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WireCrafters Bicycle Wall Rider uses existing, unused wall space to safely and securely store virtually any bike. WireCrafters all steel woven wire storage lockers are an ideal way to secure resident's personal items in multi-family building common storage areas. WireCrafters Bike Stacker is the efficient way to store multiple bikes in condominiums and multi-family dwellings. Solid steel construction (compared to inexpensive plastic hangers) stands up to the wear and tear of everyday use! Storing bikes on wall hangers not only prevents the clutter usually associated with common storage areas, but also allows stored bikes to be easily accessible.
With sturdy construction and ease of use, the Bicycle Wall Rider is perfect for residential, institutional, and commercial applications.
WireCrafters Bicycle Wall Rider storage brackets are the ideal way to provide stable, vertical bike storage on unused existing walls.
The Bicycle Wall Rider bike storage bracket is not just for apartment and condominium building bike storage. Submit your contact information and details about your upcoming project, & we'll quickly get you in touch with your local dealer.
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Give your tenant the additional safety of locking their bike onto the steel tray of the WireCrafters Bike Stacker! WireCrafters Bicycle Wall Rider is the ideal way to provide stable, vertical bike storage on unused existing walls. Made of 14 and 16-gauge steel, Bike Stacker storage racks are designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.
Simply place a bike onto one of the rack's storage trays and roll forward until the front wheel drops into the tear-shaped tire slot. Where space is limited in a basement or ground floor area, the Bike Stacker multiple bicycle storage rack allows you to store a lot of bikes in a small area. WireCrafters Bike Stacker multiple bicycle storage rack is an efficient way to store multiple bikes in condominiums, apartment buildings, and multi-family dwellings. Trays have exclusive tear drop tire slot (patent pending) that holds road, racing and mountain bikes in place.
UPS SurePost: This is our free shipping option and is a partnership where UPS carries your package & then passes it to the US Postal Service for final delivery. I think a bike hoister is the best idea to get your bikes out of the way in the garage or even the basement.
If this item is out of stock, please order it online and we will ship it to you immediately upon arrival. FREE Shipping on every order over $49 to anywhere in the continental USA (via economy ground)! Shipped via motor freight (18-wheeler), delivered to your house or business address in the continental US. Not only will you love your new gear from Outdoorplay (see our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee), but we guarantee every product we sell to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. We know that making an investment in your gear involves a number of decisions, including evaluating the best price. If you find a lower price on an identical product from one of our competitors, you're covered under our Price Match Guarantee.

Bicycle storage can be a real pain, especially if you live in a building with no dedicated storage space. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Welcome to Inhabitat, your online guide to the best green design ideas, innovations and inspiration to build a cleaner, brighter, and better future. If you have a shed or a garage then this provides something sturdy you can lock your bike to.
Whilst a little overpriced at nearly ?60 the Cycloc is a handy and clean looking invention allowing you to store your bicycle on the wall.
Soon I also want follow up with some quirky bicycle storage solutions as well as talk about how you can DIY your own bike storage. I’ve found with all insurance companies, they require that you lock the bike to an immovable object whilst it is at home or stored. Anecdotal evidence: my neighbours have had their shed at the bottom of their garden broken into twice in the past few years. I had a bike stolen from a garage when i was younger, which was fully locked and my bike lock was only around the frame and wheel. I have a Trimetals cycle store in my front driveway, and it was broken into a couple of months ago. I just received a cheque from my insurance company – supporting the thread asking if insurance typically covers bikes stored outside the main entrance.
When I store my new cycle in the shed I’ll be aiming to use 2 or even 3 locks on the outside, and locking the bikes on the inside too. Tempted also to booby-trap it commando fashion, but know it’ll only be me who triggers it and ends up skewered on some pointy stick of bamboo. New product coming out now is Bike Vault which can be bought with a Sold Secure ground anchor inside. Yes, i’ve seen one of these in Leigh on Sea in a front garden, looks good, sounds pretty secure too looking at the website. Looking at their website (Bike Vault) it looks like the insurance side is covered by the use of a ground anchor and sold secure silver accessories.
My TriMetals bike store was broken into a total of 3 times over the 4 years I had it, and eventually damaged to the point of destruction after the swing arms for the lid were cut. A reader sent photos of her $10 bike storage concept utilizing closest rod brackets x 2 per bike.  A great idea and simple to do, but make sure you are screwing into a wall stud! Arleigh Greenwald has over 15+ years of bicycle and outdoor industry experience spanning the spectrum of professional mechanic to GM and sales rep.
Are your tenants in the habit of just pushing their bikes into a pile in the building's common storage areas? The Bicycle Wall Rider bracket gives you a quick and easy way to store your tenants' bikes without excessive expense.
Individuals with their own garage can utilize the bracket just the same in organizing of their bikes. Users should not place orders based on the colors as reproduced on their computer screens as these may vary from the actual color. We strongly advise you to upgrade to one of the browsers listed below in order to keep your computer secure, and so that you may experience our site as it was designed to function.
Many condominium and apartment buildings are currently trying to accommodate residents with a place to store their bicycles. The Bike Stacker storage rack comes in different sizes that store between 8 and 14 bikes simultaneously.
The staggered, formed bike trays hold any style bike upright and in position, while providing added clearance between stored bikes to prevent damage.
The Bike Stacker storage rack can be installed using standard hand tools, or alternatively we also offer a complete installation service nationwide. This vertical lift allows one spot, up high, to be designated for the bike with plenty of room underneath on ground level to slip in a car or other storage. We feel that the prices you see listed on our website are among the most competitive you will find from an authorized dealer for the brands we carry. We’ll match their price, which means you can enjoy shopping with Outdoorplay and not worry that you’d be getting a better deal elsewhere!

Rather than tying up your pony to a tree or a fence outside your home, rest easy knowing that your bike is safe and sound indoors.
The normal bicycle storage systems we see are for stacking the bicycles flush against the wall and on a pole. I wanted to post it up here as a bit of a preview of what people can expect from the guide. It looked cluttered, made it hard to move around the flat and caused plenty of scratches to our bikes.
It also means the bikes are not leaning against each other which can cause dents and other damage.
This also might be useful for someone with too many bikes that are starting to take over their home! Can fit a bike, a Croozer trailer, and all sorts of other crap in there, We have padlocks either side, which seem to do fine at the moment.
I think i’m rather over protective after a bad experience with an insurance company in the past. The thieves cut through thge metal hasp behind the padlock, and I think it must have been pretty easy for them to do so. This time last year I switched to an Asgard bike store, as per Sarah, above (Aug 29 2010) and agree that it is a much better solution and a very similar price to the TriMetals store. The metal is thicker, it has a metal base, the padlocks are circular and partially recessed so there is very little opportunity for thieves to use bolt cutters. In 2008 she was inspired to create the inclusive community for women to be empowered to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Is this storage disarray causing a serious headache for the property management and other tenants trying to access the common room? These bike storage brackets can be another revenue source for building management, and for a few dollars a month, a tenant can store their bike safely, securely and have fast easy access to it. How many times have you gone to pull your car into your garage, or back it out of the garage and one of your bikes gets in the way? The bicycle storage issues become exponentially more complex in high rise buildings where it is a major inconvenience to lug your bike up flights of stairs or into the elevator to your home. Our double-tiered rack design allows the storage of more bikes in a smaller space; which is extremely important in larger cities where storage space is at a premium. The tire trays have an exclusive tear drop tire slot (patent pending) that holds road, racing and mountain bikes in place, while the unique positioning makes adjusting the tray spacing a snap. Fill out the return form on the back of the invoice you received and send it with the product. Good enough storage for me honestly, but I guess it truly depends on how many you have at home? What I’ve since realised is that this age old problem has been addressed by a number of manufacturers. Solve your bicycle storage issues with WireCrafters Bicycle Wall Rider bike storage brackets.
The Bicycle Wall Rider brackets come with two predrilled holes for easy wall mounting, and WireCrafters can also build a tube frame system to hang multiple bikes in the center of a room. With the Bicycle Wall Rider bike storage bracket from WireCrafters, you can easily install the bracket yourself with standard hand tools and clean the clutter up once and for all.
Alternatively you can improvise and make your own but be sure to cover it with padding so as not to cause any damage. Granted not the cheapest but worked well for me because I’ve got a few bikes and insuring them individually would have costs me loads. Optional stop pins are available to store bicycles forward in the tray if the bike is of unusual size or tire width.
Designed for one-person operation, it raises and lowers loads evenly, regardless of weight distribution, with a single control rope. Whatever it is, it's definitely a prettier way of doing it than just shoving everything into a corner of the garage huh!

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