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An exceptionally strong and secure metal bike shed designed & manufactured to offer optimum protection against theft and vandalism.
Bikes are stored in the cycle shelter in multiples of four, behind substantial weld mesh doors, secured via 5 levers, twin bolt euro profile mortise deadlocks. A flat line from front to back, a cradle frame and an air cooled engine – the essential ingredients for a cafe racer.
Now he builds bikes out of passion and the desire to resurrect machines that nobody else cares about. After that dry fit up tinkering began in earnest, the seat needed to be widened and the subframe shaved to make it fit. Roy finished up the build with parts he and friends had lying around in their respective dens, not knowing or caring from what machine each piece originally came, just as long as it looked right.
Black on black was always the scheme of choice, the chestnut brown seat is matched with the grips and fork coating for a cohesive design. Roy is rightly pleased with his efforts and is now turning his attentions to a Suzuki Dr500 tracker which he intends to build up with the same lack of regard for perceived conventions.
I saled my yzf for 1400$ because in Quebec plate cost over 1100$ for sport bike but when i see what you do whit yours… I have some regret. We currently have a fault with our phone lines, we apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.
The front four-pot brakes are also from a Sportster, as are the chrome rims laced to the hubs with black chrome spokes and shod with a fat Firestone Deluxe on the rear and an Avon Speedmaster up front. The petrol tank is taken from an early 70’s Honda cb750 which has that clean, flat underside line. The bike was then finished off in classic Candy Apple Red with an iridescent effect on the retro Honda style swooshed Black stripe.

The outcome is one of those neat cartoon-customs that looks like the kind of custom bike you might see drawn on a T-shirt or poster. Clear out that clutter from your garage and put things in order with the Outdoor Living Today GGC63SR Grand Garden Chalet 6 x 3 ft.
But no supposed recipe book was going to stop Roy Holtman from Apeldoorn in The Netherlands from building the bike he wanted to build, and he is none too fussed what moniker you may choose to attach to it either, for him the title #3 will do – AREAGE #3. Day to day Roy can be found working in a music venue for a steady enough salary, but if at times it doesn’t quite cover his material desires, it matters little to him.
Roy didn’t want to change too much about the wheel base and chassis as he enjoyed riding the YZF as the factory intended, he did contemplate stretching the rear swingarm for aesthetic reasons but eventually opted against it for dynamic ones.
The front fender for example is honed from a scrappy piece from an aluminium off-road guard, the mounts are modified bicycle parts. The tinted headlight tips it’s head to the more vintage machines that part served as inspiration for the build.
I’m the photographer of these photos, I was wondering if it is possible to put my name and site in this article. I’m sure what you are saying is correct (great pics) but would you mind emailing or calling the builder and asking him to contact us directly, as we need his permission to amend his story.
This build is running a lowered Sportster front end which needed a new Honda stem machining to mate into the narrow Sportster yokes. Inspired by his father’s pragmatism and practical skills RH has always been in the habit of making for himself what he could not afford, from toys to skateboards and eventually motorcycles.
Roy encouraged mates to hang out in his garage throughout the process, sharing ideas, drinking and working on their own bikes as he worked on his. Biltwell mustache handlebars take care of the steering and they conceal an Exile Cycles internal throttle plus Harley brake & clutch levers.

There’s also a 48mm electronic speedo, and the electrics are running with an Anti Gravity lithium ion battery mounted on the swingarm.
Email Ant HERE if you fancy the bike, and see his previous work on The Bike Shed‘s pages or the Jones Customs Website.
Functional double doors and a cedar shingle roof add to the elegance of this tool shed, earning the name Grand Garden Chalet. The oils of this resilient wood guard against insect attack and decay, and their distinctive aroma acts as a mild insect repellant. Cedar is a dependable choice for outdoor furniture, either as a finished or unfinished wood. This means that upon delivery, the carrier will use a liftgate on the truck to lower your item to the ground. You will then need a dolly or handtruck, or assistance with the product from that point on. Many retailers charge for this service of getting the package off the truck or require the customer to do it themselves.About Outdoor Living TodayOutdoor Living Today has a simple goal. Products are designed so that the average person with limited building skills can assemble them.

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