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There are some types of stone that can be used for creating lands edging such as granite, slate, fieldstone and cats concrete blocks.
Whatever types of stone you choose, make a good preparation and installation is very important to get your stone edging achieved successfully.Before installing the landscaping edging stones, you can firstly measure your lawn using a tape measure and mark the perimeter where you will install the stone edging with landscaper’s spray paint. Make the measurement into inches and divide it by the length of the stone you want to use to find out how many stones you need. This rule used only for block stone, not for other types of stone that don’t come in regular blocks.

You can measure the height of your stone block and determine how many blocks you want to be above the grade.
Subtract the measurement from the height of the stone and take the remainder while adding 4 inches for the gravel and sand. Dig a trench around the perimeter one inch wider than the stone block and make the inside edge vertical using a square-bladed spade. Cover the sides and bottom of the trench using strips of landscaping fabric and install it in the trench by overlapping it in 4 inches.

The last, set the stone into the trench by pushing them hard up against the vertical edge of the trench using a 2 by 4 inch board to make them even. Fill the outside of the edging with crushed gravel as the last touch.Those are some steps to install landscaping edging stones in your garden.

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build a base for a garden shed 2014

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