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If I had to do it again, I'd have used the opportunity to experiment with ferro-cement. Metal Sheds Garden Buildings News Stories Garden sheds 'can be used as a Santa's grotto' - A standard garden shed can easily be transformed into a Santa's grotto, one commentator has asserted. Garages 'important' when considering home security - Garages need to be considered when reviewing home security. Metal Sheds Garden Buildings News Stories Over-50s warned over garden security - Older people must ensure they lock up their garden sheds securely over the winter months and take precautions to protect their gardens from thieves. Metal Sheds Online Sutton Green Garden Centre, Whitmoor Lane, Sutton Green, Guildford, Surrey.
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By Kirsty White On April 2, 2014 This bike shed was custom built for a customer in Bampton.
Large and open fronted for easy access and built to fit the available space, this shed offers weather protection as well as tidy storage.
We create many different storage options here at The Wooden Workshop, from logs to boats, we have storage to suit your needs!
You still have to manhandle the bike through the door, but it's secure and dry inside!
My brother hung his road bikes to the wall over his bed when he still lived in his student appartement. That stuff lasts a lot longer than wood, and I always get a kick out of experimenting with new materials.

Glorious lifting roof for easy access, delightful hinges supporting a fully opening door. Ensuring that your garage doors are of good quality can be essential in keeping out intruders, one blogger has advised.
New research by Saga Home Insurance shows that 14 per cent of sheds and garages are left unlocked, while one in four don't bother putting away expensive equipment in their sheds over the winter months. If you need a secure storage solution for your bikes, this 6x3 bike shed will be perfect for you. Built using durable pressure treated timber, the sturdy 50mm x 50mm frame was cladded with shiplap. The clown car is hard to resist!Does anyone have any creative ideas for storing the bike (and ideally the trailer) together (maybe in the driveway) which is both secure and quick?
You can find all sorts of hooks and braces at a good hardware store, so you should be able to hang the trailer, too. We found an apartment that's close to work (and even has a bike path for half of my commute!), so I plan to bike or walk to work as much as I can. This 6x3 wooden bike shed is supplied without a floor, allowing you to store your bikes wet and muddy without causing damage to the floor of the shed.
You can keep your bikes locked away securely and out of sight and uses just a tiny area in your garden.
When i bought my wife's bike, I paid attention to it being lightweight - meaning aluminium frame and good quality components. Your bike can be accessed from the end so the width taken up by the bike shed is minimal so can slip easily down the side of the house or flat.Secure Steel Twin Bike Locker ShedThis SafeStore unique Twin bike locker is the perfect way to protect two bicycles away from thieves.

We're sort-of resigned to the idea of keeping both of our bikes in the apartment (only 700 sq ft).
Designed for a small space with the steel door on the end for easy access and can be situated in a small gap.
Storing your bikes outside is entirely possible, but requires that you really do maintenance them. Make your bikes highly secure ensuring that your bicycles are sitting waiting for you when you want your bikes. The place we lived before had controlled, underground parking and we chained our bikes up to a concrete pillar at the parking spot we weren't using. Steel bike frames are made from very high grade steel that rust only very slowly and sparsely. The landlord had fastended eyes to the facade and put a steel rope through - tenants could then lean their bikes against the wall and lock their bikes to the steel rope. Despite of his crippled hand and his lost eye, he built half of the furniture in his appartement himself (and if you didn't know, you would never notice), built a lot of our small-child wooden toys and entered in road races, even taking part in the cycling world cup in his age group.

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