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Borga has built many insulated warehouse buildings for different businesses throughout the years. Another advantage to Borga’s building system is that the width between pillars is flexible up to 7.2 meters, meaning that we can build halls optimized to the dimensions of different storage systems. When it comes to loading solutions, we can provide loading platforms with houses, levellers and gates.
All in all – Borga has a comprehensive offer, perfectly suited for warehouse building projects. Learn more about what’s included in the deal, when purchasing a steel building from Borga.
MK bussresor, based in Skara, Sweden, organises coach trips all over Europe and transports 20,000 passengers every year. Twenty years ago, the modern touring coaches used by MK bussresor would undoubtedly have been described as luxurious, which goes to show just how far standards have risen.
Mikael got in touch with Borga a few years ago, when the company’s coach depot was no longer up to standard and he wanted to invest in a new building.
One of his reasons for contacting Borga was the fact that the two companies were neighbours, so he was familiar with Borga’s products and expertise. However, he does admit that he had a good look at the prices and quality available on the market anyway. The result was a building measuring 850 square metres, with light-filled offices across two floors and a magnificent glazed entrance. MK bussresor is a coach company which organises trips all over Europe as well as packages with flights to destinations outside Europe combined with a coach tour.

An insulated riding hall from Borga provides a training surrounding where you and your horse, happily can spend time and develop together for many years to come. It is the given solution-of-choice for those who need a year-round, temperate riding environment.
Any riding hall must meet the basic requirements for size and openings but also individual requirements for space and light inlet. An insulated riding hall is perhaps more than its non-insulated equivalent an expression of personal style, and there is really no end to what is achievable when it comes to exterior design and decoration. If you have any questions or comments, please leave your email or phone number and a brief description. For instance, since our innovative portal frame doesn’t have a truss structure, it enables large ceiling heights without the necessity of building excessively high walls. Our hall constructions are airtight, in favour of even indoor temperature and good heating economics. We can also deliver the hall without interior walls, which easily can be installed later on. The company was set up thirty years ago by its current owner, Mikael Bergh, and his father Karl-Erik.
According to Mikael Bergh, it would cost SEK 4 million to buy one of the coaches in the company’s fleet today.
Most of the building is taken up by a large coach depot with space for five coaches and separate doors, as well as a washing facility which also serves as garage space for one coach. The company’s core range includes trips to 75 destinations, but special tours can also be arranged on request. Ask us how we can design your particular riding hall so that it gets both beautiful, personal and in harmony with its surroundings.

Both when it comes to possibilities for expansion as well as getting a good resell value the day your business is moving elsewhere. Non-insulated sections is often desired, as well as making one or more bay partly or fully open, providing a weather protected loading area. Our frame system allows canopies with the length of up to 4.5 meters, without supporting pillars.
The business has since enjoyed steady growth and Mikael and his wife Helen now offer trips to 75 destinations.
We are very pleased with everything,” says Mikael, who also mentions that the contact between the two companies was managed exceptionally well and the questions raised during the process were sorted out without any problems. MK bussresor, which also operates a simple coach hire service, transports a total of 20,000 passengers every year and is run by Mikael Bergh and his wife Helen.
In addition to coach trips within Europe, there is also a selection of combination packages available, with flights to places further afield where a coach will be waiting to take travellers on a tour.
You will get a versatile and durable building ensuring a good resale value, making us the safe choice for your building project. By offering this service, the company has managed to keep up with the increasingly stiff competition from low-cost airlines. Furthermore, the building can easily be prepared for future seamless extension in any direction, so that your storage capacity can be increased step by step.

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