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North Farm Industrial Estate, Tunbridge Wells North Farm is a large estate on the north eastern edge of Tunbridge Wells with good access to the A21. It is no longer an industrial estate in the true sense of the word, but composed of smaller business parks and retail parks (Fountains Retail Park, Spa Retail Park, Great Lodge Retail Park, Tunbridge Wells Shopping Park, King Standing Retail Park). Big Yellow Group The Big Yellow Group Plc is a provider of self-storage space in London and the South East of England. Location: From the East Follow A27 signposted Portsmouth, leave to join A2030 signposted Southsea and follow A2030 for approx. Standard geographic charges from landlines and mobiles apply and calls may be included in your telecom provider's call package.
This property is marketed by Big Yellow Self Storage Co Ltd, Portsmouth at £88 per week.
We provide the monthly price for comparison purposes only; agents may calculate a monthly price in different ways.
Administration fees may apply when renting a property in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. Please refer to our Renting Guides for further information on how to safely rent a property. In films and TV programs, the self storage unit has become a regular site of wrongdoing, a place to conceal the tools, proceeds and evidence of crime, a location of disturbance, violence and unease. It would be fascinating to know what my neighbors have stashed away, though passing a partially open door it feels as rude as it is tempting to look inside. Rick Poynor is a writer, critic, lecturer and curator, specialising in design, photography and visual culture. I had a closet-sized storage unit for a couple of years for the LP record collection I was liquidating at collector shows. Jeffrey, in Britain there's always been a lot of amusement about men spending time in their garden or allotment sheds. Rob, you are right, the accelerating growth of self storage since the 1960s is a sign of affluence, superabundance and excess.
That is so interesting that in other countries, like the USA or England even exhibitions and auctions take place in self storage facilities. When Big Yellow Fulham opened its door in 2008, it was the largest of their self-storage facilities in the UK with gross floor area of 18,580m2 (200,000ft2) and over 2,000 individual rooms.
It is a renovated listed building now fitted with purpose-built storage space on eight floors. Research shows us that Brits spend big when it comes to home improvement, with one in three households spending ?2,000 a year on it. This week is National Gardening Week, and to celebrate we’ve got some great tips to get you in the mood to head out into the garden. When thinking about doing a renovation, it’s vital to do your homework and know what you’re getting into before you start. At Big Yellow, we know the most important space of all is the environment that surrounds us.
The winter weeks have now slowly passed us by, and it’s time to think about the start of spring.
Think back to your childhood Christmases and birthdays and how excited you were when you opened your presents that you had been pining for.
Nothing beats a good night’s sleep; it contributes to making you feel great in mind, body and soul. Josh Morris is a Digital Executive from London, who has just moved in with his girlfriend – the first time he has ‘co-habited’.
We’ve all been in the position when you’re wandering around a DIY store, and you see various signs and symbols, and you’re expected to know what they mean. Throughout 2011 we completed 3 office refurbishments at Eltham, North Finchley and New Cross along with 11 other offices receiving a minor makeover.
It is now a major out of town shopping area with numerous famous names including Argos, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Currys, PC World, B&Q, Toys R Us and Staples. It was founded in 1998 and has a strong focus on security, the colour yellow and convenience.
Rightmove has calculated the price per month to make comparison with other properties in the area easier.
It was only recently after a concerted attempt to de-clutter our house had produced a stubborn residue of things that were still wanted but not needed on a daily basis that we signed up for a modest unit at a local self storage center. Opposite the elevator at my facility, there’s a warning sign showing graphic red images of a gun, a flame, dripping acid and an exploding bomb. It was a nice escape to go down and sit amidst the boxes in the cool quiet, scent of plywood-and-2x4 partitions, affixing price stickers from my online research to each album cover, consumed by nostalgia.

The USA leads the way (as ever) but as global consumption has grown so the need for somewhere to archive the overspill has made this a worldwide phenomenon. The unfathomable mystery of locked doors, unknown objects left, sometimes for years, in darkened repositories, and secret chambers that must remain off-limits to all but the key holder, if they are visited at all. However, 43% of jobs are left unfinished when DIY-ers loose interest and give up, according to Saga Home Insurance. If it’s not you doing the work for yourself, you’ll need to know what to look out for and what your contractor is doing. While welcoming a four legged friend into the family is not to be taken lightly, it should be full of fun and transform your house into haven of love and laughter.
And then, without a moment’s thought your old toys were disregarded and began to gather dust on a shelf somewhere, only to be thrown out a few months later by your mum or dad and without you even noticing. There’s lots of tips out there on how to ensure you get the best night’s sleep, ranging from what you eat throughout the day to evening routines to relax you before bedtime. We asked him a few questions about his recent move, and we’ll offer you some tips based on his experience. However, to the everyday DIY-er, these symbols might not be instantly obvious, and it’s always helpful to know how the products may harm you and what precautions you should take. I’m still setting everything up inside the space, which is already taking on some aspects of a room. The list of prohibited items includes firearms, munitions, toxic, flammable or hazardous goods, illegal goods, cash and securities. Occasionally a fellow packrat would wordlessly wheel a cart of things by to some remote corner of the building. It figures that the super rich would have swanky specialized facilities where they can do it all on grand scale. Old warehouse buildings in the city are being converted to self storage places, and new ones are being built on formerly open land in the countryside and suburbia.
However, also in Germany self storage is a growing industry because the mobility of people increases.
April is widely known as Home Improvement Month, with many people starting jobs to update their house. There’s lots of types of indoor plants, and small potted ones that you could have on your balcony. There’s some commonly seen, easily avoidable mistakes that can make a big difference in a successful renovation.
Here’s a few tips on how to prepare your home and ensure that your new pet settles in nicely. It’s amazing how much extra space you could make by storing the items you don’t use all year round, such as roof top boxes, Christmas decorations, and winter sports equipment. Well, think back to those once-loved toys and imagine if you had kept them all these years, only to find out that they could now make you some serious money.
The Chinese philosophy of feng shui can help harmonise you with your surrounding environment, and where else could this be more important than in the bedroom? Tell us a little bit about your recent move I have been living with my parents in East London, and felt ready to move out of home and take on some responsibility. One evening in April 1995, I attended an installation by Laurie Anderson, Brian Eno and a team of collaborators from the Royal College of Art at the Acorn Storage Centre in Wembley, London.
There’s a swivel chair and I just put in the first of two, maybe more, sets of shelves as the most efficient way of accommodating magazine boxes.
In Storage 24, there is a lock-up loaded with shop window mannequins, perhaps inspired by a brief shot of jumbled mannequin torsos and limbs in The Silence of the Lambs, where the disquieting image has more dramatic purpose. He is Visiting Professor in Critical Writing in Art & Design at the Royal College of Art, London. Signing in and out anonymously with the caretaker, who operated a used goods business on the loading dock of items salvaged from abandoned units, I was sad to relinquish my storage outpost once the collection's size became manageable for relocation home. To make a difference to your home, remember you don’t have to take on big jobs with big budgets. If you’re just starting out, growing herbs or chillies on your windowsill is fun and rewarding too. A few small changes here and there can really contribute to helping the environment in the long term.
Extra space like spare rooms, under the stairs, and attics are often used for storage, but if you transfer the bulky furniture and seasonal equipment into Big Yellow, they can be transformed into something much more useful. Here’s some really simple tips on how to make your bedroom a haven of peace and positive energy. The perfect house became available in South East London, and although my girlfriend and I weren’t looking to move in together, the best way to afford the move was to share the room. I had never been in a storage facility before and this was an extraordinary way to encounter one.

Some units have a void above with only a wire mesh to seal the unit, allowing someone to climb up and look down inside; we chose one with a solid ceiling. But almost anything can become charged with new meaning when it is put away, padlocked, hidden and half-forgotten. Recently, as the weather improved here in London, I saw someone manhandling the hood of his convertible into storage. Doing it on the cheap It’s important to realise that when it comes to home renovation, you need to wait until you can afford the decent materials. Animal chores Before the new addition arrives, create a chart that gets the whole family involved with looking after it.
Lighting Probably the simplest way to help reduce your footprint is by changing your lightbulbs to energy saving alternatives.
It’s not just the Victorian dolls and the ancient train sets that have soared in value, plastic figurines and hand held electronic games can now be worth a mint.
De-clutter Remove everything you do not love in your bedroom; lightening the load of stuff will create a therapeutic feeling. Alongside the usual precaution of wearing eye protection, you should take extra care to keep it away from flammable substances, which includes clothing. It’s oddly exhilarating to have an outpost like this, a satellite space for exclusively private use orbiting not far from home, though the experience is now commonplace. In this shuttered and secluded private theater, it feels uncomfortably like we, the viewers, are being made privy to our own unacceptable longings. In time, on the occasional visits I won’t be able to resist making, I hope to see curious and unlikely artifacts, strangely shrouded shapes whose purpose one can only guess at, being wheeled inside for safe keeping in the citadel of storage.
Protect yourself Muddy and sore knees are a sign of a keen gardener, however it’s not ideal. Many people make the mistake of trying to do it cheaply, but the bottom line is that you will get what you pay for. For example, allocate someone’s name to feeding it, training it and exercising it each day so the responsibility is split between everyone. The Energy Saving Trust says that homeowners can knock ?100 a year off their energy bills by switching to energy efficient bulbs. The sound pieces by Anderson and Eno that the rooms contained, along with art works by Eno and others, were enjoyable, but it almost didn’t matter what we found inside. Self storage is big business and the chances are good, if you are a householder, that you have used the service at some time, too.The Big Yellow Storage Company.
Filmmakers should also stop playing fast and loose with the structural limitations of the setting: storage units tend not to be connected by crawlspace-sized air vents allowing people to move freely from one unit to another.
Well, now my childhood suburbia is fully built out with McMansions--there are no more farms out there, it is not semi-rural at all.
At Big Yellow, most of our stores use energy efficient lighting, which are also motion-sensored, so it’s only on when you need it. Entertaining You may find that once you’ve de-cluttered a room, it will feel bigger and you’ll have more space to use for entertaining. 30 metres on the right hand side. From City Centre Follow A2030 (Churchill Avenue) signs to Fratton, proceed over 2 roundabouts into Goldsmith Avenue. An easy way to avoid this is to paint the end wall a darker shade than the sides, which will help it feel more open.
After I had finished, I wandered in the labyrinth of empty corridors, the lights clicking on as I went, past the hi-tensile steel wall panels and smooth yellow padlockable doors, round corners shielded from the blows of trolleys and boxes by tough steel checker-plate protectors. An alarm went off briefly for no obvious reason, making me feel like an intruder, though no one came to investigate.
But how can it be that people living in those giant McMansions don't have enough space at home to store all their stuff?
The center uses an off-the-peg corridor and door system available throughout Europe, Asia, Australasia, and the Middle East. The blank physical parts of this standardized kit could not be more matter of fact and, on the face of it, less eerie or conducive to mystery, a far cry from the grimy, decaying self storage unit behind the old shutter that won’t open properly, under which FBI Academy student Clarice Starling must slide in The Silence of the Lambs. 6 from Old Portsmouth via Southsea to the Milton Road Junction From Copnor Road, take the 4a or 45b southbound to the Milton Road Junction From the Eastern Road take the no.
27 to Tangier Road, then continue walking to St Mary's Road before turning right onto Rodney road Description: If you’re looking for an office in Portsmouth take advantage of our flexible, competitively priced office space from 125 sq ft to 525 sq ft. You can hire for as little as 4 weeks or as long as you want. Security charges, rent and rates, service charges are all included in the price of our carpeted offices. Office customers have 24 hour access and kitchen and toilet facilities available to them. We’ll list your company name on our directory board and you can ‘buzz’ guests in and out with our intercom system.

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