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We’re asked to make a multitude of decisions every day, usually without enough facts and often with no good answer. Given the chance to think about adjusting our revenue management strategy or the color of the lobby chairs, my mind leaps at the chance to take it easy. I purposed never to do anything others could or would do when there was so much of importance to be done that others could or would not do. When we give in to bikeshedding, we’re usually procrastinating or avoiding other decisions. As a leader, you’ve accepted responsibility for your family, your team, or your community. It can also be a sign that we haven’t appropriately organized and empowered our team.
Simple customer requests are usually best addressed by front line team members, especially if they’ve been empowered with options.
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User Experience Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for user experience researchers and experts. However in the iOS 7 Apple Store app they are back to "Previous,Next" without the segmented control. Any reason I would want one over the other as long as the VoiceOver hints for both said "Previous, Next"?

You think that the icons are less distracting from the user's eyes sliding down to the keyword.
Well, maybe not, but I would imitate Safari which is probably more at the forefront of Apple development than the Apple Store app, which Jony Ive probably doesn't fuss over as much. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged forms navigation icons ios or ask your own question. Is there a mutually UX-Friendly solution to allow both the OS and the Application to swipe from the edge of the screen for navigation? How can I make my deteriorating world's society accept that only 1% can have better living conditions?
Parkinson observed that a committee whose job is to approve plans for a nuclear power plant may spend the majority of its time on relatively unimportant but easy-to-grasp issues, such as what materials to use for the staff bikeshed, while neglecting the design of the power plant itself, which is far more important but also far more difficult to criticize constructively. When each of your team members understands what success for their position looks like, they’re far more likely to achieve it. But other challenges often involve multiple departments, and a solution determined by one team might ignore an aspect important to another. If we expect our team members to make decisions, we must explain in advance what we’ll do if we disagree.
It’s all over now, but you can catch all the slides and resources from the presentations in this blog post.
You can listen to anything for 5 minutes, and it’s a great way to keep a connection with all the other moving parts that go together to make the Web. If you’re in the market for a world class, PHP based opensource CMS, with rock solid warranteed support, make sure you say Hi to them on the night. There is a camp in usability that says that extra words are distractions because your head tries to read them.
You could be on to something with #2 since the user's content in Safari is more important than their content in a shipping form.

Just an FYI, my last example was from Apple's Apple Store app where you buy physical things vs. With that in mind, I believe that the less crammed the screen is, the better the user experience. If you're presenting a text field, I say design a new icon that would make it obvious to the user that they'll be moving onto the next textfield in a form. They know threats are looming and opportunities are growing, and they expect that you’ll be focused on those.
They may not sound very important, but a current org chart and job descriptions will eliminate most anxiety and chaos. The best approach would be clarify the expectations and decision-making responsibilities at each level, and make sure everyone is comfortable identifying a problem even when they can’t solve it alone. In this case I think this shows inconsistency - which most probably derives from the recent redesign of iOS. I will say that I really dislike those default arrows and wish apple would have chosen nicer ones.
However if you throw some sort of context into the image, not only would it be universally understood, but would also resolve the confusion, save you time by not worrying about the localization of text (which is different than localization of speech synthesis), and it would also improve the user experience. However, the reason they probably chose those as opposed to something more beautiful, is because they might be using text instead of actual images.

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