definitely brightens up the room but, but lacks the inspiration shown in the previous examples.
I love old furniture because of the antique look that it has and for some reason it always looks comfortable! They're available online and in stores, and there are links for some recommended options at the bottom of this post.
I have most of my standard use tools - screwdrivers, clamps, pliers, hammers, etc, stored on a pegboard system, but keep my specialized tool set in their own containers. We have put together a collection of 15 of the most extraordinary home offices that are simply oozing with ideas and inspiration.
Itis slightly more aesthetically pleasing than the Tetra Shed but comes with a heavy price tag.
I have one for leatherworking, bike maintenance tools, guitar repair and string changing tools, sewing supplies, print making and lino carving, even my shoe polish and boot dressing materials. These things are everywhere at flea markets, thrift shops, secondhand stores, or your uncle's garage. Anything made before the big plastic takeover of the 80s will work well here, and probably end up costing you less money than a bright, branded PVC option from the big box store. When assessing used options, check the state of the hinges, locks, clasps, and other enclosures.
They can always be repainting, but a solid original surface looks awesome and means there's been little rust damage.

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