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This oversize Merino Wool Top is a fashionable combination of style and quality suited to women of all sizes and shapes.
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Transmission electron micrograph of one of the smallest known eukaryotic algae, Micromonas. The study sampled two geographically diverse isolates of the photosynthetic algal genus Micromonasa€”one from the South Pacific, the other from the English Channel. In the foreground, a 3-D reconstruction of an electron tomographic slice (0.5 microns thick) of one of the smallest known eukaryotic algae, Micromonas. Algae were blazing the pathway of photosynthesis long before plants colonized landa€”so the results bear significantly on terrestrial plant research as well.

Tiny Micromonas, less than two microns in diameter, or roughly a 50th of the width of a human hair, are one of the few globally distributed marine algal species, thriving throughout the world's oceans from the tropics to the poles. Embedded in the genetic code are clues about how photosynthesis transformed from a barren orb into the earth we know today.
In previous studies, Worden and her colleagues showed that picoeukaryotes such as Micromonas comprised, on average, only a quarter of the picophytoplankton cells in a Pacific Ocean sampling, but were responsible for three-quarters of the net carbon production. This research serves as a complement to field studies seeking to confirm emerging key players in global carbon fixation. A NASA-sponsored study shows that by using a new technique, scientists can determine what limits the growth of ocean algae, or phytoplankton, and how this affects Earth's climate. The analysis of DNA sequences from tiny green algae have provided new insights into the mystery of how new species of plankton evolvea€”and further highlights their critical role in managing the global cycling of carbon. The genome analysis of a tiny green alga has uncovered hundreds of genes that are uniquely associated with carbon dioxide capture and generation of biomass. The key to the versatility and success of this top is that the scoop is neither too low, nor too high.
For women who are active and travel, the lightweight breathable qualities that come with wearing merino wool are highly valuable if you desire true comfort. Proudly New Zealand made by Weft Industries and available in 6 core colour choices for easy wear and easy living. The Club visited the Brady Hotel and William Lee, MD of the Hotel discusses the business model and management strategies.

Due to personal circumstances Scott was unable to attend and Russel Blew and David Burt were the speakers for the morning. Department of Energy (DOE) Joint Genome Institute (JGI) and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) have decoded genomes of two algal strains, highlighting the genes enabling them to capture carbon and maintain its delicate balance in the oceans. With these four genomes in hand--two Micromonas and two Ostreococcus--we can observe patterns of genome organization as well as the diversity between different organisms in this group," said JGI's Igor Grigoriev, one of the senior authors of the paper.
They were also shown to be subject to heavy grazing pressure; their lack of a cell wall may make them more digestible as prey.
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big tin shed 85301

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