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A seemingly never-ending debate in the field of technical analysis pertains to the tools used in order to get profit from the market.
The second step is to compare some systems we know which use the two to see if one tactic leads to more successful systems over a large percentage of the time. For example Watukushay No.1 (now called Qallaryi) has a very successful portfolio (released today) which is as if not more successful than portfolios developed for Teyacanani (price action based EA).
It is also a mistake to consider that PA can do things indicators cannot and the other way around. In my particular view both tools are very useful and perhaps the most powerful approach you can have involves the usage of indicators, PA and volume to make trading decisions. If you read my post on screenwriting books, then you’ve already had a little taste of that particular methodology for learning how to write screenplays.
Forget the part about getting paid to write movies, or being famous for it, or even seeing anything you write on a screen.
There have been provocative and interesting blog posts on the topic recently from several sources including from Kerry over at Clue Wagon,  from Midwestern Microhistory and others and even more. That said, I don’t zero in on the nitty gritty of them until we are ready to publish. I feel the genealogical community can put a positive spin on the citation issue by helping newbies grow. I suggest using a toastmasters approach which is sharing what they are doing well, offering constructive suggestions for improvement and leaving them hopeful and wanting to help build the best research possible.
Perhaps, if we do this in a kind, humane fashion, the casual genealogists will buy into being part of a community that is striving for the good of all.  Being part of a community can be a big draw. We can start slow and refer folks to the Evidence style Quicksheets so as not to scare them off, especially when a newbie has never heard of a source outside of an online record.
We can show people how to use the templates in the various genealogy software programs we use. We can create good, better, best ways of doing it which may suit people at different levels. Using this approach, there is a greater likelihood that individuals will grow and implement changes as they move from good to better to best practices.
It’s not just a question of can you write citations according to professional standards. BETTER — creates freeform footnote citation using information from book or periodical cover, or from WorldCat or google Books online resource.
Congratulations on being one of Family Tree Magazine’s 40 Best Genealogy Blogs for 2011. As we come up on the holiday season, distress tolerance skills will probably be very helpful. So this holiday season if your drunken relatives are berating you about your college plans for the twentieth time, imagine your happy place. Olivia is a giant pile of nerd who tends to freak out about linguistic prescriptivism, gender roles, and discrimination against the mentally ill. Is it better to use mere price action or indicators to create profitable systems and methods? In Asirikuy we have several indicator based strategies and price action based strategies which can be compared to look at their success. What makes Qallaryi and Teyacanani successful is that on both systems the tools were used in a way to exploit an underlying characteristic of the market (the development of trends) and any tool used for mechanical trading can lead to very successful systems if it is interpreted adequately. For example consider a system that enters trades when there are 4 consecutive bullish candles.
You need to have an understanding of what is happening in several dimensions to have the highest degree of possible success and indicators, PA and volume allow you to have a very holistic understanding of what is going on if you know what the indicator calculations mean and you can actually interpret them correctly. I wonder, would you make a further distinction between PA that can be systematically recognised (eg candle patterns) and PA that requires significant user interpretation (eg support and resistance lines)? The move of such concepts to numerical means is bound to be complex and quite interesting but I do not think that it may lead to better results than the currently implemented PA or indicator techniques. If you want to define who you are and what you do by the thing that pays your bills, then you should probably not be in a creative field. We're technically in beta right now, so we're looking for helpful feedback about the content most of all, but if you come across an error, a bad link or something weird with the "look" of the site, please let us know by emailing Leslie (at) filmcrushinc (dot) com. Many of us can if we put our mind to it, but the professional approach is not appropriate for casual communications such as a family letter or article in popular newsstand genealogy magazines. Bear with me since a lot of this can seem very woo woo spiritual, and we’re probably going to drop the P entirely.
My depression is like an oversized cat that always wants to sit on my keyboard because it needs my attention RIGHT NOW to tell me that things are wrong.

This seems obvious, but more than just trying to calm yourself down it focuses on physical ways of calming your body, especially through breathing.
By day she writes things for the Autism Society of Minnesota, and by night she writes things everywhere else.
In THE PIT it will be tough and challenging along the way…but don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better! The answer to this question isn’t trivial as it depends on what you define as an indicator, what you define as price action and the systems that you derive and measure by using these two tools.
To many people making a distinction between the two seems like an exercise in futility since an indicator is merely a mathematical calculation over price values which makes it simply an alternative representation of the first. In summary what we find is that mechanical strategies developing both approaches yield good results and that none of the two is inherently better than the other.
To most people this would seem like a pure PA based system but you can achieve the exact same signals by trading the RSI(4) when it reaches 100.
IF you are trading the Stochastic just because it crossed X level then you are doomed to failure with indicators as you need to interpret the information given by the indicator through the lens of what it truly tells you.
Obviously both still rely on the experience and understanding of the trader to trade successfully, as you say, but while any two traders can agree on the calculation of a candlestick pattern they will rarely agree where support and resistance lies.
If this was the case then profitable discretionary traders would out-profit algorithmic traders by big amounts something which is not the case (see Barclay mechanical Vs discretionary currency trader index). But, if you dare to identify yourself as something because you love it and you’re good at it, and you strive to learn, grow and succeed, then call yourself a screenwriter like I do. Look, the instance of screenplay theft is really low, and you can’t copyright an idea anyway, so what are you so worried about?
Learn the skills of your craft, participate in life, take in as much as you can, and WRITE!
This skill is definitely one that it took me some time to get used to, but I have found it helpful since then, if only for jolting my mind out of the tracks that it’s playing and sending it to a new place.
So when I feel it taking over, I imagine setting out a little comfy box for my depression cat and tricking it away from me so that it goes to explore the box.
One evidence based technique for this is to time your breaths and make your exhale longer than your inhale.
It’s about having pride and self respect and knowing that you are more than any situation you will ever face. On today’s post I am going to talk about why there one is simply not better than the other and why it is usually a wrong perception to consider that one way of analyzing the market is intrinsically better than the other.
Many price action based strategies can in fact be turned into indicator systems (and vice versa) by using appropriately designed indicators for that purpose.
For example you may look at the 20 period Stochastic at 80 an realize that this means you are close to the 20 period high (80% of the distance between the low and high) and if a candle with a large shadow towards the upside forms and closes then you realize that a reversal might be imminent, however since the 200 period stochastic is also high you realize you’re in an up trend so the retracement might just lead to a better chance to enter a trend continuation. Certainly there is room for improvement as our understanding becomes higher and we achieve better synergism between PA and indicators and including techniques which are difficult to define mathematically in a clear way is something which I have been doing implicitly with some neural network experiments.
A book on format can teach you how to set your margins, or where to put FADE IN just like a recipe can show you how to bake a cake. Novels, short stories, essays, diaries, poems, blogs and pretty much every other piece of writing is created in and for it’s final form, to be read. Those are the people who study politics in college, then go on to work in politics, because that’s their career. IMPROVE is the skill for taking a moment that is utterly sucky and making it mildly less sucky.
You can do this by counting (one longer on the exhale) or by choosing two words that you find relaxing, one more syllable than the other, and repeating them to the inhale and exhale.
Unfortunately, because these techniques are about working with your emotions in the moment without actually changing your situation, a lot of them feel like nonaction.
When we overcome adversity we grow confidence in ourselves and know that when the times are tough we can handle any situation that arises during training, sport or life throws at us!
In the end you’ll see that the success or failure of one technique against the other depends only on your level of understanding and how successfully you apply these tools to tackle underlying characteristics of the market. It is not the particular tactic used that brings the profitability of the systems but the level of understanding behind this tactic which yields success. What they fail to realize is that to succeed with indicators a greater deal of understanding about PA in itself is needed as you need to understand how the calculations made by indicators are interpreted and lead to inefficiencies. Of course PA has the advantage of being able to take much more information into account while the advantage of indicators is the exact opposite (to be synthetic). It is your ability to understand and interpret what brings success NOT the tools you’re using. But, they have to represent accountants, artists, unemployed people, moms, dads, the working poor, servers, factory workers, doctors, trash collectors, office drones, landscapers, and everyone else who exists doing everything else that exists.

If you don’t write good dialogue (an admission I hear a lot from aspiring screenwriters), then you have a huge problem. But don’t stop the preaching about citations, because sooner or later even us newbies are going to wish we had them.
Another option is progressive muscle relaxation.Mayo Clinic has some other suggestions for relaxation and with some Google searches you can probably find something that feels good to you. We could then interpret PA as the analysis of price considering all the elements that form each candle and indicator based trading as the reduction of this representation to some mathematically simplified form taking into account only a limited number of the pieces of information shown by PA.
Whenever you want to capture a result which is independent of the individual way in which candles develop  (such as a clear breakout or a sudden move in one direction) then indicators are better because they allow you to remove degrees of freedom which are not needed for your strategy.
Learn to love the process, because in the long-run you’re going to spend a lot more time in the means than you ever will at the end. Read novels, biographies, jokes, non-fiction, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and of course, read lots and lots of scripts.
They’re just about noticing how your body and mind are bringing up certain emotions and trying to adjust what your body is doing or how your mind is thinking. However if you want to capture a particular type of event that does require specific price action to develop in some way then PA is the way to go.
I hope this answers your questions Sam :o) I am very glad to see you’re liking the blog !
Being a good writer is an amazing skill, and definitely a requirement for being a screenwriter, but then you have to go a step beyond. Well, I have the same issue with professional writers (which I technically am, but not solely). That’s probably the most definitive, final, harsh statement I ever make about screenwriting.
For some people it’s frustrating to just imagine a place that is calming, but it can be a fairly effective technique.
Both approaches can be very successful and which one is better merely depends on which one YOU understand better. You have to learn a whole new set of skills, a new format and follow a not-so-arbitrary rulebook.
A professional writer studied writing in school, then got a job as a writer, but they have to write about heroes, villains, people in love, people fighting wars, office drones, ER doctors, athletes, prisoners, criminals, pilots and everyone else who exists doing everything else that exists. If the world around you is really not going so well, take a few minutes to very vividly imagine yourself in a situation that would be great.
In the end the important thing is how much you understand the tools you use and how they lead to the exploitation of market inefficiencies. While it’s incredibly important to watch quality movies and check for plot points, look at the structure as a whole, study how the story unfolds, how the characters are developed, how the dialogue is presented, and all that wonderful stuff we love to do, you should also make an effort to watch movies and TV for entertainment. You are being a law abiding citizen because you find meaning in participating in a society. If you don’t give up that easy, or you want to perfect your dialogue writing, then listen to people talk. The more you can convince your brain that nice, soothing things are happening, the more your body will calm down and your emotions will lessen. Have friends, get a different job, take some classes, travel, do stupid stuff, do whatever it takes to have a full life, so that at the end of the day, you actually have something to write about.
I was so overwhelmed with Googling whether I should move to Los Angeles, or how to get an agent, or stories of success (and failure) that I stopped doing the one thing that mattered.
If you want to write for TV, then you should be watching at least the pilot of every show every season.
Cover all your bases: smart people, stupid people, kids, the elderly, people you disagree with.
If you are writing a screenplay, then you should watch movies that have similar themes, topics, characters, settings, etc. Here’s a really obvious truth: every single second of every single day there is dialogue going on right in front of your face!! You don’t even have to pay attention to every moment because it will eventually just sink in.

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